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JUMP WITH JAMIE DRASTIK ! Album Review & Interview

Mr 305 Inc's Jamie Drastik carved out his own distinctive and remarkable sound which exudes through his music. Pitbull once said Jamie was going to be the Ben Affleck of music. This 'White Boy Wasted' came 'Outta Nowhere' and is storming through with hits that positively slap you in the face, stop you in your tracks and take control of ears and mind.

Praised by other key players in the industry such as P.Diddy, Jadakiss and fellow Mr 305 Inc's Fat Joe, Jamie has a list of collaborations under his belt not only with mentor Pitbull himself but also the likes of Havana Brown, Kelly Rowland, Flo Rida, Danny Mercer, Shawn Vanbrocklin and many more.

Jamie Drastik's lyrical skills and overall flow are exceptional and stand out amongst other styles. Meaningful lyrics and not rhymes for the sake of rhymes. Lyrics which command the attention and not just make you simply 'hear' but demand that you listen, pay full attention and digest the messages and experiences that Jamie Drastik delivers so well. As Jamie has done so powerfully in his latest album Jump The Decision.

Jump The Decision is packed with varying sounds, themes and rhymes that leave a lot of 'food for thought'. 

The first track is The Decision which is incredibly 'moving' with the capacity to strike a strong chord for anyone chasing dreams and wanting to be successful. Not only words of encouragement such has having to jump and "take a leap of faith". But Jamie also takes us through other associated thoughts and emotions that we can relate to in one context or another  "Butterflies in my stomach. There's a chance that I could plummet, you know how much I want it.." With where that sink or swim feeling sets in "When I jump imma die or fly, I make my decision in the sky"  To the other side of the many 'advisors' in different shapes and forms "Telling me what I shouldn't do, funny thing is that tells me all about you, can't let your fears be my fears" Time to take things in his own hands as Jamie tells us "There's no difference from doormat to dormant" fighting through and being in the "Eye of the storm with the eye of the tiger"

Broken Boomerang featuring Shawn Vanbrocklin vacuums you into a whirlpool of emotions with the story in the song "They told me if you love her then you let her go, I learned if you love her then you never let her go, whoever said that was not credible..But I believed that. Incredible" and the song goes on as verses show hurt and mixed emotions, things getting sour, regrets. Another MUST listen to song on the album.

From the deeper tracks to the lighter such as Set You Free featuring Andrew Martinez with an infectious hook and have you toe tapping and head bopping or to straight 'dance, move, slide and groove' just let loose go with it and let Jamie set you free! He thinks he likes it/her but I'm pretty sure I love this song. Be Mine featuring Stephen Gage is a feel good mellow and soft summer track.

Switch Kicks is a refreshing song about looking at and respecting things from a different perspective, something his mentor Mr Worldwide also lives by and begins with Jamie living through the eyes of a woman getting the kids ready and heels on (and later complaining about walking in those mother f***** heels all day! ) to other thoughts and strings of questions of being with someone pursuing their career. To being true to yourself and doing what you do. Listen out for that verse when the email comes through as Jamie's flight lands that starts with "Word up Pit"

Who writes songs thanking fans, who REALLY thanks their fans personally as a true heartfelt  thank you? Jamie Drastik that's who. The final track on the song is Thank You in which Jamie personally addresses fans with appreciation with a lot of familiar #Pitbullgirls featured too- Netty, Kira Marie, Karen, Carla Ivey, Michelle in Miami, Bertie,Tori Ribas, Hannah from Indiana, Gillian from Ireland, Kristen, Rose Camacho, Larissa in Brazil, Donna, Amira, Chris. The list goes on as Jamie thanks the #pitbullgirls that stay active and also support Jamie Drastik.

Be sure to check out and get your own copy of Jump The Decision. The exceptional album that arrests attention with it's varied and addictive songs that transports your mindset and takes your heart along to live through the song while others make you want to just dance.  A Lyrical genius with rhymes that sting from one angle to another. Jamie Drastik's music is one to watch out for. But that's enough from me, let's hear what Mr Drastik had to say when I caught up with him earlier...

When did you first realise your passion for rap and wanting to pursue it as a career?
At a young age, when I was 16. I was already traveling and performing.

Who are your influences in and outside of music?
I am drawn to great song writers. So I look to Smokey Robinson, Billy Joel, and Jay Z. Influences outside of music can come from anyone. Everyone is exceptional at something, I try to learn from everyone. Especially kids, they are too young to worry about being politically correct. They are the best music critics.

What albums did you grow up listening to?
Mostly hip hop. Jay Z's Blueprint spent a lot of time in my headphones. Eminem's Eminem Show as well. At a younger age grew up in a "Motown" house, so there was a lot of soul music going on.

What are you listening to right now?
A folder of beats to write more songs to mostly.

What would be on your drinks list for a 'party in the basement'?
Jack Daniels
Margaritas for the women. 
And some fireball shots.

How did you meet Pitbull and become part of the Mr 305 Inc. family?
I had a song on my local radio station and it got the attention of one of his business partners, Robert Fernandez. Pit and I were both on the bill for a big radio show in my town and we met backstage and hung out afterwards and clicked.

What is it it like working with Pitbull?
He gives you all the freedom you want. He gives you little gems and it's on you to either listen and apply or not. I try to be a sponge. I am aware that some of the business conversations I get to witness not everyone gets to hear.

Has Pitbull ever shared any words of wisdom or valuable advice with you?
Don't look back, not even for a push.

Loved Outta Nowhere, Chasing Shadows and Castle Made of Sand with Pitbull.
Can we expect another collaboration together in the future?
I think that we can always collaborate. We are continuously sending music back and forth. It's important for me right now to continue to build my brand. 

You opened the Planet tour and also headlined the after party of the Pitbull and Enrique tour a few years ago, what was that like? Were there any memorable moments from that time?
Every moment was memorable. I was not even supposed to be on that tour. Originally it was Nayer. I heard that she wasn't going and before they could make a choice to replace her I flew to Vancouver with my show cd and a bag of clothes. Pit appreciated my ambition and let me stay on the whole tour. 

Are there any other artist/s or bands out there you would like to collaborate with?
Gavin DeGraw. He's from an area right by me and he's a great artist.

How do you keep yourself motivated and driven?
It's just in me. There's nothing I have to do to keep myself going. I love to hustle and grind and watch things grow.

Are there any lessons you have learnt on your journey so far?
Yes, there are no rules. Do what works for you.

What do you want fans to take away from your music?
I feel like they have yet to really get to know me. That's mostly my fault because I was trying to make records to fit on a radio playlist rather than just give myself and let the music find it's own place to fit in. That's what I'm doing with Jump.

The lyrics and the video to The Decision really hit home. The song and title of the album itself is encouraging to those of us wanting to pursue our dreams. Do you have any more words of advice for those wanting to pursue a career as an artist?
Don't spend all your time chasing new fans, pay attention to the ones that support you. If you service your present fan base with quality music they will help you get new fans.

What's been the best or most memorable parts of recording the new album Jump The Decision?
The decision to do it. Once I made up my mind to make this album and the other ones for this year, it's been a great experience.

Your songs and lyrics are very moving and leave a lot of 'food for thought' - are there any songs out there that you have been moved by?
Hmmm. Eric Clapton's Tears in Heaven will get ya lol.

You have such a strong fan-base and I have a question from one of your biggest supporter, Bertha Seymour (@Bertie8689) about your new album Jump The Decision "Each song is different in vibe but each song lyrics sound personal in the sense that you are sharing your life with us, was that the intention of this CD - Kind of get to know Jamie?"
One thousand percent yes! Love Bertie!

I absolutely love how you are REAL, appreciate fans, interact personally and am filled with admiration of how you went as far as writing rhymes with specific fan names making it that more personal and meaningful - thank you for this. When is Thank You Part 2 due to be released?
Thank You Pt 2 will be on April 1st release. Jump The Takeoff. This record is so important to me. The people who support my music are amazing people. Mothers, service men and women, teachers, honor students. People from all walks of life. They have the choice to listen to so much music and they decide to support me amongst others... That's amazing to me. Thanking them is necessary. I will finish every album I ever come out with, with a version of Thank You.

If I was to come to New York where could we hang out, what's your favourite spot in the Big Apple?
Rooftop of the Gansevoort Hotel or Yankee Stadium.

What's next?
Jump The Takeoff comes out April 1st. I CAN'T wait for very one to hear this one.

Thank you Jamie, it's been an absolute honour, I wish you all the best for your future projects and look forward to more fantastic songs.
Thank you so much for these amazing questions. Thank you for supporting my crazy dreams. 


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Thursday, 15 January 2015

..And SLAM! It's declared as 'Pitbull Day'

Mr Worldwide spent his birthday yet again where and what really matters- with the students of his SLAM ( Sports Leadership And Management ) academy in Miami. With an announcement of plans to expand the acadamy.

Although Armando was in for yet another birthday gift as Mayor Tomas Regalado of Miami declared his birthday as 'Pitbull Day.' Now Mr 305 better said Mr Worldwide not only has the Key to Miami but also his own day, and very well deserved it is. 

Pitbull was also named the Ambassador of the Arts for Florida.

Pitbull raps alot about his beloved 305, being Mr 305, 305 till I die. However, one of his mottos is "Don't talk about it, be about it" and Pitbull certainly has done that too, showing his passion, love and dedication and contribution to arts and education especially in the city. 

Proud fans in and out of the 305 salute you Pitbull. Happy Birthday and Happy Pitbull Day!


Wednesday, 14 January 2015



Sun goes up & drink goes down,
It's Pitbull's birthday -  gather round!
There's no need.. for all that frackas
Enough for all these other crazy mutha f****rs

Born today 1981 in a Fireball ball of flame
Mamma was right now everybody knows your name
He Saw, he conquered, he came
Took it over, owned it, still changes the game

Jump off the train, don’t moan or get thrown
Grow with Pit or get outgrown
As Pit continued not to sprint but the marathon ahead
 "Buckle up for a crazy 2014" is what Pit said

Catch him if you can with his cup filled to the brim
Often in the Bahamas with a Bad One behind him
Possibly Volito'd up on a Norwegian Cruise!
Just like in last February’s news
No, not this year, not exiled to Alaska
Maybe celebrating with those cheeky penguins in Madagascar
Maybe Day Drinking with Heymous Molly -  drink in hand
Pit don't bring sand to the beach he brings the beach to the sand!

Follow Pit everywhere on Instagram & on the go
Vroom vroom around the world is how we go
But wherever we are we don't miss a shot
Thanks to The Rock Star photographer - that's who we got
Capturing the essence in great visual components
Greg Watermann always capturing moments

As 2014 begun, we realised later why ‘We Are One'
After Pitbull announced his World Cup performance under the sun
Yet while Mr Worldwide is awarded the Global Gift Humanitarian Award
"Thank You" on Pitbull Appreciation Day is what we roared!

On the way to Brazil and "Yo Mike move the finger so we can see you too…"
(want me to get the aligning straight for you?)
At forty five thousand feet, you think Pit cares about the weather? Okay, maybe a little
But there’s other work to be done up there - somethin’ transmittal
Welcomed turbulence on the network by Pit’s Live broadcast - & Pow!
It’s now time to get used to something innovative with Pit & YouNow

Weekend Pitbull-a-thon can you resist?
Take over Spotify's biggest playlist
Tune in & crank it up - that's the rule of thumb!
SiriusXM PItbull's own radio channel to come

4th of July - next stop La Casa Blanca soon after dawn
In the evening - a party on the White House lawn!
Havin' fun no stress no drama
Time to celebrate with President Obama

Hottest Pitbull merch about - no doubt
Introducing Shoppitbull - add to cart - then checkout
Remember the Alexander Mijares selection
Under the limited edition We Are One collection
Proceeds also to Techo Brazil -  go on make a bid!
On the artwork- they signed it that's what Mijares & Pit did

Royalty of the 305 is loved by the Royalty of the UK
As “I like A bit of Pitbull” Prince Charles gave away!
Cue a performance at the Fusion Festival of the The Princes Trust
Dancing away with his tongue out 'n' classic hip-thrust!

Oye Como Va? To the 15th Latin Grammy Awards
On stage with Santana- now I'm floored
Legend himself with the legend in the making
The world is Pit's - it's his for taking
Took the 305 to worldwide
Hold tight, watch & enjoy the ride

ALMA, Streamy Icon, Premios juventud & more for this great ball of flame
Soon hands cemented into the Walk of Fame
It comes of no surprise or mystery
We're on track, for 2015 is the year of making history

Salvation Army and Dallas Cowboys raise funds for the Red Kettle campaign
Pitbull performance always off the chain
Good Morning America to the Meridith Show
On the latter explaining the lyrical flow
Tell us more in Ocean Drive, Rolling Stones, Hollywood Reporter,
Maybe one for the fans by this fan & long standing supporter

Certificate and robe handsome as ever
Some thought they would see this? Never!
Flip the bird to the non-believers "now see me!"
Graduated with an Honorary Degree

Midsummer Night's Dream performance in silk P.J's - Playboy Mansion
All eyes still on the on the ball with aim for more expansion
"If you think it's a game-then let's play!"
Pit themed games with Bally Tech soon one day

Worldwide is as worldwide does
Replace the globe where Pit's face was
Eighth Studio album Globalization 
Party level turned up to full optimisation
Loosen up your body, let your hair down, let down that bun
Time to have some 'EF-EEW-ENN' - FUN

Engaging host never ceases to amaze
Like a 'Boomerang' back to hosting the AMA's
Dancing With The Stars? Yes Pit's all good
Performance & judge on the panel-understood

Talented with a cheeky smile & sexy eyed
Our favourite Cuban-American Mr Worldwide
Yet 'Americans welcome, Pitbull still banned' CNN report
"Now this is classic" what Pitbull said, in short

Always above ground, hardly ever on the road
Still time to link with Endemol Beyond for a series of Gentlemens Code!
The Most Bad Ones also have their own series on show
One for The Agents? Jon Brandon Cruz, Will Keanan let's go!

Observe, absorb, apply
On how to become an entrepreneur in bow tie
Passion, patience, perseverance watch 'n' try
One step at a time short steps long vision before you fly
Look at the game from a different perspective
Analyse and put it all together collective

Look, Pitbull is a product, Pitbull is a brand
Strategically marketed - never out of fashion or bland
Ten percent talent, ninety percent business worked it out
Scared money don't make money without a doubt

Music is the hustle, Pit's addiction
Visualise where to be without restriction
Relentless infectious rhymes
Pit is always moving with the times
Portfolio still growing since Miami Subs - no, not Pizza Hut!
That guy's like a squirrel looking for a nut

This is not a drill
Only get one shot at a great party if you will
No boring end of year buttoned up stiff, lardy, dardy, farty
Time to really enjoy the season at the Go Daddy holiday party

As we reached the end of 2014 Staying in became the new going out
Ringing in 2015 with Pit was what it was about
Watching Pitbull on the box
NYE Revolution Live on FOX

Teams & labels straight through to Pologrounds
Fans and friends around the world let's gather round
Hold up your Voli or champagne flute
"Happy birthday Pitbull"- thank you & salute!

Written by:
Serina - Pitbull - Fan Unleashed (C) 

Mr Worldwide!

Thursday, 1 January 2015


We all buckled up a little tighter towards the end of 2014 as Pitbull made history ringing in 2015 from the 'pineapple', showed everyone how to unmute New Years Eve and just how they like to party in the 305.

Pitbull hosted an exceptionally 'unique' party to welcome 2015 and for those not so lucky to be at the party itself, Pitbull just made staying IN on New Years Eve the new going OUT and were able to catch the whole event on Fox TV. The event was produced by Endemol LIVE and Mr 305-Worldwide's own production company Honey I'm Home (yes, he is home)

Pitbull, known for flying all over the world and out of a city quicker than you can say 'dale!' it's not surprising that the party was spread across more than one venue.  Opening up at the Thomson Beach Hotel and then off by boat to Bayfront Park and then back to Thompson Beach Hotel.

The spectacular event included performances by fellow Miamian and serial 'touring-partner-in-crime' Enrique Igleseas, Fifth Harmony, Becky G, Fall Out Boy, The Band Perry and of course one of Pitbull with Ne-Yo. With Pitbull performing more of his hits with added magic brought to the stage by The Most Bad Ones and The Agents. Pitbull was also joined by other co-costs such as Rocsi Diaz and La La.

Game changer Pitbull set the bar very high for others in the industry and the King of Partying showed them just why he is is that. 2015 in Pitbull's seven year plan is all about 'making history' and that's exactly how Mr Worldwide started the year off with this remarkable 'party with us' formula.

Fans were able to join in on twitter by adding '#PitbullNye' at the end of their tweets (thank you for showing mine)

Check out more images below from the night courtesy of and with thanks to our favourite and Pitbull's very own 'Rock Star' photographer Greg Watermann