Sunday, 27 November 2016

Pitbull's Song "Ya Se Acabo" comes back 10 years later

Ding dong the witch is dead, wait that's Wizard of Oz. It's Fidel Castro (no explanation required) who has left the planet, which sees the song Ya Se Acabo released after a decade. Over to you AER Management:

Pitbull's Song "Ya Se Acabo" comes back 10 years later after Cuba's President Fidel Castro dies.

Ya Se Acabo!! It's over!! It began 10 years ago! In July 2006, Cuban Americans in Miami, Florida got their first hope that Fidel Castro was assumed dead.

Most Cubans took to the streets of Miami hoping that it would all be over. While reaching out to engineer/producer Adrian "Drop" Santalla,Pitbull had a vision of taking the record Chango from Latin Express to reproduce this sound. When Pitbull gave him a call to finish the record, Drop was at his brothers's wake, thus Pitbull dedicating the first few seconds of the record, screaming out "This goes out to DROP's older brother Raul Garcia!" Drop and Pitbull organized a masterpiece for the Cuban people, it had the recipe for the anthem, a voice for the Cuban people.

"Ya Se Acabo" was released in all local radio stations in Miami, DJ Laz and Power 96 being the number one advocates. It was short-lived when news broke that Castro was still alive.

Now almost 10 years later, this song is perfectly suited for what just happened on Friday November 25, 2016 with Cuba's President Fidel Castro's death.

(Source AER Management)

Monday, 21 November 2016


Who says you ‘Can’t Have’ a taste of Climate Change before 2017? The song titled just that ‘Can’t have’ which  Mr Worldwide believes that everyone can relate to has arrived. Can’t Have with Steven A Clark and Ape Drums spread goose bumps up my arms quicker than you could say Climate Change, as I listened to this deep, reflective, from the heart song for the first time. Pitbull has also previously said that the song is all about appreciation,

Written while Pitbull was looking out to Central Park from his hotel room you just know the big patch of greenery and grassland in Central Park is not the only inspiration and reason for the rhyme and title of this song when he says “The grass looks greener on the other side. ‘till you get to the other side”  Playing devil’s advocate trying to decipher Pitbull’s rhymes, could it be that having got to the other side in his career that there are patches of the grass that are not so green as they looked from afar? That there are different kind of sacrifices that have to be made by default and not out of choice compared to being back on the other side of the fence while still hustling to make it. Appreciating both sides of the grass. Always wanting what you can’t have, the grass looking greener, getting to the other side of the grass, realise there are different sacrifices on the different sides but at the same time can’t dwell on that focus on the bigger picture and keep going with hunger and drive to take it to the next level. "First we make the sandwich (Miami Subs Grill?) then we own the restaurant (30Sinco one Pitbull restaurant coming up!)”. Going onto “First we clean houses now we own all the houses on the block- not  bad for some immigrants” I guess we can say ‘Take that Trump!’

The juggernaut that is Pitbull can’t stop, won’t stop and keeps on going higher to get his footprints on the moon (But ‘where do we go from here?’) Just like Notorious B.I.G, Pitbull too thought 'It was all a dream' and that the 'sky was the limit' but now bearing the fruits of all the hard work. Pitbull said previously on Fuse “We will always be underdogs that’s why it’s so special to me. It stands for a lot” Too right. It’s always the underdogs you have to keep your third eye on, looking out for that shoot to the surface moment to amaze with their achievements and success. In this case the dog is a Pitbull. Rest of the players in the game look out, Pitbull won't kill you but he'll watch you die! Thought provoking, appreciating both sides of the grass, as always brain-tantalising lyrics and the clever way in which Pitbull puts them into the song and how it is delivered to our understanding.

The synth, drums, the build ups and come downs and the overall flow. On point. Can’t Have meeting my ears for the first time pulled me under, left me transfixed with curiosity and wonder as I followed the softer EDM flow and digested the rhymes. Magnetizing. Playing the air drums and keyboard during and long after the song has gone. The message and tone of the music match- perfect. Enjoy the music while going into even greater depths with the rhymes.

I guess we always want what we can’t have. Us fans wanted the full Climate Change album this side of the patch however, we have been given an early Christmas gift as a taster to address those impatient hunger pangs, so thank you Armando.

Here's some more food for thought from Mr Worldwide "If you don't know where you are from then you don't know where you are going....If you don't stand up for something, you'll fall for anything"



Friday, 11 November 2016


In a week of political events that has force fed much of America food for thought of why and what is happening, it looks like Pitbull’s timing is perfect to pull the ‘305’ out for a quick light relief over to the Dominican Republic at Casa de Campo.

With the announcement of a partnership to create a new restaurant in the corner of Marina Casa de Campo's Portofino Square, the menu is said to be a Latin-food lovers dream with a blend of Cuban (of course!), Puerto Rican and Venezuelan cuisine. The ambiance a reflection of Mr 305-Worldwide as modern, sexy and chic. The name? A great play on Pitbull’s home town Miami postcode (sorry zip code!) that needs no further explanation. Introducing  ‘30Sinco’ (Tres Cero Cinco) Mr Worldwide will be bringing more SIN into Casa de Campo.

Now..who’s hungry?

More details on PitbullUpdates

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Sunday, 6 November 2016


Watching Watching Pitbull receive the iHeart Premio Corazon Latino Award was what Mr Worldwide would refer to as entering a forced 'Feel This Moment' standstill. Armando's speech and emotions also visibly came from that place- the corazon. Tugging away at the strings of proud fan corazons worldwide.

Pitbull was presented with the award for creating opportunities with his Miami school SLAM (Sports Leadership and Management). From which the students had created a video highlighting all the work Pitbull has done with the school. Having been awarded this award Pitbull goes on saying his kids can't eat awards and awards don't mean anything to him BUT what it means to be somebody that can build a school in his own neighbourhood and give a future to kids that nobody believed in. That THIS award means the world to him. Before thanking his own high school teacher Hope Martinez publicly as the teacher who believed in him.

As Armando wears his heart on his sleeve and is not afraid to show it. That is what makes him so beautiful. The speech was very moving to say the least and probably the second time as a fan I have seen his eyes well up with so much emotion as he spoke about SLAM and opportunities.

So Armando speaking from my corazon and possibly many other fans to yours, I have no more words (and I can talk for England) that could do justice to the work, love and dedication you have given to create opportunities and believe in kids. I wish every place, region, country were blessed with you to inspire, be encouraged to dream and materialise their goals. Mr Worldwide you have left me speechless. I am so incredibly proud of you (now stop making me cry as well!) Dale!

Con un corazón grande eso es Armando -Dale!

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