Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Opening with a pile of polaroids and if you look carefully at them we can get Pitbull and Enrique in 'motion'. 

Hotel rooms, hotel lobby, bubble baths. Model-esque women frolicking about deciding which one to mess around with ( will the one that's laying on the wooden flooring please make up her mind?!) you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a lingerie commercial.

Although women are Pitbull's biggest fan base the video seems to cater more for the blokes (or anyone else inclined to take a shine to the ladies!) However, as Pitbull says along the lines of 'each time he reaches a new audience means he's doing something right'. Let's hope the blokes take in more of the music and the rhymes aren't lost in the visuals.

It's no secret Pitbull loves women and that's why he has women (obviously) in all his videos, however there was a distinct lack of 'enjoyable' Pitbull and Enrique on screen chemistry and mischief for the ladies. Maybe too busy Messin' Around elsewhere!

I LOVE Pitbull but even I can't wear rose-tinted glasses on this one. Far from negativity-I see it as honesty and constructive food for thought. So with a heavy heart and I never thought the day would come, I'm sad to say without messin' around and getting straight to the point that I was beginning to lose interest in a Pitbull video. That is until I see a tall dark sexy figure in the background - That's a bottle of Voli being poured! Now I'm back in the room - pass some over here Chino!

Monday, 23 May 2016


Seems Pitbull just 'Can't Get Enough' of Becky G so Ole Ola here we go again with another football (soccer) song! Produced by Dr Luke, Mr Worldwide with Becky G as guest vocals present us with the official Copa America 2016 song, Superstar. 

A Becky G and Pitbull collaboration is fast becoming a favourite collaboration of mine. Becky G reminds me of a younger Pitbull 'vibe' and lyrical force.

Opening with his signature introduction "Mr Worldwide" and as always graciously introducing any collaborators, in this case " Becky G!" Amongst a stadium-filled cheering crowd atmosphere to draw us right into the centre of the pitch with the upbeat sounds about to hit our ears as Pitbull smacks us with encouragement and most likely also directed to the the players on the pitch "It's not how you fall it's how you get back up" Reflecting not only the spirit of the beautiful game but also his own life, attitude and values. A lyric which can also be heard on another favourite, off his Rebelution album, Can't Stop Me Now

Far from scoring an own goal, the song is full of Latin flavour which captures the fighting spirit and party essence yet with global audience appeal that is sure to hit right at the back of the net on radio stations globally - Goaaal!

The official song cover, produced by Monkey Pig Inc is simple, effective and catching where even the texture of the gold football jumps out of the picture. Superstar is expected to be available on online stores on the 27th May.

Click on the song cover to listen to the song exclusively at

On that note, Pitbull Fan Unleashed checking in - checking out, 16 Teams, 10 Cities, 2 Superstars, 1 song - Dale!

Friday, 13 May 2016


‘Javi Perez Road to Recovery 5K run/walk’ is in support of raising funds to aid the recovery of the Principal of South Dade Senior High School, Javier Perez who was unfortunately involved in a fatality with an SUV last month which left him in a very critical condition as a result. Principal Perez has made progress this week. However, there’s still a way to the road to full recovery and family, and friends and that includes a special person who also has education close to his heart, Pitbull, is on board and helping to promote the event with a special message to the principal.

Wishing Principal Perez a speedy recovery and all the best to everyone taking part in the event.

More details on how to register and about the event visit Javi Perez Road to Recovery 5K Run/Walk

and here to see Pitbull's message

* Video and image source: Javi Perez Road to Recovery 5K run/walk Facebook Page

Thursday, 12 May 2016


Just four days left to vote for Pitbull for Miami Herald's South Florida Visonary Award under the 305 Award category. Here's just some of the reasons WHY Pitbull deserves the award and WHY we should all vote!

Among so many greats, Pitbull is instrumental for his efforts and achievements in his home town of Miami. Iconic Pitbull IS the beacon for and from the 305. Mr 305 took the 305 worldwide by shining light in his city and DOING monumental things for and in his city and educating the world about the 305. Even has his birthday officially declared as PITBULL DAY in the 305 by the mayor of Miami. Without further a-do so we can get on with the voting - a quick run-down of just some of Armando's work in his home city.

Contribution to education by creating Chartered Sports Leadership and Management School SLAM 

Own music label created, brought from the 305 to the world Mr 305 Inc  

Technology Keynote speaker at Emerge Americas Miami to inspire and bring out innovation 

Contribution to local business via Miami Subs ownership 

Home of his own Voli Vodka (over 21's)  

Awareness and tourism contribution to the 305 via partnering up  with Visit Florida 

Creating more awareness globally with support of other iconic businesses like Mango's Tropical CafĂ© South Beach 

Bringing the New Years Eve Party TO the 305 with FOX Pitbull NYE Revolution from Bayfront Park

We don't necessarily need to be IN or FROM Miami to see what a huge contribution Pitbull has made to the region - besides most of us fans live in Miami in our heads most of the time anyway! So place your votes and let's get Pitbull the recognition he more than deserves. Thank you

Sunday, 8 May 2016


Keith Urban's Sun Don't Let Me Down produced by Nile Rodgers has Pitbull on board the track with his seductive and playful rhyme and tones. Country keeps pulling Pitbull back and I just love that!

The song is featured on Keith Urban's latest album Ripcord - a ripcord defined as a cord pulled to open a parachute. Urban went straight in with the risk of different artist sounds with a Mr Worldwide collaboration amongst others and obviously the parachute opened with a pleasant sound as it glides through the sky to reach the ears of listeners worldwide. Sun Don't Let Me Down. Cross-Country, Cross-genres and Cross-ability to connect with different audiences. 

Let's break it down further. There are four key similarities and connections which stand out between Keith Urban and Pitbull.

Firstly, as Keith Urban finishes a new song Gone Tomorrow (Here Today) for his latest album his thoughts are with his father and father-in-law who had passed, and although this song is not the Pitbull collaboration it demonstrates shared values between the two of living in the moment. As Sun Don't Let Me Down about feeling the moment too before the night ends.

Secondly, the direction in which Keith Urban was going with Ripcord of diverse sounds and collaborations rings true to what Pitbull does with his albums and music. 

Thirdly, they both take risks with their music and diversity of collaborators.

Fourth, they both love a bit of Country!

Pitbull claims the intro and makes his presence on the track very clear with his signature introduction of the artist Keith Urban and himself Mr Worldwide, going on to "They say life is short so 'imma live it up. Tonight it's goin' down (just like in another one of his Country spins- Timber!) 'Till the sun comes up. Dale!"

Upbeat, feel-good, a little reflective. A little romantic twist from Keith's story and meaning behind the song "Sun Don't Let Me Down...she's almost in my arms right now" not wanting the night and moment to end so soon as sun needs to come up at some point. I hope the sun didn't let you down and you got the girl Keith! 

I think there could be a pretty cool summer night party on the beach with fairy lights linking the tree's in the background. The video playing out Keith's story while Pitbull out having fun with the crowd dancing away and Voli Vodka flowing freely. Keith obviously get's the girl and then the sun rises in the background without letting him down and Pitbull? Well he's over somewhere pulling some hair after some 'truth or dare'! (where do I sign up for the video directors seat please?)

Life's short so please can somebody fill our cups too with "Voli, water and lime" while we listen to the song below too, what do you say #PitbullGirls?


* Keith Urban & Pitbull Picture source: Getty Images/ Rolling Stone