Monday, 26 October 2015


Freak like this, freak like that, like ’em a little freaky, freak between the sheets, “I’m a freak” joint admission with Enrique- only one thing on Pitbull’s mind and that’s just to be FREE.K full stop. Twenty-four-seven. Mr Worldwide ready round the clock!

Free.K from Pitbull’s upcoming album Climate Change is produced by Michael Mayeda (who is also one of DJ City’s in-house producers) features the addictive 90’s sampler from Adina Howard’s “Freak Like me” This dance floor filler is all about (say it like Pitbull now..) Getting’ LOOoOOoSE! 

We know Pitbull loves the powerful classy, sassy ladies that mean business but know and aren’t afraid to get down and dirty either. Pitbull reminds us how he likes a lady to be a lady and respects the everyday hard working ones in society. Getting into specifics when the bad girls come out of the good ones such as nurses, teachers, real estate reps, police women and business women to CEO’s. Serious in business and being a FREAK after hours or anytime on call ( The First Lady can’t escape from the rhymes either!) With another message of ‘education’ if you like, who know their men are blowing their money on strippers- get home, lose inhibitions and just be a freak.

If anyone can make the ladies freak-a-leak just through music to the ears then it’s Pitbull.

Combination of Pitbull’s rugged, gravelly voice, overall flow and rhymes with the dance and old school House feel is simply infectious. Yet another dance floor filler sure to be bangin’ out in the clubs worldwide and drawing out all the freaks to the floor. Catchy, fun, sexy, and FREE.K!


Friday, 9 October 2015


Vice President of Operations of Mango's Tropical Cafe Orlando Antonio Laracuente will be taking the unique ‘Mango’s party’ blend of ingredients from Miami to the new Mango’s in Orlando. Antonio has been with Mango’s for nine years and is the creator Latin Tuesdays, Miami’s Premier Latin VIP Dance party at Mango’s which has been running strong since 2009 at the sizzling Latin flavoured Ocean Drive hot spot.

Watching Antonio at work is impressive and inspirational. Someone who works so incredibly hard each night and clearly enjoys what he does while interacting and ensuring visitors are having a good time. That operations are running smoothly and always wearing a warm smile while having fun at the same time with so much energy. With the opening of the new Mango’s Orlando in late November this year, Antonio is currently on site of the new venue at the heart of International Drive. As preparations from scratch for the opening of the brand new Mango’s Orlando are underway.

“Come fall in love with Mango’s” is what Mango’s tell us. My interpretation is that this is NOT an instruction or an invitation, it’s more like a guarantee that you will!

Without further a-do, let’s talk to Antonio about  Mango’s Miami, Mango’s Orlando, Pitbull, Voli and more!

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Antonio

Tell us, for anyone who has never been to Mango's, can you sum it up for us in a few words or sentences?
Mango's is a unique restaurant and nightclub featuring fabulous Latin and Caribbean comfort foods, exotic libations and high-energy entertainment provided by beautiful dancers. The music ranges from Salsa to Bachatta, Reggaeton and Pop, while guests sip on hand-mixed Mojitos, Daiquiris, Martinis and Cosmos. Mango's has coined the phrase "Florri bean Cuisine"  to describe the wide range of world-class dining  creations including  favourites like Churrasco steak, BBQ ribs, Al Ajillo  and Caribbean  Creole,  to mention a few.

Mango's Miami is renowned for being one of Pitbull’s favourite places, what happens when Mr Worldwide has made a surprise visit?
Yes, Mango's is one of Mr Worldwide's favourite places to get away and unwind.  When he arrives, he likes to be low key, enjoy his favourite Voli cocktail - Voli, water and limes - and of course, loves the view of our beautiful sexy ladies performing.  While he likes to be low key the minute Mr Worldwide sets foot in the venue and is spotted by his fans, the line to take a picture with Pit is non-stop all night – and he never turns anyone away! He respects and understands that he is where he is in his career because of his fans. There are times when the lines to get him get overwhelming. I look at him and say "You want to take a break?" and he says "No Papo - Dale, I am good." I can truly say he enjoys his fans and loves feeding off their energy for him.

Do you have a favourite Pitbull song?
Don’t Stop The Party…  Which goes perfectly with Mango’s!

Has anything funny, crazy, scary happened on any of these Pitbull visits?
Nothing crazy or scary has really happened during one of Pitbull's visits, but funny things happen every time he is with us!   From fans asking to marry him to others showing him their best Pitbull impression.  It is always fun when he is at Mango's.  Never a dull moment!

Many fans think you look a lot like Pitbull, have you ever been mistaken for Mr Worldwide?

Sometimes, but once I start singing the mistake is corrected very quickly! (Laughs)  Pitbull is a unique character and his charisma is hard to duplicate! It is fun to be mistaken for him, if only in appearance!

What about dancing? Have you ever had the urge to get up on that bar and bust some moves to a Pitbull song?
Of course!  Doesn't everyone get that urge when they feel the beat of a Pitbull song? The only  problem  is that  I  certainly  would  NOT be mistaken  for  Mr Worldwide  if  I  was ever to get on  the  stage and "bust
some moves!"  (Laughs)

Haha yes I think we all get that urge! I’m sure everyone would happily dance along with you though. Talk to me more about the food at Mango’s. Are there any particular dishes you would personally recommend?

My  personal   favourites  are the  Churrasco  steak and Caribbean   Creole,   I prefer  the  chicken  with  that  one.  But believe   me,  the food  is so good at Mango's,  you  really can't  go wrong  no matter  what  you select- and  the  appetizers   are so delicious  and generous,  there  are always  great beginnings  to every meal.

 …And of course the cocktails are amazing there! Pitbull's  Voli  Spirits  Dreamsicle  and Volito  cocktails  are my favourites  at Mango's  so  far, do you have any preferences?
The Dreamsicle has to be my favourite.   It has a unique flavour that really gets things off to a great start.  But Mango's has such a large and creative drink  menu,  I  promise  there  is something  for  everyone's  taste!

Absolutely!  I'm also excited about the new Mango’s Voli Vodka!  Can you tell us more about this and Mango’s Orlando?
The new ‘Mango's by Voli’  was created  to celebrate  the  25th  anniversary  of the  legendary  Mango's Tropical Cafe South  Beach and the  opening  this fall of the $50 million, 55,000 square  foot  Mango's Tropical  Cafe Orlando.  It's  a great  combination  because  Pitbull  is the Voli Vodka spokesperson  and ambassador  and,  of course,  a  great  friend  of Mango's!   The   Mango's  Orlando  location will  be located  in the  heart  of International  Drive close to Sand Lake Road  and will  be three  times  as large as the South Beach iconic cafe.

WOW that is huge! I can’t wait to visit sometime.  I’m obsessed and in awe of the progress made in the photos, especially the magnificent staircase and platform area in the making at the new Mango’s Orlando   - is this a performance or VIP area?
The staircase and platform area were designed to be performance areas.   We have the Vodou Room, Havana Lounge, Mojito Lounge and VIP Main Stage seating for VIP areas.

Do you have your own secret formula for a great party?
I sure do!  It's the Mango's formula.  Beautiful  women  providing   entertainment,   fabulous  high-energy Latin  music,  a fun  and classic environment   with plenty  of room  for  dancing, creative  and tasty  drinks, and the  best food  in the  world!

Your work schedule seems really busy!  How do you relax and unwind?
Sip a Dreamsicle, put on my earphones and listen to Pitbull, of course!  He's so high-energy though, it gets my blood flowing and it’s hard to stay in my seat. But it is always great to also spend time with family and friends, and Orlando  has such great  entertainment   opportunities like theme  parks, beaches  nearby,  the new Orlando  Eye,  professional   sporting  events,  they  are all a  great way to unwind.
Do you have any words of advice for anyone wanting to go into the restaurant,   nightlife    and entertainment     business?
Be ready for the ride of your life!  It's a very demanding business requiring long hours and a lot of sacrifice.  So  my advice would  be to do your  homework  before  you get into  it,  talk to  people  like me who have the  experience  they  can share and be sure you are willing  to put in the time and effort  to make  it work!   It is a very  rewarding  career and as  long as you know  what  you're getting  into. It can be a  dream come true.

It's been a pleasure Antonio, thank you so much for sharing with us. I've spent many a great nights at Mango's Miami and am excited about visiting the new Mango's Orlando sometime.

Follow Antonio, Mango's Tropical Cafe Miami & Orlando on the following links and check out the fantastic videos below.

Follow Antonio Laracuente
Mango’s Orlando Opening Late November 2015
For more information, reservation & party bookings visit

Mango's Orlando

Mango's Miami

Voli Vodka  (Over 21 only)

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Thursday, 8 October 2015


After Pit made his premiere on Empire last night it was time to let Jamal (Jussie Smollett) know where the after party at, texting 'private party at the Empire Estates- Dale Pit.' As the iron gates open, it’s evident that Pitbull and The Most Bad Ones had already got the party well on the way!

Pink, gold and Buddha themed elegant rooms with possibly some old school velvet wall paper, taking the party poolside with motorbikes. Although it may be a ‘Lyon’ estate a tiger cub managed sneak in and mix it up a little to make it two big cats and a Pitbull.

Directed by Gil Green who also directed Fun, the video sees ample champagne flutes and encourages taking a lot of shots (with somebody) and a few costume changes from Pitbull from crisp corporate attire looking the business to carefree casual suits you don’t mind getting wet! Jussie Smollett looked just as smouldering in his purple suit. Suited to Empire Royalty.

The gorgeous Most Bad Ones never a metre away from Mr Worldwide partying away from the hallway to the lobby. Attaching themselves to either the walls or Pitbull. Not enough water in the pool to put out the fire these gorgeous, talented ladies started!

Pitbull always says to feel and enjoy the moment. Momentarily entertaining some party goers by taking a selfie with him and then hitting them with “ In this party ain’t no social media no camera phones..” Before he throws their phone into the pool – what happens at the Empire Estates, stays at the Empire Estates!

It’s not the first time we’ve seen Pitbull’s Olympic water sport skills. Don’t Stop The Party video saw Pit doing water bombs into the ocean. No Doubt About it we see Pitbull’s best acrobatic back flip dive yet! Pitbull does his own stunts dontcha know!