Friday, 21 April 2017


Directed by a 'Pitbull video favourite ' David Rousseau, the video opens with a mix of shots of rehearsals in LA with The Most Bad Ones counting down moves and going through choreography. To Pitbull, Robin Thicke, Joe Perry and Travis Barker pulling up to join them.

But not before grabbing a shot of the four sitting by the steps on the stage as the rock star photographer himself, Greg Watermann took.

The video flips from shots of performance rehearsals, LA streets, street art to dancing on water in the famous Bellagio Hotel fountain where like true rock stars they throw the guitars in the water. Cascading the theme on from their commercial for the NBA last year and joined by The Most Bad Ones at the famous Las Vegas spot. Don’t stop the party and let it roll onto a private jet with Robin Thicke, Joe Perry and Travis Barker and The Most Bad Ones in the air.

At forty-five thousand feet you think Pit cares about the weather? Maybe in another song and maybe just a little. Everyday above ground is a great day as Mr Worldwide may say and what better way to party than in the air where Pitbull finally getting his hands on a real guitar in the air after so much practice air guitaring with Leo Brooks at concerts. Even Michelle Burgoss Colon has a go at lip synching in the background "Come and get it girl" with a cup no doubt and Voli in hand? While the girls get wild partying it's left to the fellas for some pampering for a do-it-yourself manicure like Joe Perry with a knife. Not long after to arrive at their destination Premier Lo Nuestro in Miami -  assuming what the rehearsals earlier were for!

A varied video than the norm with music faded put to capture dialogue. A behind the scenes 'real' feel to it. Pitbull has a playbook with no rules to it and neither does this video and it works. Not bad for a little Miami boy hey chico!



Tuesday, 11 April 2017


When in Miami, hop from one place to another and check out how each place shows how 'iLov Voli’ in their own unique way!

The Voli Hop reminded me a lot of how Pitbull’s music is genre-less or jumps from one to another without being boxed into a particular category. Similarly as we visited the venues that offer the newly branded Voli 305 Vodka, each one was different from the other. Different area, different clientele, different style, different cuisine, different ambiance. With one thing in common that crosses all the tastes in the establishments. Voli 305 Vodka.

The bold, clean, bright, red, white and black branding stands out from the rest on the shelves. The new design has a more personalised look with Mr Worldwide’s tattoo on the bottle, the design also feels very ‘approachable’ and fun. Just like Pitbull. With an added personal touch of Pitbull’s signature and also signed off by Matt Malone (Master Distiller), the vodka is now handmade IN Miami with its own distillery in the 305. Flip the name and bottle around and we have #iLov as Voli flipped back to front as part of its slogan and putting a stamp on its own social media hashtag trend upon the relaunch.

Without further a-do, off fellow #PitbullGirl, Bertie and I went to explore some of the Voli 305 Vodka hot spots in Miami.

The Sugar Factory, Ocean Drive

Let go and entertain that inner child like a kid in a candy store – very literally!

It is Insane! Like a fantasy land outside and goes deeper hidden inside Hotel Victor on Ocean Drive. A novelty place from brightly coloured candy and ice creams to a classy and affordable American themed brasserie and bar area at the back. New age ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ is what sprung to mind! Something far beyond the imagination from savory to sweet from salads, pancakes, mac cheese balls, quesadillas, crepes and burgers to snow cones, inventive ice creams, world famous Couture Pops drawing in various celebrities to milkshakes with chocolate you can scrape off from the outside of the glass to consume outside to within.

Aside from the creative food and desserts the Sugar Factory is renowned for its range of flavoured alcohol and candy garnished drinks and we were here to sample what magic the Sugar Factory does with Mr Worldwide’s Voli 305 Vodka in light of their partnership with this ‘wonderland’ restaurant.  

One of the Sugar Factory’s Unique Selling Point’s is its premium cocktail Goblets. Which may also be viewed as a fishbowl or industrial sized wine glass with chunks of dry ice which is what makes the drinks steam and bubble and its size to what feels like a bottomless drink.

The bar staff were very welcoming, friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable about their products. Thank you to Jose Mayora and especially Chris Montoya who spoke to us about the popularity of Voli 305 Vodka and demonstrated making some captivating Voli 305 Vodka infused Goblets in the videos below. Video 1 is a demonstration of the delectable and mesmerising Passion Punch Goblet made from Voli 305 Vodka. Sweet, easy to drink, definitely has punch to it and watch the Voli make it steam as cool as the vodka itself is! Video 2 is the second demonstration is the Voli 305 Vodka within the Energy Bear Goblet, garnished with gummy bears of course!

The experience of making these goblets are both as exciting and thrilling to watch as well as to drink.

Passion Punch

Energy Bear

114 Ocean Drive, Miami, FL 33139

The Globe

Family owned since 1997, sees The Globe celebrate 20 years in the heart of the Coral Gables. With a classic European vibe incorporated into its surroundings, the Globe is very welcoming, lively and has a grand piano as decor amongst crystal chandeliers and beautiful old paintings.

True to some of its 'Euro flair' it wasn't so long ago that The Globe held a St Patricks Day party sponsored by Voli 305 Vodka.

Two whole shelves vertically dedicated solely to Voli 305 Vodka prominently draws attention to the strong and clear presence of the brand. Think deeper and see how the 'globe' on the Voli 305 Vodka bottles go beautifully hand in hand with real life, different sized globes which sit horizontally on top of the adjoining central bottle shelf. 

Come to think of it. The Globe, the globe bottle design derived from Pitbull's tattoo, Pitbull with the globe in the palm of his hand, global domination and the connections go on as the penny drops when thinking from an in-depth view.

Lovely staff and management. Thank you so very much for everything during our visit.

A must visit and their delicious Voli 305 Vodka pineapple and (not or, but and) apple martini are the ones to ask for in this unique charming place known for its lively happy hours, Live Jazz music and spilling the ambiance outside with its al fresco seating.

377 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Christy's Restaurant  
Known as Miami's premier Steakhouse, the iconic Christy's located in the Coral Gables for over 38 years is classy, with a little club feel. Elegant, wood panel decorated, soft-red lit, inviting, relaxing and relevant. Attracting a range of clientele. Where the service and staff are renowned for being friendly and customer-centric as well as their mouthwatering menu. 

Thank you General Manager Richard Legra who kindly spoke to us with his team about the passion and popularity of the Voli 305 Vodka especially as part of a mean Capiroska! With further excitement about a very specific Voli 305 Vodka cocktail going on the drinks menu as 'La Palmita' comprised of: 

2 oz Voli 305 Vodka, 1 oz Simple Syrup, 1/2 Lemon, 1/2 Lime, 1 oz (cantaloupe) melon juice. Garnished with orange slices carefully placed to resemble a palm tree. Translate to La Palmita! 

Book a table at this divine dining place for a Voli 305 Vodka champion cocktail and bespoke-beyond. I've heard their Caesar Salad and show stopping Baked Alaska are a must try for my next visit. Looking forward to more on the Voli 305 Vodka upcoming La Palmita in the near future.

3101 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Miami, FL 33134


Upon entering, I'm taken aback by Komodo's enchanting ambiance and can't help but follow as my eyes dart from one corner to another discovering new details along the way. 

Komodo is situated in the heart of Miami's thriving Brickell area and takes Asian fusion to the next level. Dim red lighting, giant red palm leaves overhead by the bar area, bamboo tree trunks floor to ceiling disguised as part of the structure carefully carved designs to let out a soft red light. To another carefully blended atmosphere with an outdoor oriental garden-like dining area. The venue also has an more intimate lounge area with a DJ and bar area that awakens Thursday to Saturday evenings. 

Accompanied by some delicious Dragon Fries we cleansed our palette with a Ginger Passionfruit Mule and Watermelon Basil Mojito the latter which uses fresh watermelon. Both made from Voli 305 Vodka and equally refreshing, moreish and very flavoursome. Our drinks were created by 'Jaime' who talked about his passion for Voli 305 Vodka and how it's the ‘go-to vodka’ for his creations. Thank you and Manager Mark for talking to us. Another must visit place when in Miami.

801 Brickell Ave Miami FL 33131

Ruth Chris Steak House

Ruth Chris Steak House is a casual yet stylish restaurant that feels familiar and at home at the same time.  Carpeted and with what looks like an endless finely finished bookshelf with their wide range of wines also in the cabinet that goes on forever and around corners, the restaurant allows you to dine off their appealing menu and sample what the restaurant is known for, their custom-aged USDA Prime midwestern beef customised further to how the customer wants the flavour or simply sit and enjoy a drink at the bar. 

We sampled the Voli and Soda and Voli Bloody Mary and it was very bloody strong might I add but very scrummy too. Another popular one is just as Pitbull may have it, on the rocks with lime.

2320 Salzedo Street, Coral Gables, FL 33134

La Fontana Havana

The vibrant Espaniola Way is where La Fontana Havana is located. A restaurant which has taken inspiration from the famous La Fontana Havana in Havana, Cuba. Very authentic, draped Cuban flags and photographs on the wall with a fuss-free feeling.

Voli 305 Vodka is how you like it, simply ask to create- and they will create!

512 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, FL 33139

So there you have it, just some of the most characteristic and charismatic places to add on the list of places to visit to get your favourite Voli 305 Vodka infused tipple! 

With thanks for a great adventure and shared photo credits to @247Pitbull 


Monday, 10 April 2017


Colourful sign post introduces Pitbull and Stephen Marley's video to Options set in Kingston, Jamaica by Gil Green.

A different start to the usual Pitbull videos (with the exception of FUN also directed by Gil Green) with a longer, enjoyable banter between Stephen and Pitbull as they enjoy a game of Ludo outdoors before they make history later that evening and with Pitbull feeling right as home as a beautiful girl in shredded denim shorts and bright orange bright top walks past straight into the record-stroke-cafe directly behind him.

Distracted, Pitbull follows the beauty (and some more) in the shop to check out his 'options' as Marley heads for the studio - Looks like iconic Tuff Gong Studios - before joining Stephen in the studio in a casual open shirt vest on show (too hot for a suit there!)

Back with the girl and a Baddie or so, Pitbull rides off on a moped stopping briefly for some fresh coconut, he loves the kids and stops for a game of footy and school girls singing on the fence while The Most Bad Ones sex it up more between shots.

Not tearing up the history in the wrong way for a girl but more on show with pride. From the statue of the legendary Bob Marley in the Bob Marley Museum to other shots with Pitbull, Stephen along with more of the legendary family Damian (JR Gong) Marley and Julian R Marley within the museum.

Nightfalls, stick a brown jacket on Pitbull, grab the girl and party with the crowd. But not without the
Voli 305 Vodka on the rocks perhaps just as the bottles are sat on the rocks. Blink and you'll miss it along with the Party Patch.

Nice, chilled and enjoyable mini shots of the Bob Marley Museum.

An end still shot. Mr Worldwide grateful as always, stops with a shot as simply 'Thank you to the Marleys and Jamaica' by the iconic Bob Marley statue one hand on guitar and other in the air at the museum. At the end of all that I can say what a really cool video capturing a lot of Marley History and bringing it on screen to share with the globe, especially the studios, statue and museum.




Hey Ma! Did you the English song and video is out?

Camila Cabello, J Balvin join Pitbull again for the latest English Hey Ma song and video version of The Fate of the Furious directed by Gil Green.

Camila goes through the side streets walking with conviction, sass and sexily shrugging off male attention as she gets to where the street racing begins with Vin Diesel (well it is from a high speed themed car movie with scenes in Havana, Cuba!) and meets up with J Balvin ready in his colourful shirt and matching hair streaks!

The scene is Cuba but to those of us 305-familiar, it's instantly recognisable as the vibrant Espaniola Way meets Havana.

Still on the Cuban vibe as DJ Chino enjoys a game of dominoes with J Balvin and Jorge enjoying cigar, the boss rocks up soon enough in a flashy white sports car. Navy blue shirt, brown belt complimented by the same colour button details on Pitbull's crisp white blazer with a matching blue hankie peeking through the top side pocket. With his signature sunglasses, this is going on the list of one of my top Pitbull looks and favourite Pitbull videos to date.

Camila carries on teasing how she might stay and enter The Most Bad Ones stopping the traffic and cars with their stunning casual yet sexy Cuban outfits and tight dance moves circling Mr Worldwide who joins in with the drop-down-side stepping salsa moves. I cannot stress how much I admire these talented beautiful ladies!

"Papi te necesito" Pitbull shuts it down and tells the lady exactly what she's thinking as J Balvin, Camila Cabello and Mr Worldwide take us through the same softly lit street as night dawns, a quick change of outfits for the trio and maybe into a little side area.

Fiery, sexy, spicy, vibrant and fierce yet feel good video-dare you not to catch the Cuban flavour, sing the chorus for at least 10min after the video has finished or mimic the moves!