Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Pitbull & Enrique Iglesias Tour date Announcements

...And the bromance continues!

Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias almost sent Twitter on the verge of a (Global) Meltdown! The gorgeous and talented 'freaks' asked fans to tweet with the hashtag #enriquepitbulltour for a chance to be selected 3pm EST onwards to announce a tour date.

First up was @Pitbull_Dale305. Followed by many other lucky fans (in no particular order) such as 
@_Yolispter, @tyannagiancola, @maheennnnn, @stephslavx3, @Elfan414,@chelita_8_8, @anukriti_tiwari, @kikyloveenrique @heisgalo, @Carlaivey (by this time I think Pit and Enrique pushed twitter almost to its limits as direct messaging seemed to be crashing but all good in the end!), @pitbullgirl115, @Rosecamacho13, @Camiilla_Sarah. Last but by no means least @JRCATS9 closed off with the final date in Orlando, Florida. Congratulations to all those that got picked to announce a date.

I tried my luck (might as well!) by trying to grab their attention with a cheeky line in the image above but it didn't work. Could be that my Brit humour just didn't quite fly!

The tour kicks off in September 12th in New Jersey. Let's have a Euopean one gents we love you out here. Thanks!

Dale EeeYAW!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Good luck to everyone who have entered the Voli Spirits competition #TurnUpTheVoli ! 

In the meantime enjoy my Voli Pitbull and Chris Brown cocktail below. Sing along with ( Turn Up the Music with a twist of Pitbull!) 

#TurnUpTheVoli Competition:

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Como Yo Le Doy!

“Who the hell is this texting me at 3:46?"
No trick! Pit comin' atcha with a reggaeton fix..
Listen carefully under the surface ya know...
For that old school Pit filth flow...
With Don Miguelo raising the heat...
A sexy 'n' smooth reggaeton beat...
Pit gravel-like voice - pullin' you in..
Sound that always raises temperatures within...
But we love how Pit gives it to us ..oh oh give us 'three cheers'...
Blows away our mi-i-i-i-ind ....every time this sound kisses our ears...


Thursday, 17 April 2014


I sat at a table in a restaurant at the top of Ocean Drive waiting for Mr Pimpbull to join me. As he walked towards me the resemblance was quite uncanny. Having looked at photos of Mr Pimpbull previously, I thought "Yes, I can see a Pitbull resemblance" Yet having met him in person, I can say that photos alone do not do enough justice. Time flew past as I enjoyed drinks, conversations and questions with Mr Pimpbull who was simply great company.

Mr Pimpbull’s appearance, mannerisms, suit, facial expressions were truly amazing. I was taken aback in how much he not only really imitated Pitbull looks wise but also how he was strikingly in character.

Soon it was time for the REAL experience as I said "Right Mr Pimpbull, you’re my date tonight, let's go to Mango’s and have some fun, dale!" and off we went. Walking through Ocean Drive was an experience and hanging out with the incredible Pitbull impersonator, the whole night was probably a bit of a health hazard itself but still so much fun as you will soon understand.

As I walked beside him I could feel the eyes on him from passers by. Some with expressions of wonder whether he was Pitbull and others shouting "PITBULL!" or "Chico!" as he is affectionately called by the locals. Yet many times greeted with Pitbull’s signature phrase "Dale!”  We were also closely tailed by a girl shouting "I love you Pitbull!" Every few yards deafening my ear drums until a car stopped right in our path as we crossed the road with the driver getting out and asking for photos.

 As we approached Mango’s, one of my favourite places on Ocean Drive and one also known to be where the real Mr Worldwide occasionally hangs out. It becomes apparent that they too know of the impersonator and allow us in promptly.

Once inside the expressions of others filled with curiosity or voices muttering, "is that Pitbull/it's Pitbull!" amongst themselves and pointing at Mr Pimpbull gleefully was clearly visible. As I stood beside him enjoying my mojito, I observed as guys came over to shake his hand and girls over for a cheeky pic and peck on the cheek. Whilst others simply exchanged a respectful acknowledgement. However, when a conversation is struck or any other form of obvious interaction, one thing is absolutely made clear very swiftly by the impersonator. That is that he is an impersonator and not Pitbull himself.

For some bizarre reason there were many blips of time I was forced to part with standing on the sidelines and my beloved mojito and thrown from being an observer and into participation. Humour me, even unintentionally playing the role of his bodyguard or manager (minus the sharp suit and blackberry) in this surreal set up as those fascinated approached me first to ask permission to take a photograph with Mr Pimpbull. From locals to groups of fellow Europeans on vacation.

On went the night. Many approaches and requests for photos (Yes, I’m also the official photographer by now too) schmoozing with charismatic imitations of Mr Worldwide always, I must stress again, always in character. Even the solo dance moves were like imitated like Pitbull. As we then threw some salsa moves onto the dance floor together, I could feel the daggers thrown in my back from a crowd of girls who thought I was dancing with the real McCoy.

After one of the many points of rushes of attention, I felt even more so responsible for his safety, concerned and not comfortable to leave his side to for a few minutes. Feeling the need to protect him.

As we begin to leave the club it starts getting a little crazier. A girl stops and strikes up a conversation with Mr Pimpbull. Meanwhile a guy sitting behind at the bar shouts out to anyone listening "Hey it's Pitbull! – It's Pitbull everyone!!!" After which all you hear is a wave of voices shouting to get his attention and fighting through the crowd to get to Mr Pimpbull. It was not a situation where we could even be heard to let it be known that it's a Pitbull impersonator. For his safety, time to make a path, a swift exit and get out of there. We finally get out on street where we think we are safe but that is not the case as someone outside had heard the guy inside shouting and so started shouting "Pitbull!" outside the venue starting creating another wave of people heading towards him in a crowd. No one was listening. It was time to leg it! It suddenly dawned on me what the REAL Pitbull must go through trying to do basic things as simple as just wanting to go on a quiet walk alone.

I soon realised that I found myself by default working as his photographer, unofficial aide and his bodyguard. Pit if you’re reading this and need another bodyguard or crowd exit strategist - hit me up!

A surreal but great experience indeed. Always in character Mr Pimpbull not only looks, walks and talks just like Pitbull but listening to what he had to say it was also quite clear he is just as humble with a warming, kind and positive energy around him. Mr Pimpbull’s conduct goes beyond playing the role of an impersonator and a fan of Mr Worldwide, with strong loyalty and sincere consideration for the Lil ‘Chico.

Read on to find out more about the wonderful Pitbull impersonator. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the man who tells me “I have a Pitbull Degree, baby” Mr PIMPBull (Pitbull Impersonator Model Person)..

Thank you for seeing me Mr Pimpbull!

How long have you been a Pitbull impersonator?
I have been in the industry officially for about two to three years as an actor.

A casting company called me to ask if I would like the opportunity to work as a Pitbull impersonator on the web, promo’s, various shows and red carpet events such as Premio lo Nuestro, Premio Tu Mundo, Premio Juventud…

At the time I was a personal trainer, and also bartender at the time. I was going through a tough time in my life as I had lost my mother and being a Pitbull impersonator ‘healed me’. It healed my life. You can see how important this is for me.  It has given me a lot of opportunities being a Pitbull impersonator.

When did you first realise that you looked like and could impersonate Pitbull?
I used to work as a bartender at Nikki Beach on South Beach around 2005,
During this time Culo, which is one of my favourite songs was being played and I was dancing and my co-workers, friends, others around me and even the DJ said “Hey you dance like Pitbull and you look a lot like him too, even the swag. You could be impersonating him!”  A lot of people noticed this and even said that I can near enough even sound like Pitbull. At that time I didn’t have the sunglasses but I was bald like Pitbull!

Has anything crazy or funny happened whilst impersonating Mr Worldwide?
(Laughs) There are so many things that have happened! One day I was in Bongos CafĂ© and a woman ran over to me shouting “I love you so much, you’re my everything, I want to be with you!” and started to grab hold and hug me. Other women around her must have heard this lady and so they also came over asking to take photographs with me.

Later on I was heading to the restrooms and they managed to get through into the restrooms shouting “Hey Pitbull, don’t leave!” security were getting involved as they were causing a scene in the male restrooms. I tried to say “Mamitas you cannot come in here….Listen, I’m not Pitbull” But they weren’t listening!

Another story I have is when, DJ Laz once told me when he was on stage at Calle Ocho one year and after looking out into the distance in the crowd for a split a second had mistaken me as Pit.

Looking like Mr Worldwide you could practically have any girl you want, wherever you want - even if it is the bathrooms!
I am aware that I represent to an extent and impersonate Pitbull and am obviously mistaken as being the real Pitbull a lot. I would never behave in a way that would affect his image or do anything like that. I respect Pitbull so much. So yes, I could but I never would.

How do you prepare for events, do you have any rituals?
I find that I don’t have to try too hard and it comes naturally. People tell me my mannerisms and style is very similar Pitbull before I even started impersonating.
I start with a bit of Voli and I get into the zone mentally. I start shaving my goatee and head. My suits are always ready. It takes me about two hours and I am ready to go. ‘Party hard, party wide, party like Mr Worldwide’ that’s my slogan

How many suits do you own?
I have twenty-five Pitbull suits!

Tell me about any ups and downs about impersonating Pitbull?
There is always that risk of whether people will accept you or not. I had a few negative comments like “Hey you don’t look like Pitbull” but when I read the comment it was actually a Pitbull hater so I don’t take that on board.

I was at Premio Tu Mundo and someone said jokingly to the host “You know what, this is Pitbull here. The host asked “are you also making music like Pitbull?”   I wanted to say I wish I was, to be making music like Pit, the most famous and talented guy in the world! I have also been interviewed by Enrique Santos at the Premio Juventud.

Do you have any favourite Pitbull quotes?
 “Ask for money get advice, ask for advice get money twice!” this is something I love and it makes sense!

(At this point I am a little spooked. Not only does he have that Pit swagger, but I begin to notice even more so the little things like the way Mr Pimpbull  adjusts his collar, the way he tugged his suit buttons and pulling his jacket inwards now and then, the way the real Mr Worldwide does along with other sudden movements and mannerisms that imitate. Over the years I seem to have developed a healthy liking for the shape of Pitbull's thumb and the way it arches back very noticeably although this was not entirely the case. Thumbs a side, my eyes are drawn to the rest of his hands. His fingers and hands can imitate Pit’s to a certain extent)

What is your advice to anyone wanting to get into the impersonating business professionally?
I would advise that if you really, really love what you are doing – never give up. Do not listen to anyone around you who tell you otherwise. When I impersonate Pitbull, I really love it. I’m really blessed. I love my role, because for me Pitbull is my hero. Pitbull takes negatives to a positive and he is the King of Miami.

And when Pit’s flying around the world you’re here in the 305 to represent!
(Laughs) Yes, I love that!

I have seen a lot of photos of you partying with members of Team Pitbull and the Mr 305 Inc family..
Yes, I’m blessed to I have met a lot of his talented team. I go to Cafe Bongo’s and when I see DJ Africa, DJ Chino, Fito Blanko, Sensato they always say hi or dale!

My next question was going to be what other famous people have you met working as a Pitbull Impersonator?
I’ve met most of Team Pitbull. The only person missing is Pitbull who I have not met officially. Although when Pitbull, JLO and Claudia Leitte were filming the official World Cup song We Are One, Pit walked past me and said something like “Oye! Como tu ta?

Pitbull was dressed in white and said a brief ‘Hi.’ He was really polite. It’s quite funny I was standing near Mike, Pancho, Chino and Jorge (The Agents). Pitbull was on the platform looking down on us and did a double take probably thinking who is this standing with his guys. His family. Another time JLO at one point tapped Claudia Leitte pointing at me and saying something like “Look at him!”

Other people I have met are Motiff- super cool guy and Madai who is lovely too.
I have met Enrique Iglesias and he said “Oye que bola mi hermano!”
Gente De Zona. Dwayne Johnson and Jencarlos Canela. I’m blessed. I’ve met so many

What would you say to Pitbull when you get to meet him properly?
I’m blessed and honoured to be able to impersonate you. You’re my hero. You’re my brother from another mother! Thank you so much.

Mr Pimpbull, It’s been an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me, let’s get to Mango’s and have some fun!
Dale Mamita, It’s my pleasure…Lets go!

(Kisses the back of my hand like a true gentleman)


Twitter:      @pimpbull_mr
Instagram: MrPimpbull305

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

" Checking in..checking out..Dale!"   

 ..Nope..I'm no good at it...Stay Tuned!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

They Don't Know! -Rico Love Dance Remix with Pitbull and Ludacris

Pitbull springs another one in less than 24 hours of the release of the official World Cup Song We Are One. Just to keep us on our toes! 

Rico Love mixes up a dance remix of They Don't Know with a slice of Ludacris and sprinkles of some of the old school filthy Pit style I grew up along with- loved it then, still love it now.

Catchy and in some way enjoyably obscene!

Dale EeeYAW!


Rico Love Feat Pitbull & LUDA 

We Are One - It's a hat-trick!

Put your flags up in the sky and show 'em where you're from! Lil'Chico Armandito from Miami is flying the flag for everyone on the globe which sitting in the palm of his hand.

The official World Cup 2014 song scores a 'hat-trick' with the trio of Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and Claudia Leitte. Produced by Dr Luke, We Are One has the stronghold to be able to reach and connect to all whatever genre is a preference on normal basis. There's something in there for everyone, and that's what the theme is about. The world and togetherness.  We Are One is led by Mr Worldwide who introduces ‘Jenny’ and later on Brazilian star Claudia Leitte who adds even more flavour with lyrics in Portuguese.

Evoking a light, happy, summery Brazilian vibe amongst other Latin flavours, a great carnival and party feel. You don't need to be in Rio to capture the feeling! Feel the surdo, malacacheta to the chocalho at certain points and whistle through the song.

The official video as well as the live performance at the opening ceremony is something to look forward to. ‘Don’t talk about it, be about it’ as Pitbull says. It was only a matter of time until Mr Worldwide captures a one of the biggest worldwide events in his net.

Put your flags to the sky, shake 'n' samba that ass - wave it side to side - just do what you feel!

Obrigado Pitbull, Jenny and Claudia

Pitbull I salute you! Goal!

Dale EeYAW!

Serina - Pitbull Fan Unleashed

Friday, 4 April 2014

VAMO' AMANECER! Papayo Feat. Motiff

Papayo (supapayo!) featuring Mr 305 Inc artist Motiff's new song Vamo' Amanecer is guaranteed to keep us dancing away until dawn! 

With steel drums blended with signature Papayo latin flavours, let the fusion of sounds take you partying through Ibiza, Miami, St Tropez and more...the party doesn't stop. 

Everytime I hear this song, the short but very enjoyable black and white clip posted on Papayo's Instagram of the dynamic pair energetically performing Vamo' Amanecer at the Univision Stage always makes it's way to the forefront of my mind. With the thought of just how good a video of this could be.

It's one big catchy summer tune! A contagious hook with great danceability!

Hurry as the first 100 downloads are FREE! Only 99 or even less left now as I've just got mine.Don't miss out! Click onto Papayo's Soundcloud link below.

yeahy yeahy yeaahy....


Tuesday, 1 April 2014




Stephanie Heymann took Timber to Country all the way with her fun, infectious and refreshing remix.

I had the opportunity to speak to the very talented and gorgeous Stephanie about her unique twist on Timber. Stephanie also talks more about her career, Dirty Southaners, being in the original Timber video as well as Pitbull. Read on for some more revealing and interesting facts all round.

It's not everyday nor with every fabulous remix that YOU have the opportunity to win autographed merchandise by the star so stick around until they end to find out just how you could get your hands on some goodies!

So nice to meet you Stephanie & Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to me

I really enjoyed your Timber remix- how did that come about?
The original Timber song already had that Country feel! The video was actually shot in a Country and Western bar near my hometown. We wanted to add in a little extra southern flavour to mix it up a little bit.

What aspects did you enjoy the most about working on the remix? 
Working on the remix was so much fun! Especially since it already had the Country vibe going on. My team and I wrote the lyrics together and added a little more twang to the production.
The Jump Smokers also have a version of their own. It's a high energy club mix! Very Miami. I love the fusion of all of the styles.

I think a video even a lyric would be great to sing-along to & get us fans more into the Country
swagger-is that a possibility?
There's definitely a possibility for a lyric video.

Do you know what Pitbull said after he heard your remix?
I'm not exactly sure what he said! But I know that he liked it! I hope it made him proud.

Apart from the Timber remix you have already been in the Pitbull camp for some time before- tell me more...
Believe it or not I started with Pitbull on tour as a promotional model. It was such a fun job we had our own tour bus and worked two hours a day taking pictures with a Pitbull cut out and then we got to watch every show! I also performed as one of Pit's dancers for Premio lo Nuestro, Premios Juventud and the New Year's Eve show 2014 (Dick Clark's New Year's Eve special). I got to know the team through this.  Omar Tavarez (Pitbull's drummer and musical director) is the one that helped connect the dots when it came to beginning my music career they're all so sweet and inspiring.

How long have you been writing Country music?
I've been writing my whole life! Mostly poetry. Writing music is pretty fresh on my hobby list but I really love it! It's such a great form of expression and Country music is easy to write because of my lifestyle. We've also had the opportunity to write with some amazing Nashville Country writers such as
Phil Barton, James Slator, Preston Brust and Brian White.

Who are your influences in the Country music scene and why?
I'm very influenced by Country legends Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Loretta Lynn. I'm a huge fan of outlaw Country. My influences from today are Miranda Lambert, Eric Church, and George Strait.

What would be your dream collaboration in & outside of Country?
It would be pretty cool to collaborate with Bruce Springsteen or maybe the Lynard Skynard if he was still here. I love classic and southern rock music.

You work with Dirty Southaners Aaron Fishbein and long before with Omar Tavarez already for some time- tell me how he discovered your talents?
Omar and I met on tour! I never would have thought that we would work together creating music back then. I have always admired his work ethic and though it would be cool to be a dancer, I never thought that I would have this opportunity! Omar heard me singing in a car on the way to run up to Runyon
Canyon with a couple friends in LA. I didn't even know anyone could hear me singing along to the radio! We were both there for shows. (I was dancing for Flo Rida at the time).

You have an amazing and diverse career to date. What advice would you give any aspiring Country artists out there?
I would say just to be yourself! Don't try so hard to fit in. People love it when they can sense that you are true to yourself! Even if it's a little rebellious and against the grain.

Could you teach me something Country!
Oh! I can teach you all kind of line dances! Meet me at The Round up in Davie! One of my favourite things to do is line dance, two step, and west coast swing!

If you could remix or have been on another Pitbull song what would it be?
I love Pit's music! It's so fun to dance to...I can't think of a particular song this moment in time as he has so many great ones - but who knows, maybe we'll have an original song together one day!

You were actually in the original Timber video did you have a lot of fun?
The Timber video was a blast! I danced around with a huge boa! Kind of scary but still a great experience.


Thanks for treating us Pitbull fans to a REAL Country experience! I think yours & Pit's voices really compliment each others!  Is a song together a possibility in the future?
Thank you! That's nice to hear! No talk of that just yet! But it would be fun!
What's next?
I'll be releasing some original music and content very soon! Stay tuned!

Thank you again Stephanie & All the best for the future


This is YOUR chance to win limited edition autographed merchandise. 

What do you have to do? It's simple!  Follow Stephanie Heymann on Twitter and tweet:

#StephanieHeymannTimberRemix  @stephieheymann Put your drinks up!

Competition closes on 30th April 2014
The winner will be selected at random