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Watching a Live performance from accomplished bassist Leo Brooks is a such treat. What Leo does with the bass guitar is what Pitbull does to rhymes. Locks you in with 100% engagement with his skills, energy and vibe. With his strong onstage presence and connection with the crowd felt. Even Pitbull gets in on the act with those signature air guitar session moments on stage together!

While spinning around the globe from stage to stage with Pitbull, the incredibly talented bass guitar player Leo Brooks is causing just as much a string of waves and amping up the bass outside of this as an artist, co-producing, writing and knocking out hits along with other performances around Miami and future surprises around his own and a new Pitbull album. An all round creative genius.

It was a pleasure and honour to be able to talk with the hardworking, talented, warm, humble and so down to earth Leo Brooks. Leo talks about his latest and upcoming single, Pitbull, other productions past and future and a whole lot more so without any spoilers read on!

Hi Leo, Thank you for taking the time to talk to me and sharing more with us. First of all, congratulations on your latest single Hot.Sweat.Wet. I’ve had it on repeat! How did this great song come about?
First off thank you for the opportunity, and when I came up with this song it came from a jam session that I put together and recorded in Miami with my friends (Cat Shell, Lucian White on vocals Jesse McGinty on saxophone, David Chiverton on drums, Papayo on percussion, Dwayne Bennet on the Keys, Chad Bernstein on Trombone, Roosevelt Collier on steel guitar and Dener Ciede on guitar) Every song that I'll be putting out with this style will all be coming from this jam session. Everything was made on the spot -Just one take!

Wow, that’s pretty impressive! What did you want the listeners to take away from the single?
At the time it felt like a summer vibe. In Miami there’s a lot of rain along with sunshine. It’s hot, sweaty and also wet along with a cool vibe.

Ah I get it even more now. It’s a really catchy vibe…
Thank you! I have another one (single) coming out. It’s called SUGA. That one is going to be on fire. It will be coming out soon. I’ll keep you posted.

Absolutely thank you! I hear you have your own new album on the way?  Is that right?
Yes there is! I don't have a date yet but I’ll let you know.

Ok alright, we’ll talk more about that soon?
Yes for sure! (laughs)

Speaking of albums, what albums did you grow up listening to?
Earth Wind and Fire, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, The Beatles. A whole mix. I grew up with a lot of them! (laughs) Just good music. Country music like George Jones and Hank Williams. It’s all a mix.

When did you realise you wanted to pursue a career in music? 
I think when I was in Elementary. I knew I wanted to be in the Arts. That was in my head since I was a little kid. Even before I was playing the guitar I knew I wanted to do music and the Arts.

Did you have anyone in the family that was musical?
Yes my dad, he plays the guitar enough to be able to teach me.

Do you both still jam together, you and your dad?
Oh yes we definitely jam together (laughs) My dad loves it when I come over and jam with him. With him I play a lot of Country.

Who else inspires you? 
So many, Bob Marley is definitely one of them - the positivity. That’s why I like Pit so much, he’s so positive all the time and hard working. I learn so much from him just being around him all the time. A great guy and also a friend.

More recently you co-produced We Are Strong Pitbull's Climate Change album. One of my favourite tracks on the album. For those who may not be familiar, tell us more about other productions you've been involved in
I was part of Manos Pa’rriba (Echa Pa’lla). Me and Papayo wrote it with Pitbull. I have another four to five songs coming out on Pitbull’s upcoming new Spanish album. You guys are going to love that one! Coming out next year first or second quarter. I’ve also worked with Frito Blanko, Fuego and Sensato’s Que Lo Que on Pitbull’s Dale the Album - That rhythm is called Punta!

You’ve been around quite a bit working away!
I’m addicted to work!

Sounds like it, just like the ‘Boss’ hey!
Yes (laughs)

Are there any other artists or musicians you would like to collaborate with?
Ozuna for sure, on the Spanish side. On the English side I’d love to work with Rihanna and Taylor Swift - she’s a great songwriter, performer and all rounder.

From being a bassist, expanding to co-producing, being an artist and writing - what is it you enjoy the most?
I started writing before I was a bass player so that’s where my heart is at. Writing and producing. Then I play bass for fun (both laugh)
Between what seems like non-stop shows, how do you find the time to create and produce in between?
Whenever I get to my hotel room that’s when I start. I’m looking at my laptop and little set up right now as I’m talking to you and getting it ready to start working. Anytime between the stage and sound checks, I’m working. While everybody else is sleeping you got to work. It’s the only way you’re going to get ahead.
Do you have a particular guitar brand or piece of equipment that you like to use on stage?
The bass I like to use is ZON.

Going back to family, you and your brother artist Alejandro Brooks wrote and performed a song together for your mum on Mother's Day in church together, how old were you?
Oh yeah (laughs) how do you know about that? I was eleven years old that’s the first song I wrote for my mom especially for Mother's Day.

Can I persuade you to give us few lines…? 
Happy Mother’s Day Ma……
Happy Mother’s Day Ma……
And I looooove you..
No one can replace you Ma…..
And none will…..
Ha-py Mo-ther’s Day.

That is a really cute song, thank you for giving us a few lines

It sounds REALLY busy being Leo Brooks to say the least! How do you unwind and relax? 
After a work out I go to the steam room and after that I just listen to some music and as I’m listening to music I start getting ideas. Keep working! I just can’t keep still (laughs)

…And I see you’re also a bit of a fisherman!
Oh yea! We’re in Corpus Christi right now and I’m overlooking the ocean thinking about fishing (laughs)

I’ll let you get to the ocean very soon! But if the Pitbull Girls were coming round for dinner what would be on the menu after a day's catch, Leo? 
Something quick! We can throw some fish tacos, Mexican style. Keep it simple and good (laughs)

Nice! Back to Mr Worldwide, Pitbull is full of wisdom. Is there any valuable advice he has shared with you?
Always have vision, to believe in your dreams, never give up and try to outwork everybody.

One of my favourite moments I look forward to at a concert is watching you and Pitbull guitar and air-guitar together. Just when you feel it’s not possible to go any higher, you and Pitbull take the energy to the next level. Thank you for that. It’s one of the most touching and connecting parts of the show for me and I’m sure for many other fans too
Thank you, for me too.

And you get to do it almost every night!
I’m very grateful. Thank you.

Thank YOU both for giving us that moment
Oh it’s our pleasure!

Do you think he might be ready to handle your guitar for real sometime? 

(Both laughing) I want to know if you’re going to hand over your guitar one day
We’ll just have some extra guitars and give away one to him.

You got to make sure Pit’s trained properly or he’ll mess up your set - I’m just kidding!
(both laugh)

Are there any funny or disruptive situations encountered on tour with Pitbull?
(Laughs) This one time we were in Spain and I was sleeping and these guys decided to get a room key to my room and get a huge bucket of water while I was sleeping and just threw gallons of water on top of me! I went crazy on the Bell Man, I made them replace the whole bed, I said “why did you give them a key!?” But I got them back. I was sleeping so good and the next thing I knew I was completely soaked!

Oh! What! When you say ‘these’ guys? Who are ‘these' guys? The Agents?
Yep the Agents and Will Madeira (Pitbull’s Front of House and Studio Engineer)
Moving onto the next question, is there a pinnacle moment in your career so far?
Winning the Grammy with Pit. When we won the Latin Grammys for Best Urban Performance for Echa Pa’lla (Manos Pa'rriba) in 2013 and then the English Grammys 2016 for Best Latin Rock, Urban or Alternative Album for Dale the album that was crazy! I know there’s more to come.

What’s up next?
There’s a couple of more shows coming up and then a couple more one off shows and after that we start working on Pitbull’s new Spanish album that’s coming out and start knocking out more songs. December is a recording month for the team and Pit.

Great I’m looking forward to that! It’s been an honour and a real pleasure talking to you Leo. Thank you for the opportunity and all the best for the future projects coming up


Friday, 15 December 2017

Muévelo Loca Boom Boom !

BoOm! Can’t stop, won’t stop playing Pitbull’s new single Muévelo Loca Boom Boom. The snippet of the song had me hooked since October when Pitbull teased us a few months ago at the Latin American Music Awards, craving to hear more!

Another infectious, high-energy banger from Mr Worldwide. That Friday feeling just got taken to the next level with a simple but effective chorus and captivating hook.  A track with global appeal – hold tight world and don’t worry if you don’t speak Spanish as ‘Pitbull will put the Spanish in you.’

A much welcomed assault and loss of control of my hips and invasion to the ears from all directions straight off from press play!

From being a dancefloor filler as Pitbull says “All up in the club like..”  To being staple in recent Zumba choreography, here’s hoping it’s heard somewhere on the ocean between Miami and the Bahamas on the Pitbull Cruise 2018 too.

Single cover a Pitbull ripping off the bikini bottoms to bare that culo – very fitting!

Out everywhere! Google Play, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify to constantly ringing in my head!..BoOM BoOM, dale mamacitaaaaaa..BoOm BoOM



A 'Greatest Hits' album typically consists of  old reasonably 'aged' songs. Yet this Bad Man made his own 'playbook with no rules in it' and switched that up by adding fairly new Jungle and then Locas - another upbeat song with a collaboration with Lil' Jon to long standing fans delight.

The album consists of a thank you message to his family, friends, Team Pitbull, Board of Directors and the fans. A message beautifully entwined with his original accomplished seven year plan and beyond. Along with credits to producers, photography and more (see image below)

Some may argue that it's an 'unfinished' Greatest Hits album as there are so many iconic great hits spinning back to the M.I.A.M.I and Rebelution era in particular, another side may point out that the Greatest Hits album speaks to a broader and 'party fuelled' audience. Either way it's packed with hit after hit to dance down memory lane. Greatest Hits? Pitbull Greatest Party Anthem Hits! Dale!

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Tuesday, 21 November 2017


We all know Pitbull has a thing for a capacious Culo! From the iconic CULO from M.I.A.M.I with “Mami got thighs like Trina and JLO” to connecting the famous JLO derrière again on a twist on Ain’t It Funny as Mr Worldwide swoops in with “It must be the ass that got me like...damn!”

Produced by Pitbull’s very own DJ Chino Mucho Culo featuring Farruko and El Micha Mucho Culo brings a Latin spin on Trap, dropping an infectious, Southern flavoured dirty beat. Bringing delight to the ear of an old school Pitbull fan, capable of probably sliding easily into his first album somewhere near Dammit Man and being current too and holding its own with potential as being timeless.

Different beat, different style, different Mr Worldwide and vibe but overall a welcomed one!

A head bopper in the clubs to an in the car ‘belt outer’. Watch out Mucho Culo the song is aqui preview it on DJ City!

Friday, 10 November 2017


BOOM! That’s just how Jungle by Pitbull and Stereotype Ft. E-40 & Abraham Mateo smacked me on the first few bars. Now move on over Bruno Mars ( that’s the rhyme I’m making up and going on with this one!)

I was going to wait until Pitbull's upcoming album the Greatest Hits release on December the 1st before I open my cake hole but oh well, it’s too good to hold off on!

A very meaty funky, R’n’B, a little hiphoppy track.

The Devil knows Pitbull has got no number from We Run The Night and now Mr Worldwide is telling everyone he is way hotter than the man in horns too.

A justified stab at rappers ‘empty’ lyrics with no substance let alone style (or all fur coat and no knickers as the phrase goes here in England) Pitbull knows what he is talking about in his rhymes.
Talk about it be about it and do things to add value to the community and create opportunities for education through building SLAM schools. With that said, one of my favourite lyric stings is “Yeah, these boys rap but they say a whole lot of nada, Me, I’m building schools from Miami to Nevada”

Pitbull calls Miami the ‘pineapple’ and looking at the attention grabbing single cover design we can certainly see where he likes to strategically place the pineapple or interpret it as eating it from the roota to the toota, no we’re not just talking pineapples but it just got a little fruitier as Mr Education still wants to ‘school ya’ with his manhood (that’s a rare reference these days!) reference to it being probably as straight up measured in inches like a ruler “I'm sick Pit ruler, let a slip d*ck through ya” and without mincing any words “Who the who, who the what, who's f**king you. That would be me, P-I-T”

Abraham Mateo kills it on the chorus to encourage you to kick in that animal instinct and not be afraid to behave like one and shake what your mama gave you

E-40 says “Now if you came with your man, leave him over there” then that is exactly what Pitbull Girls need to do!

A great combination of collaborators that really complement each other on this great song.
If you don’t want to get up and dance soon as the beat kicks in, well then there’s something wrong with you, now get up and shake what your mama gave you!


Friday, 27 October 2017


Still making history and still receiving ‘first ever’ awards. There probably wasn’t a dry eye in the house and behind the TV screens (mine included) for the build up to Pitbull’s performance with history of his career and again when Pitbull made his acceptance speech at being awarded the first ever Latin AMA Dick Clark Achievement Award. An award that recognises not only the dedication to music by an artist but also the manner in which they use their position to positively influence and inspire those in need and see the bigger picture that comes with a sense of ‘social responsibility’ that comes with fame and fortune. That is not visible to all in a similar position. 

Who better to present the award than Mr Worldwide’s serial partner in rhyme Enrique Iglesias. Congratulations Armando on receiving this award and all that you do to for the community and inspiration, motivation, leading by example in all contexts and the nature of which cascades over to fandom.

Pitbull performed a bumper pack of old and new songs including Don’t Stop The Party and a sneaky peaky at Boom Boom Muevelo (Boom Boom! Dale mamacita!) which I can’t wait to hear the rest of. It may be near Halloween but there were no tricks just treats as Pitbull and Fifth Harmony thrilled us with the premiere of the brand new sizzler Por Favor. Without further ado let’s get our teeth stuck into the new song!

Locked in from the intro with the strings plucking away throughout. Por Favor is a sultry, sexy, Spanglish sizzler with a ‘get in your head’ kind of rhythm. Even if you don’t know Spanish, as Pitbull has said in the old school days, Pitbull will ‘put the Spanish in you’ along with Fifth Harmony with ‘Por Favor’ and a chorus that anyone can join in and understand.

Call him Mr Education or call him Mr Crazy Sexy Cool (even beautiful, sexy, sophisticated!) Pitbull slips in another homage to TLC again and seems like Mr Worldwide is having a ‘Good Time’ on this track too as he opens up with “I already seen you, mami, need a TLC (yeah), And I ain't too proud to
beg just like TLC” Seeing another side in his rhymes of rather than HIM being in control and what he will do to being the one begging what and how he wants it done to him with “Por favor, mami, me lo merezco, pretty, please” How the power switches, and then back again. Always the gentleman with please and thank you, Armando Bond shows good manners don’t cost a thing and conversely it can sway him to do anything if you say Por Favor. 

A bit of French kissing, bit of Paris, more innuendo’s 

Pitbull fans, ven aqui! Without ANY spoilers on the emotional and moving MUST WATCH acceptance speech and Por Favor debut below (Telmundo). Loving the suit jacket Pitbull by the way!

Wednesday, 27 September 2017


"I’m from the Dirty(South) but that Chico nice” As I ride through the waves of social media I can almost ‘Feel This Moment’ where hearts of fans and those beyond melt. ‘Nice’ just doesn’t seem to be a word good enough to express the kindness of Mr 305- Worldwide who is allowing the use of his private plane to bring cancer patients from Puerto Rico into the USA for treatment. 

Puerto Rico which has been devastated and hit very hard by the merciless Hurricane Irma, leaves majority of the island and of course including hospitals, with a lack of power.  Donations of millions are fantastic but in steps Mr Worldwide who in my eyes may as well be wearing a cape with his suit to lend his jet to bring patients over for life saving treatments.

Pitbull tells the Daily News “Thank God we’re blessed to help. Just doing my part” 

"Thank you @pitbull for lending your private plane to move cancer patients from PR to USA so that they can get chemo," Tweeted Puerto Rico congresswoman Jenniffer Gonzalez.

Humble, Kind, full of humanity and practical in his actions too. Armando doing it for the cause not for applause. Not making a song and dance or grand announcement - leave that to the fans who shout from the roof tops with pride! Could we be any more proud of Armando? Could we love him anymore ? Is that even possible? God bless Armando. Always giving back and in thoughtful, practical ways. Reaching goals, wealth and success is more meaningful when it's put to good use and helping others out as they say.

Pitbull is also a part of Somo Una Voz, set up by Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony with alliance of artists working together to send help where recent disasters have occurred. Visit to find out more & how to donate.


Thursday, 22 June 2017


The party never stops in Pitbull’s hometown of Miami! The latest news is that the Legendary DJ Laz is the opening AND closing act at Sushi Sake with supporting talent Voli Vodka 305. The pimp with a limp will be spinning the hottest  tunes either side of the ‘PitRique’ concert at the American Airlines Arena nearby on Fri 23rd June at what is known as ‘one of the Best Sushi Restaurants on the rise serving South Florida.’

The pre and post party has got Pitbull written all over it. Not only does it have Pitbull’s Uncle on the decks but the event is also sponsored by Mr305-Worldwide’s Voli Vodka 305 which means that you can get a good mix of drinks made from this unique ‘305-grown’ vodka - iLov that!  

Endless Voli Vodka flowing, you have DJ Laz THE BEST RADIO PERSONALITY FOR BEST OF MIAMI 2017 (The Miami New Times), Voli and good food. What’s there to think about. ‘Don’t Stop The Party’ Dale!

Sushi Sake, 900 Biscyane Blvd
5-7pm THEN go see Pitbull and Enrique across the road and start up the party again at 11-1am

Voli Vodka 305 Over 21's Only

Monday, 19 June 2017


Attention all Pitbull and Enrique Iglesias fans! Are you going to the 'PitRique' concert on June 23rd Miami, American Airlines Arena? 

Hard Rock Cafe Miami are holding their very own pre-concert party. Take advantage of the SPECIAL one off 25% discount to purchase the Hard Rock Heals Mr World Wide Signature Series collection FOR THIS DAY ONLY. 15% of each T-shirt purchased goes towards the SLAM Foundation to re-engage a new generation of kids into education.

Do your bit for education with 'Mr Education' and get your discounted Mr World Wide Tee! As Pitbull says 'Don't Stop The Party' so let's START the party at Hard Rock Miami, have fun and help make a difference towards education with SLAM. Details as below. Dale!

When:   Fri 23rd June 2017
Where: 401 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132 ( Bayside Marketplace)
Time:    4:00 - Close

Whats on offer:

  • Food and drink special purchase offers 
  • Live DJ ( including Latin/Reggaeton)
  • SPECIAL PURCHASE Mr Worldwide T shirts 25% off to $20.63 per T-shirt - do your bit towards education

FREE ENTRY TICKETS & Further Details Visit:

** Image Below created/sourced from Hard Rock Miami / Image above: various sources
** Note: This is not an official Pitbull event

Friday, 16 June 2017


Congratulations to Pitbull who was awarded the first ever Songwriter’s Hall of Fame Global Ambassador Award. An award not given out lightly or as often but to those who have earned a "true worldwide appeal, crossing genre, cultural and national boundaries". Pitbull has done all of these. Crossed countless genres that his music fits into so easily, bringing different genres together in one song, connecting rhymes and music that speaks to the globe (and not just the street or block) regardless of culture and breaking through language barriers. With that said, in a nutshell capturing a wider audience and global appeal. 

There is so much DEPTH, truth, fun, word-play, innuendos, links from one phrase to another and double-meanings that your ears and mind have to be fully open to catch in Pitbull’s writing in a blink. There are just far too many favourites to highlight.

I never listened to lyrics until I met Pitbull’s rhymes, and I have told him that too. The day I discovered CULO video and the M.I.A.M.I album is etched into my with memory with vivid visuals like it was yesterday.

As I continue to tell and educate my friends still today. It’s not just the party, girls with a signature ‘Dale’ and the more commercial and wider audience chart money-spinner songs you need to listen to. Dig deep. Deeper into many other songs. There is a message that resonates with all. Pitbull’s lyrics for me personally has had a positive effect and lifted me out dealing with a personal tragedy by giving an escape, hope and positive mind set, drive and direction since. As with many other fans out there. 

With the vision “It’s all about the global movement. It being a global market. Making global music”, Pitbull did make that ‘big splash then the ripple effect’ all across the world. Pitbull plays and reaches ‘across the world’ and changes the ‘Climate’ in music time after time. They don’t call him Mr Worldwide for nothing…he earned that….

Very much deserved! Congratulations and thank you Pitbull for the  inspirational, motivational, uplifting, fun messages in your song writing. From the ones that stop me in my tracks to think to the ones that make me chuckle out loud.


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Friday, 21 April 2017


Directed by a 'Pitbull video favourite ' David Rousseau, the video opens with a mix of shots of rehearsals in LA with The Most Bad Ones counting down moves and going through choreography. To Pitbull, Robin Thicke, Joe Perry and Travis Barker pulling up to join them.

But not before grabbing a shot of the four sitting by the steps on the stage as the rock star photographer himself, Greg Watermann took.

The video flips from shots of performance rehearsals, LA streets, street art to dancing on water in the famous Bellagio Hotel fountain where like true rock stars they throw the guitars in the water. Cascading the theme on from their commercial for the NBA last year and joined by The Most Bad Ones at the famous Las Vegas spot. Don’t stop the party and let it roll onto a private jet with Robin Thicke, Joe Perry and Travis Barker and The Most Bad Ones in the air.

At forty-five thousand feet you think Pit cares about the weather? Maybe in another song and maybe just a little. Everyday above ground is a great day as Mr Worldwide may say and what better way to party than in the air where Pitbull finally getting his hands on a real guitar in the air after so much practice air guitaring with Leo Brooks at concerts. Even Michelle Burgoss Colon has a go at lip synching in the background "Come and get it girl" with a cup no doubt and Voli in hand? While the girls get wild partying it's left to the fellas for some pampering for a do-it-yourself manicure like Joe Perry with a knife. Not long after to arrive at their destination Premier Lo Nuestro in Miami -  assuming what the rehearsals earlier were for!

A varied video than the norm with music faded put to capture dialogue. A behind the scenes 'real' feel to it. Pitbull has a playbook with no rules to it and neither does this video and it works. Not bad for a little Miami boy hey chico!



Tuesday, 11 April 2017


When in Miami, hop from one place to another and check out how each place shows how 'iLov Voli’ in their own unique way!

The Voli Hop reminded me a lot of how Pitbull’s music is genre-less or jumps from one to another without being boxed into a particular category. Similarly as we visited the venues that offer the newly branded Voli 305 Vodka, each one was different from the other. Different area, different clientele, different style, different cuisine, different ambiance. With one thing in common that crosses all the tastes in the establishments. Voli 305 Vodka.

The bold, clean, bright, red, white and black branding stands out from the rest on the shelves. The new design has a more personalised look with Mr Worldwide’s tattoo on the bottle, the design also feels very ‘approachable’ and fun. Just like Pitbull. With an added personal touch of Pitbull’s signature and also signed off by Matt Malone (Master Distiller), the vodka is now handmade IN Miami with its own distillery in the 305. Flip the name and bottle around and we have #iLov as Voli flipped back to front as part of its slogan and putting a stamp on its own social media hashtag trend upon the relaunch.

Without further a-do, off fellow #PitbullGirl, Bertie and I went to explore some of the Voli 305 Vodka hot spots in Miami.

The Sugar Factory, Ocean Drive

Let go and entertain that inner child like a kid in a candy store – very literally!

It is Insane! Like a fantasy land outside and goes deeper hidden inside Hotel Victor on Ocean Drive. A novelty place from brightly coloured candy and ice creams to a classy and affordable American themed brasserie and bar area at the back. New age ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ is what sprung to mind! Something far beyond the imagination from savory to sweet from salads, pancakes, mac cheese balls, quesadillas, crepes and burgers to snow cones, inventive ice creams, world famous Couture Pops drawing in various celebrities to milkshakes with chocolate you can scrape off from the outside of the glass to consume outside to within.

Aside from the creative food and desserts the Sugar Factory is renowned for its range of flavoured alcohol and candy garnished drinks and we were here to sample what magic the Sugar Factory does with Mr Worldwide’s Voli 305 Vodka in light of their partnership with this ‘wonderland’ restaurant.  

One of the Sugar Factory’s Unique Selling Point’s is its premium cocktail Goblets. Which may also be viewed as a fishbowl or industrial sized wine glass with chunks of dry ice which is what makes the drinks steam and bubble and its size to what feels like a bottomless drink.

The bar staff were very welcoming, friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable about their products. Thank you to Jose Mayora and especially Chris Montoya who spoke to us about the popularity of Voli 305 Vodka and demonstrated making some captivating Voli 305 Vodka infused Goblets in the videos below. Video 1 is a demonstration of the delectable and mesmerising Passion Punch Goblet made from Voli 305 Vodka. Sweet, easy to drink, definitely has punch to it and watch the Voli make it steam as cool as the vodka itself is! Video 2 is the second demonstration is the Voli 305 Vodka within the Energy Bear Goblet, garnished with gummy bears of course!

The experience of making these goblets are both as exciting and thrilling to watch as well as to drink.

Passion Punch

Energy Bear

114 Ocean Drive, Miami, FL 33139

The Globe

Family owned since 1997, sees The Globe celebrate 20 years in the heart of the Coral Gables. With a classic European vibe incorporated into its surroundings, the Globe is very welcoming, lively and has a grand piano as decor amongst crystal chandeliers and beautiful old paintings.

True to some of its 'Euro flair' it wasn't so long ago that The Globe held a St Patricks Day party sponsored by Voli 305 Vodka.

Two whole shelves vertically dedicated solely to Voli 305 Vodka prominently draws attention to the strong and clear presence of the brand. Think deeper and see how the 'globe' on the Voli 305 Vodka bottles go beautifully hand in hand with real life, different sized globes which sit horizontally on top of the adjoining central bottle shelf. 

Come to think of it. The Globe, the globe bottle design derived from Pitbull's tattoo, Pitbull with the globe in the palm of his hand, global domination and the connections go on as the penny drops when thinking from an in-depth view.

Lovely staff and management. Thank you so very much for everything during our visit.

A must visit and their delicious Voli 305 Vodka pineapple and (not or, but and) apple martini are the ones to ask for in this unique charming place known for its lively happy hours, Live Jazz music and spilling the ambiance outside with its al fresco seating.

377 Alhambra Circle, Coral Gables, FL 33134

Christy's Restaurant  
Known as Miami's premier Steakhouse, the iconic Christy's located in the Coral Gables for over 38 years is classy, with a little club feel. Elegant, wood panel decorated, soft-red lit, inviting, relaxing and relevant. Attracting a range of clientele. Where the service and staff are renowned for being friendly and customer-centric as well as their mouthwatering menu. 

Thank you General Manager Richard Legra who kindly spoke to us with his team about the passion and popularity of the Voli 305 Vodka especially as part of a mean Capiroska! With further excitement about a very specific Voli 305 Vodka cocktail going on the drinks menu as 'La Palmita' comprised of: 

2 oz Voli 305 Vodka, 1 oz Simple Syrup, 1/2 Lemon, 1/2 Lime, 1 oz (cantaloupe) melon juice. Garnished with orange slices carefully placed to resemble a palm tree. Translate to La Palmita! 

Book a table at this divine dining place for a Voli 305 Vodka champion cocktail and bespoke-beyond. I've heard their Caesar Salad and show stopping Baked Alaska are a must try for my next visit. Looking forward to more on the Voli 305 Vodka upcoming La Palmita in the near future.

3101 Ponce de Leon Blvd, Miami, FL 33134


Upon entering, I'm taken aback by Komodo's enchanting ambiance and can't help but follow as my eyes dart from one corner to another discovering new details along the way. 

Komodo is situated in the heart of Miami's thriving Brickell area and takes Asian fusion to the next level. Dim red lighting, giant red palm leaves overhead by the bar area, bamboo tree trunks floor to ceiling disguised as part of the structure carefully carved designs to let out a soft red light. To another carefully blended atmosphere with an outdoor oriental garden-like dining area. The venue also has an more intimate lounge area with a DJ and bar area that awakens Thursday to Saturday evenings. 

Accompanied by some delicious Dragon Fries we cleansed our palette with a Ginger Passionfruit Mule and Watermelon Basil Mojito the latter which uses fresh watermelon. Both made from Voli 305 Vodka and equally refreshing, moreish and very flavoursome. Our drinks were created by 'Jaime' who talked about his passion for Voli 305 Vodka and how it's the ‘go-to vodka’ for his creations. Thank you and Manager Mark for talking to us. Another must visit place when in Miami.

801 Brickell Ave Miami FL 33131

Ruth Chris Steak House

Ruth Chris Steak House is a casual yet stylish restaurant that feels familiar and at home at the same time.  Carpeted and with what looks like an endless finely finished bookshelf with their wide range of wines also in the cabinet that goes on forever and around corners, the restaurant allows you to dine off their appealing menu and sample what the restaurant is known for, their custom-aged USDA Prime midwestern beef customised further to how the customer wants the flavour or simply sit and enjoy a drink at the bar. 

We sampled the Voli and Soda and Voli Bloody Mary and it was very bloody strong might I add but very scrummy too. Another popular one is just as Pitbull may have it, on the rocks with lime.

2320 Salzedo Street, Coral Gables, FL 33134

La Fontana Havana

The vibrant Espaniola Way is where La Fontana Havana is located. A restaurant which has taken inspiration from the famous La Fontana Havana in Havana, Cuba. Very authentic, draped Cuban flags and photographs on the wall with a fuss-free feeling.

Voli 305 Vodka is how you like it, simply ask to create- and they will create!

512 Espanola Way, Miami Beach, FL 33139

So there you have it, just some of the most characteristic and charismatic places to add on the list of places to visit to get your favourite Voli 305 Vodka infused tipple! 

With thanks for a great adventure and shared photo credits to @247Pitbull