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Thursday, 1 December 2016


"This is my personal favorite, and it's one step closer to freedom – CUBA LIBRE. I wanted to pay a sensorial tribute to my family heritage. Cuba is warm, sexy and vibrant. It's designed for confident individuals who flirt with the unknown." Says Armando on the launch of his new range of fragrance line Pitbull Cuba.

As Mr Worldwide launches this particular range. The timing couldn’t have been better in light of recent events in Cuba. Could it be a little whiff of freedom?

As Pitbull’s brand extension Cuba Man features ‘top notes of rosemary, bergamot, lemon and cardamom, highlighted by jasmine, coriander and oakmoss. Dry notes of tonka bean, cedarwood and musk round out this aromatic blend’

Cuba Woman is said to be designed for the’seductress hidden within and takes your breath away with a mesmerizing balance of citrus fruit and floral notes. Bergamot, mandarin, pomelo and white pineapple compose the top notes, while rich orange flower, magnolia, freesia and mimosa blossoms round it out. Finishing touches of soft amber, warm blonde woods and layered musks polish out the intoxicating fragrance’ Sounds a bit like Pitbull's kind of woman.

The fragrances ooze the vibrancy, sultriness, culture and heritage coming out of Cuba. Not only IN the bottle but OUTSIDE too. In consistency with Pitbull’s original design of bottle, this sky scraper, ‘shard-like’ shape and identity has been carried through this brand extension of the Pitbull range of fragrances. With a clear presence of the Cuban flag on both male and female bottles and boxes (long set of pins on the female ones- don’t get distracted and get the wrong one fellas!). I will allow the images of the vibrant packaging which colourfully stands out from the current range, and arrests the eyes do the rest of the talking.

The range will is available exclusively at Perfumania.com

Can’t wait to try the new female scent. Very curious!. Now – Where’ a Cuban Man when you want to smell?

Sunday, 27 November 2016

Pitbull's Song "Ya Se Acabo" comes back 10 years later

Ding dong the witch is dead, wait that's Wizard of Oz. It's Fidel Castro (no explanation required) who has left the planet, which sees the song Ya Se Acabo released after a decade. Over to you AER Management:

Pitbull's Song "Ya Se Acabo" comes back 10 years later after Cuba's President Fidel Castro dies.

Ya Se Acabo!! It's over!! It began 10 years ago! In July 2006, Cuban Americans in Miami, Florida got their first hope that Fidel Castro was assumed dead.

Most Cubans took to the streets of Miami hoping that it would all be over. While reaching out to engineer/producer Adrian "Drop" Santalla,Pitbull had a vision of taking the record Chango from Latin Express to reproduce this sound. When Pitbull gave him a call to finish the record, Drop was at his brothers's wake, thus Pitbull dedicating the first few seconds of the record, screaming out "This goes out to DROP's older brother Raul Garcia!" Drop and Pitbull organized a masterpiece for the Cuban people, it had the recipe for the anthem, a voice for the Cuban people.

"Ya Se Acabo" was released in all local radio stations in Miami, DJ Laz and Power 96 being the number one advocates. It was short-lived when news broke that Castro was still alive.

Now almost 10 years later, this song is perfectly suited for what just happened on Friday November 25, 2016 with Cuba's President Fidel Castro's death.

(Source AER Management)

Monday, 21 November 2016


Who says you ‘Can’t Have’ a taste of Climate Change before 2017? The song titled just that ‘Can’t have’ which  Mr Worldwide believes that everyone can relate to has arrived. Can’t Have with Steven A Clark and Ape Drums spread goose bumps up my arms quicker than you could say Climate Change, as I listened to this deep, reflective, from the heart song for the first time. Pitbull has also previously said that the song is all about appreciation,

Written while Pitbull was looking out to Central Park from his hotel room you just know the big patch of greenery and grassland in Central Park is not the only inspiration and reason for the rhyme and title of this song when he says “The grass looks greener on the other side. ‘till you get to the other side”  Playing devil’s advocate trying to decipher Pitbull’s rhymes, could it be that having got to the other side in his career that there are patches of the grass that are not so green as they looked from afar? That there are different kind of sacrifices that have to be made by default and not out of choice compared to being back on the other side of the fence while still hustling to make it. Appreciating both sides of the grass. Always wanting what you can’t have, the grass looking greener, getting to the other side of the grass, realise there are different sacrifices on the different sides but at the same time can’t dwell on that focus on the bigger picture and keep going with hunger and drive to take it to the next level. "First we make the sandwich (Miami Subs Grill?) then we own the restaurant (30Sinco one Pitbull restaurant coming up!)”. Going onto “First we clean houses now we own all the houses on the block- not  bad for some immigrants” I guess we can say ‘Take that Trump!’

The juggernaut that is Pitbull can’t stop, won’t stop and keeps on going higher to get his footprints on the moon (But ‘where do we go from here?’) Just like Notorious B.I.G, Pitbull too thought 'It was all a dream' and that the 'sky was the limit' but now bearing the fruits of all the hard work. Pitbull said previously on Fuse “We will always be underdogs that’s why it’s so special to me. It stands for a lot” Too right. It’s always the underdogs you have to keep your third eye on, looking out for that shoot to the surface moment to amaze with their achievements and success. In this case the dog is a Pitbull. Rest of the players in the game look out, Pitbull won't kill you but he'll watch you die! Thought provoking, appreciating both sides of the grass, as always brain-tantalising lyrics and the clever way in which Pitbull puts them into the song and how it is delivered to our understanding.

The synth, drums, the build ups and come downs and the overall flow. On point. Can’t Have meeting my ears for the first time pulled me under, left me transfixed with curiosity and wonder as I followed the softer EDM flow and digested the rhymes. Magnetizing. Playing the air drums and keyboard during and long after the song has gone. The message and tone of the music match- perfect. Enjoy the music while going into even greater depths with the rhymes.

I guess we always want what we can’t have. Us fans wanted the full Climate Change album this side of the patch however, we have been given an early Christmas gift as a taster to address those impatient hunger pangs, so thank you Armando.

Here's some more food for thought from Mr Worldwide "If you don't know where you are from then you don't know where you are going....If you don't stand up for something, you'll fall for anything"



Friday, 11 November 2016


In a week of political events that has force fed much of America food for thought of why and what is happening, it looks like Pitbull’s timing is perfect to pull the ‘305’ out for a quick light relief over to the Dominican Republic at Casa de Campo.

With the announcement of a partnership to create a new restaurant in the corner of Marina Casa de Campo's Portofino Square, the menu is said to be a Latin-food lovers dream with a blend of Cuban (of course!), Puerto Rican and Venezuelan cuisine. The ambiance a reflection of Mr 305-Worldwide as modern, sexy and chic. The name? A great play on Pitbull’s home town Miami postcode (sorry zip code!) that needs no further explanation. Introducing  ‘30Sinco’ (Tres Cero Cinco) Mr Worldwide will be bringing more SIN into Casa de Campo.

Now..who’s hungry?

More details on PitbullUpdates

(Image 30Sinco & Pitbull)

Sunday, 6 November 2016


Watching Watching Pitbull receive the iHeart Premio Corazon Latino Award was what Mr Worldwide would refer to as entering a forced 'Feel This Moment' standstill. Armando's speech and emotions also visibly came from that place- the corazon. Tugging away at the strings of proud fan corazons worldwide.

Pitbull was presented with the award for creating opportunities with his Miami school SLAM (Sports Leadership and Management). From which the students had created a video highlighting all the work Pitbull has done with the school. Having been awarded this award Pitbull goes on saying his kids can't eat awards and awards don't mean anything to him BUT what it means to be somebody that can build a school in his own neighbourhood and give a future to kids that nobody believed in. That THIS award means the world to him. Before thanking his own high school teacher Hope Martinez publicly as the teacher who believed in him.

As Armando wears his heart on his sleeve and is not afraid to show it. That is what makes him so beautiful. The speech was very moving to say the least and probably the second time as a fan I have seen his eyes well up with so much emotion as he spoke about SLAM and opportunities.

So Armando speaking from my corazon and possibly many other fans to yours, I have no more words (and I can talk for England) that could do justice to the work, love and dedication you have given to create opportunities and believe in kids. I wish every place, region, country were blessed with you to inspire, be encouraged to dream and materialise their goals. Mr Worldwide you have left me speechless. I am so incredibly proud of you (now stop making me cry as well!) Dale!

Con un corazón grande eso es Armando -Dale!

Find out more and click on SLAM Miami and SLAM Nevada


Thursday, 20 October 2016


Harassment? I think I may need to 'toss over' my dictionary to you Taylor Wing (Pop Sugar) What you need to understand about Pitbull is that it would have been in a complimentary, cheeky, fun and playful context for the way in which Jana Cramer's fiery performance had moved him -  which a sexy dance such as a tango intends to do. Throwing those moves, throw that dress over- you know he's into appreciating how a woman dresses and carries herself- sassy, classy and perhaps caught in the moment of appreciating women respectfully. I'm sure he wouldn't have meant get naked there and then on stage! I don't see any of the other panel or contestants offended so easily? Pitbull has more class than that and admiration for women, the work they do, strength and struggles some go through. Many of his lyrics reflect this. I'm happy to share some with you to enlighten you.

"It was sexy, it was powerful, it was lust..Great job GUYS" To some easy to slip the attention but he said GUYS plural praise to both male and female contestants. Are the story lines running thin to create a pathetic Donald Trump comparison and controversial situation.  Please look up harassment in the dictionary. It's an insult to Pitbull and the use of this word to individuals who genuinely go through this in life. Lighten up, look up the word humour and joke and have some fun. Thank you. Yes I am a woman as are the majority of his fans, I think that speaks volumes right there.


(Photo source ABC)

Saturday, 17 September 2016


Mr Mauricio Featuring Pitbull, Austin Mahone and Bobby Biscayne​ Bad Boyz screams Miami, smooth, sensual, sexy and full of facts of how a girl loves a bad boy and just can't leave them alone (we just don't know what's good for us ladies do we..hmm or do we?)

Austin Mahone glides us smoothly through the chorus while Bobby Biscayne and Mr Mauricio takes us through verses. Bad Man, Bad Boy - Pitbull is simply the Baddest of them all. Although "It's got a Scarface feel to it" In real life Pitbull realised soon enough that ending up like Tony Montana was not the right kind of 'Bad Boy' to be and in the song describes going "From thugs, goons and gangstas" (Welcome To Miami heeey!) " To doing business with attorneys, investors and bankers. Taking the negatives to a positive 'Bad Boy' if ever there was one. Pitbull moulded and created his own definition of the suited, booted, classy, educated, savvy bad boy and bad man over the years. Pitbull goes back with a little Jungle Fever on us because "​Not e​ven John Lennon could IMAGINE that" Amongst ​the ​other revisited verses from the original hit Mr Mauricio and Pitbull's Jam On It (2014)

A Pitbull rhyme with no women is a crime with "Menages they offer you know I'm all for that" Menage a trois, well, we all know Pitbull likes to have fun with two add Pitbull it's three-Un, deux, trois. Dale! Out September 23rd.

Source: Mr 305 Inc Youtube

Monday, 12 September 2016


Hey Bhaagwan ( Oh God) Cuba and America meets India! Jaldi karo chokras (hurry up fellas)- Because I can’t wait to hear how this one is going to sound

Harayan rapper Fazilpuria (Rahul Yadav) has shared that there is a collaboration with Pitbull is in the pipeline, as well as possible Bollywood projects.

The song is said to be, which is no surprise a ‘party number’ Party which is what India also loves to do a lot on a grand scale.

THIS I am looking forward to. Taking worldwide to another level. Click on the link below for more details.

(Source: TheBusinessStandard

Friday, 2 September 2016


SING IT NOW Turn that thang around....Turn that thang around...TURN THAT THANG AROUND and bring back some old school El Mariel Pitbull flavour and bailar como una descarada!  What a treat for old school Pitbull Fans.

Deorro (DJ Erick Orrosquieta) and Elvis Crespo had Mr Worldwide jump on their remix of Bailar with his own spin including chorus sampler from a personal favourite Descarada!  Merengue yourself away with this one, fist pump, salsa or move any way you like -  it's a flaming versatile remix!

As Pitbull says "you can try to forget but you can't delete it..."once your brain eat's this the song! Dale descarada! Dare you to try and sit still! Dale! Out today on iTunes

 Video Courtesy of PitbullUpdates.com

Friday, 19 August 2016


Red light! Green light! Pitbull, Flo Rida and Lunchmoney Lewis bring a little Fast 'n' Furious through the streets of their Miami as Flo and Pit race through the 305 in the new Green Light video. Directed by Gil Green who was also responsible for Time of Our Lives and Fun.
Baddies busting their fiercest moves in appropriately chequered flag themed outfits claiming the No.1 spot on each podium. Elsewhere Pitbull is killing it ahead of Flo on the streets in his race car  sponsored by SLAM of course before Flo and Pit both jump into a cadillac of their own - with en entourage if Bad Ones and other ladies in the back of course through some of the artistic streets of Miami (sped by too fast to spot but guessing Wynwood?)

NO VOLI in sight but that I guess is because you can't drink and drive kids! (Watch your umbrellas and phones ladies if you see the fellas speed by! There's a Party Patch though! And the last time we saw Pitbull in a cadillac was in the Ay Chico video)

Colourful, fast, furious, fun, Miami heat and some of the coolest cars
Added to the favourite Pitbull videos collection? That's a green light from me!

Dale EeeYAW!



Monday, 8 August 2016


Congratulations to Pitbull on receiving the SoundExchange Digital Radio Award which was given to Mr Worldwide in recognition for his ‘ outstanding popularity on digital radio’

Appreciating fans and listeners alike, Pitbull said "It's an honor to receive the SoundExchange Digital Radio Award," said Armando Christian Pérez … have to thank my fans and listeners around the world because without them there is no Pitbull audience, Dale!"

Still continuing to make history, Pitbull is the first Latin artist to receive such an honour, was presented with the award by Michael Huppe (pictured), the CEO and President of SoundExchange,

Artists need to pass one billion streams and Pitbull has collected over FOUR BILLION Performances on more than 2,500 digital radio services throughout the nation.


(Source & Image ) http://www.kxxv.com/story/32708426/pitbull-earns-prestigious-soundexchange-digital-radio-award

Thursday, 21 July 2016


They say good things come in three and what better than a trio of talented Miami fellas on one hell of a contagious track?

Mr 305 - Worldwide with Mr International Flo Rida and Lunchmoney Lewis beam out Green Light off Pitbull’s upcoming album Climate Change.

Lunchmoney Lewis owns the chorus which really hooks, grabs and takes it to the party level.

Pitbull grabs the intro and first verse telling mami’s what and how he’s going to do them. No messing around on this track as Pitbull gets straight to the point with “All I need Mami is for you to gimme
the green light so I can run through it like an easy pass. Find the G-spot and step on the gas!”  Among reference to famous names with “I’m getting loose in this thing, Like OJ the juice in this thing” While in a ‘tasteful’ reference to the late TLC member Lisa Left Eye Lopes burning her boyfriends house down “Feelin’ like Left Eye, boy I burn the roof in this thing!” Setting the roof on fire! I can only guess Pitbull is talking about his Uncle Luke (most likely the 2 Live Crew days!) when he says he feeling like Luke in this thing-getting the women all naked. While Flo Rida takes the second verse dropping Rhianna, and goes all Wimbledon on us with Venus and Serina.

Catchy, uplifting, smooth, light air-fist pumping party tune with a great hook. The sax right from the intro left me addicted to the track. So let’s party on! Red light, green light, everybody take a shot!”

Cover design: Moneypig.inc

Saturday, 16 July 2016


Reach for the stars and if you don't Pitbull will grab one of them on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and sit on top of the world. Think about it...Yesterday Pitbull had his achievements well and truly cemented in the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Well, it's about time! Thank you for seeing what fans and supporters have seen for all these years. Thank you for giving Armando his star. Armando's mum always said he was going to be a star and he grew up to be one of the brightest stars and now being handed a big one.

As a fan since the M.I.A.M.I days and watching Mr305-Worldwide grow in so many ways, I am so incredibly proud of you as are the rest of us fans and I am absolutely filled and brimming with joy and excitement for you.

Pitbull being a huge fan of the Queen of Salsa walked away with a pair of Celia Cruz's shoes as well as his star. The ceremony also had guest motivational speaker Tony Robbins as well as Uncle Luke and Lil Jon who had beautiful words about his 'Cuban Brother' with a touching speech and taking us back to old school and where it all began.

An emotional roller coaster to watch. I Don't think I've seen so many posts of his manager (Mike C) in a short space of time and smiling ear to ear either with one particular touching post of him holding Pitbull's star and saying how proud he was.

Congratulations Armando. Thank you for the music, inspiration and strength. Shine bright Armando, shine bright.

Watch the ceremony below-get the Kleenex out because it's sure to well your eyes up with pride, joy and love as Armando gets his star and makes an emotional speech. Giving us his everything as always.


Wednesday, 13 July 2016


If you wanna go somewhere exotic you only need go far as Pitbull's Vevo and watch the new video for Pitbull's song 'Sexy Beaches' featuring Chloe Angelides from his Globalization album. However, you have been warned that this may not be enough and intense after effects of an impulsive plane ticket purchase to Miami is a strong possibility!

The Sexy Beaches video opens with a softer Miami Vice style theme. In a helicopter, camera birds-eye view chasing the ripples in the ocean below until the waves crash the beach to look up and see the beach and beautiful hotels in the skyline.

On screen comes Pitbull the sexy stranger in the golden shimmery Fontaine Bleau lobby while the gorgeous Most Bad Ones make an entrance on the beach and messing around in the sand playfully throughout the video (swimwear line ladies? Ahem Pitbull another joint venture opportunity?)

Many shots at Miami's Eden Roc Hotel and it's poolside to the bar where Pitbull and the ladies pull up for some cocktails with yes, you've guessed it. Some of Pitbull's Voli Vodka subtly placed behind the bar. Where Mr 305-Worldwide enjoys some drinks with the baddies before he spots another lady at the bar popping up in more places than the bar) and off Pitbull wonders.

Snapshots of boats, what looks like Fisher Island, hotels representing the art deco era with the American flag, Fontaine Bleau to more subliminal strategic advertising with T-Shirts slogans 'We Own The Sun #LoveFL'  to again with Pitbull being the official tourism ambassador for Visit Florida fits perfectly and closes the with a lingering shot of #LoveFL drawn into the sand. It's all about the marketing.

Fun, happy, feel good and sexy video directed by favourite Pitbull video director David Rousseau showing the calm and relaxed side of Miami to suit all. So what are we waiting for? Let's go find those Sexy Beaches! Hotels!

Check out the links, images and video below and look out for the Pitbull Visit Florida Contest for trip to Miami and maybe even the Pitbull Cruise on his Vevo.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016


Grab your chance to see Pitbull! Join up with Seaters because they have got a seat for you!

Join up FOR FREE with the PITBULL FAN CLUB at Seaters.com/Pitbull

Select the green button on the right and become a fan like I did. Remember - Seaters.com have tickets at sponsor seat price (some currently at $15 on their waiting list. With these ticket prices almost everyone's budget is considered)

Check out the tickets where, when, how to see Pitbull.

Join up! RT, REPOST & Remember to TAG A FRIEND. Including the friend you want to take with you to see Mr Worldwide. Dale!

Sunday, 12 June 2016


Puerto Ricans in Paris, released on the 10th June of which 'Armando Christian Perez' better known to us fans as Pitbull is an Executive Producer.

The comedy film featuring Luis Guzman and Edgar Garcia who play undercover Puerto Rican New York cops that find themselves out of their element when they are summoned to Paris to find the criminal behind a theft of an exclusive designer bag blackmailing to create more counterfeit versions.

The film is more than a designer bag full of laughs and chuckles all the way through and even more funny and entertaining than I had originally anticipated from the trailers which were enough to hook me in. There were also a few 'Bad Boy' type of humour moments in tow with a lot of unexpected little side-twists and plots along side the main plot. Absolutely hilarious.

The story, twists, banter and jokes moved at a good fast pace with a good on-screen tongue-in-cheek chemistry between the two cops. It's almost as if Pitbull's humour, cheek and quick wit is coming through in the dialogue. However, there wasn't any blatant hints of any 'Pitbull' presence in producing the movie - there were no product placements or songs (until the end when the credits rolled up when Mami Mami featuring Fuego from Dale The Album popped up) or if at both ends of the film Executive Producer Armando Christian Perez was spotted. Armando spreads his wings into movie-land introducing his exceptional producing skills away from (even though I love that direction too) 'in your face' this is a Pitbull Production/ Producing and from a different angle.

Stick around till the end for uncut scenes for more laughs. A MUST watch film. A MUST watch more than once film! I will not spoil it with any more than the synopsis below. It's something to enjoy and discover for yourself! The film, directed by Ian Edelman also features Rosario Dawson and Rosie Perez check out the trailer and link below on how to watch.

Congratulations Armando on Executively Producing and being part of bringing us such a fun movie and looking forward to more films - Cubans in London perhaps?

(Thinking out loud "Heart is pure and his (Pitbull’s) head is very shiny" - wonder if Mr Worldwide get's a lot of bald head stroke requests too!)

Ramène-moi un sac Colette …Puerto Ricans in Paris? ..il est très amusant, hilarant! Et j’ai adore!!! ( I won't translate any numbers but what I meant was "Bring me Colette’s bag….Puerto Ricans in Paris?..It’s very funny and I love it!")


'This Hispanic comedy movie, executive produced by Pitbull and directed by Ian Edelman blends the corporate world of high-end fashion design and the action of police detectives. Starring Luis Guzman and Edgar Garcia as NYPD detectives that are requested to find a specially designed, pre-release purse that has been stolen in Paris. Rosario Dawson and Rosie Perez are our 2 heroes romantic partners adding in the flare of a romantic comedy while their detective personas bring in the flavor of an action movie with the comedic twist. Puerto Ricans in Paris is sure to make everyone laugh with the comedy antics of this great duo'

Wednesday, 25 May 2016


Opening with a pile of polaroids and if you look carefully at them we can get Pitbull and Enrique in 'motion'. 

Hotel rooms, hotel lobby, bubble baths. Model-esque women frolicking about deciding which one to mess around with ( will the one that's laying on the wooden flooring please make up her mind?!) you'd be forgiven for thinking it was a lingerie commercial.

Although women are Pitbull's biggest fan base the video seems to cater more for the blokes (or anyone else inclined to take a shine to the ladies!) However, as Pitbull says along the lines of 'each time he reaches a new audience means he's doing something right'. Let's hope the blokes take in more of the music and the rhymes aren't lost in the visuals.

It's no secret Pitbull loves women and that's why he has women (obviously) in all his videos, however there was a distinct lack of 'enjoyable' Pitbull and Enrique on screen chemistry and mischief for the ladies. Maybe too busy Messin' Around elsewhere!

I LOVE Pitbull but even I can't wear rose-tinted glasses on this one. Far from negativity-I see it as honesty and constructive food for thought. So with a heavy heart and I never thought the day would come, I'm sad to say without messin' around and getting straight to the point that I was beginning to lose interest in a Pitbull video. That is until I see a tall dark sexy figure in the background - That's a bottle of Voli being poured! Now I'm back in the room - pass some over here Chino!

Monday, 23 May 2016


Seems Pitbull just 'Can't Get Enough' of Becky G so Ole Ola here we go again with another football (soccer) song! Produced by Dr Luke, Mr Worldwide with Becky G as guest vocals present us with the official Copa America 2016 song, Superstar. 

A Becky G and Pitbull collaboration is fast becoming a favourite collaboration of mine. Becky G reminds me of a younger Pitbull 'vibe' and lyrical force.

Opening with his signature introduction "Mr Worldwide" and as always graciously introducing any collaborators, in this case " Becky G!" Amongst a stadium-filled cheering crowd atmosphere to draw us right into the centre of the pitch with the upbeat sounds about to hit our ears as Pitbull smacks us with encouragement and most likely also directed to the the players on the pitch "It's not how you fall it's how you get back up" Reflecting not only the spirit of the beautiful game but also his own life, attitude and values. A lyric which can also be heard on another favourite, off his Rebelution album, Can't Stop Me Now

Far from scoring an own goal, the song is full of Latin flavour which captures the fighting spirit and party essence yet with global audience appeal that is sure to hit right at the back of the net on radio stations globally - Goaaal!

The official song cover, produced by Monkey Pig Inc is simple, effective and catching where even the texture of the gold football jumps out of the picture. Superstar is expected to be available on online stores on the 27th May.

Click on the song cover to listen to the song exclusively at PitbullUpdates.com

On that note, Pitbull Fan Unleashed checking in - checking out, 16 Teams, 10 Cities, 2 Superstars, 1 song - Dale!

Friday, 13 May 2016


‘Javi Perez Road to Recovery 5K run/walk’ is in support of raising funds to aid the recovery of the Principal of South Dade Senior High School, Javier Perez who was unfortunately involved in a fatality with an SUV last month which left him in a very critical condition as a result. Principal Perez has made progress this week. However, there’s still a way to the road to full recovery and family, and friends and that includes a special person who also has education close to his heart, Pitbull, is on board and helping to promote the event with a special message to the principal.

Wishing Principal Perez a speedy recovery and all the best to everyone taking part in the event.

More details on how to register and about the event visit Javi Perez Road to Recovery 5K Run/Walk

and here to see Pitbull's message

* Video and image source: Javi Perez Road to Recovery 5K run/walk Facebook Page

Thursday, 12 May 2016


Just four days left to vote for Pitbull for Miami Herald's South Florida Visonary Award under the 305 Award category. Here's just some of the reasons WHY Pitbull deserves the award and WHY we should all vote!

Among so many greats, Pitbull is instrumental for his efforts and achievements in his home town of Miami. Iconic Pitbull IS the beacon for and from the 305. Mr 305 took the 305 worldwide by shining light in his city and DOING monumental things for and in his city and educating the world about the 305. Even has his birthday officially declared as PITBULL DAY in the 305 by the mayor of Miami. Without further a-do so we can get on with the voting - a quick run-down of just some of Armando's work in his home city.

Contribution to education by creating Chartered Sports Leadership and Management School SLAM 

Own music label created, brought from the 305 to the world Mr 305 Inc  

Technology Keynote speaker at Emerge Americas Miami to inspire and bring out innovation 

Contribution to local business via Miami Subs ownership 

Home of his own Voli Vodka (over 21's)  

Awareness and tourism contribution to the 305 via partnering up  with Visit Florida 

Creating more awareness globally with support of other iconic businesses like Mango's Tropical Café South Beach 

Bringing the New Years Eve Party TO the 305 with FOX Pitbull NYE Revolution from Bayfront Park

We don't necessarily need to be IN or FROM Miami to see what a huge contribution Pitbull has made to the region - besides most of us fans live in Miami in our heads most of the time anyway! So place your votes and let's get Pitbull the recognition he more than deserves. Thank you

Looking for something?