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Saturday, 26 September 2015


Having teamed up with Visit Florida last month as a partner and ambassador, Pitbull goes with the tourist board from Florida to Fulham. Always one for 'sharing and caring' Mr Worldwide spreads some sunshine into London with Visit Florida as the main sponsor of London's oldest football
Club- Fulham FC (soccer to my friends across the pond!)

Earlier Pitbull tweeted a photo of the Fulham kit with the number 305 (obviously!) on the back as a thank you to the club.

Joining up the dots for those scratching their heads at the Putney End and outside the club trying to working out what, why, how at this sponsorship could even be conceived?  Fulham FC's owner and Chairman Shahid Khan is also the owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars - Florida which is also his home and so seems like a natural alliance. (See what Shahid Khan and Chief Marketing Officer of Visit Florida Paul Phipps had to say about the sponsorship deal by clicking on the link below and find out more about Fulham Football Club)

See the Visit Florida distinctive blue logo on the players home, away and third kit- whether you're freezing and supporting the home team from the Riverside, Hammersmith or Johnny Haynes Stand as a reminder to book that holiday to a warm and sunny Florida where as Pitbull says are full of 'sexy beaches! Hotels!'  There will also be presence of Visit Florida on the roof of Fulham FC's home and stadium Craven Cottage at it's Riverside Stand end as well as on the landing approach from London’s Heathrow Airport.

In a twist to Mr Worldwide's lyrics "cooler than a polar bears toenails..come play with the big (London) boys in the Premier League!"

Good luck to the Cottagers and Lilywhites on Tuesday against the Wolves!

So the question now is where to put Pitbull? Goalie? midfield, defence, forward?  (Do we need to explain the offside rule?)


Friday, 25 September 2015

Pitbull AND #PITBULLGIRL Residency in VEGAS!

Pitbull makes more history as being the first rapper to take residency in Vegas for a week long of sizzling shows.

Never far behind are #PitbullGirls who are also taking over the strip one may even call it a joint event with the ‘PitbullGirl Residency’ with the girls running Vegas kicking off the catching the raining Voli in a shot glass for the duration or perched up at the Voli Bar amongst those gorgeous tall black bottles!

Check out these awesome photos of some of the ladies so far.
Thank you for taking us with you Carla Ivey, Marisa Gomes, Chris Blue, Andrea Ellis, Bertha Seymour, Dulcy Skal, Maria, Krista Taschler and the rest of the girls! Anyone else heading there feel free to join in and send on images to share!

Everyone else- go check out these gorgeous ladies having the time of their lives in and around Vegas and the dazzling Mr Worldwide shows and of course meeting the man of the moment himself.

Thank you


Volivodka.com (Over 21 only)

Thursday, 17 September 2015


Pitbull: “ There I was minding my own business & drinking Dr Pepper in WallGreens, SoBe,5th in 2011....when these girls spotted me from far...started perching up against me and taking pictures...wait, I know these KrAzy girls... It’s some of my No1 UK fans...I've met them before. The shop worker said to them " oh you can buy life size Pit promo for $20"...( I'm worth a lot more than that, I will have you know!) ...and the girls said " Oh I'll take two then..Like Pit we like to have fun with two!- what a bargain!" And off these London Girls went..taking the dog for a walk every eventing walking around SoBe taking photos with fans ....I eventually sneaked into the suitcase to get to London to visit the Queen of England at Christmas – Dale!

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT the real Pitbull or voice of Pitbull.. This one is only 2-Dimensional- get a grip people. However, this is a true sequence of events carried out by some true fans in 2011

Images as featured on Planetpit.com


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


The official video footage of the biggest bank heist in downton Miami has just been released.

As the elevator doors open in the banking hall, it's all about to kick off! Enter the classy, sassy, kick ass-iest bank robbers you have ever seen in suspenders, stockings, heels and lipgloss (well how else would you dress to rob a bank in style?)

While the average bank robber probably find their mom's old nylon pantyhose/tights and chuck it over their faces as disguise ( most likely in a nude or tan shade!) these super sexy ladies do it with fishnets & firearms. Gunshots in the air, everybody down-you've just been TMBO'd!
As The Most Bad Ones interrupt DJ Chino trying to do his banking and quite possibly screaming "WINNING" at the bank teller, the robbery proceeds with the ladies getting Mohombi a bank manager perhaps to open up the safe as they bundle the cash into bags. Taking off on motor bikes by now at night with what appears to be the police in a high speed pursuit through the streets of Miami straight to Pitbull who is waiting by the side of the ocean. ( far from the boss but at the end of the day not only owning it all but without getting his hands dirty- We 'luurve dat')

But wait! What's this? By the end of the video it's evident that the robbery was an inside job. Wisin and Mohombi played their roles in the bank and part of the staged pursuit.

Hats off to the Baddest dancers and bank robbers around. Michelle, Adriana, Kristin, Teena, Ashley, Stef -you ladies do with style and sass!  The Most Bad Ones got the dinero ching-ching for Mr Worldwide, Mohombi and Wisin!

The ladies may not have been arrested but the video certainly arrests the viewers attention. Directed by Daniel Duran, the video tells an action packed story and it's refreshing to see The Most Bad Ones with an exciting, prominent role in the video.

Moral of the story? Teamwork makes the bank robbery work-great job! Now if you could just tell us your current location ( $305K ahem!)

Dale -eeYaw!

Friday, 4 September 2015


Move on over to the side Drip Drop! It’s Pitbull and he just can’t stop-won’t stop!

Pitbull took on another Empire as his song with Jussie Smollet (Jamal Lyon) No Doubt About It was released on Empire’s Vevo channel. Pitbull is also set to appear along with the hit on Empire Season 2.

You’d be forgiven for thinking it has a little ‘Ne-Yo-esque’ feel as the song was co-written by Ne-Yo with Pitbull (which is always a show-stopping hit combination)

First up is Worldwide reporting Live from the Empire with Jamal about to show us how to get off the chain. Encouraging the ladies it’s all about getting your culo on the dance floor, Pitbull also reminds us in his own style put away the technology and feel the moment “No social media, no camera phones.”To get down some real partying. Then with a ‘Missy’ and Beenie Man twist “Beep Beep who got the keys to the suite” (well where else would the party end up with Pitbull, suite 305 perhaps?)

If all you want to do is party, have some Voli shots with somebody then take the music and turn it all the way up (put your phones away!) and get partying with P.I.T and your boy Jamal because this is the next Pitbull party anthem.

Upbeat, catch, light, feel-good with an uplifting feel. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself smiling inside out while you’re dance and sing along to the song.

No no no no no no no doubt about it-  it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser and dance-floor filler

Dale EeeeYAW!

Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Did somebody say “Sexy Beaches! Hotels!” I believe Pitbull just did.

‘Mr 305 till I die’ has just been announced as a partner with Visit Florida to show the world exactly how they like to do it in the 305 as an ambassador. In a way which we know Pitbull enjoys doing very much, that is to reach different audiences. Yet in this case in the ‘travel’ context to attract a new generation through Mr Worldwide’s global fan base.

Pitbull took the 305 worldwide and now he will be taking the rest of Florida with him and bringing it to a concert near you on backdrops at concerts by including the #LoveFL hashtag on screens and at the Pitbull’s New Years Eve Revolution event.

In line with this recent announcement, Pitbull’s Sexy Beaches video will be filmed in his home State.

Visit Florida will have a strong promotional drive behind this new partnership with opportunities to win VIP passes for Pitbull’s New Years Eve Revolution on the Elvis Duran/The Morning Show on iHeart Radio. But it doesn’t stop there as Visit Florida will also be involved in meet and greet opportunities at concerts with further Pitbull engagement on their social media platforms.

It was only a matter of time! Congratulation Pitbull and Visit Florida on this amazing alliance, in celebration please check out my version of Welcome To Miami below..enjoy!

Dale EeeeYAW!

Welcome To Miami - Pitbull new Florida ambassador, hey!
And reppin’ the State with Visit Florida – come stay!
Palm trees, blue skies, sunshine & rays
Something for everyone to fill your days
Where the party don’t stop till the next afternoon
YO DJ! Drop that next Pitbull tune!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


We 'buckled up' last year as we held on tight on an exciting ride with Pitbull through 2014 and this year, 2015 the year of making history just keeps on getting better as Pitbull is announced as the host for the Latin American Music Awards. A historical and iconic moment in time for Mr Worldwide as this would be the first ever award show of it's kind and being the first show means Pitbull is THE FIRST host it, ever!

Honouring the most prominent and instrumental artists in the Latin American scene, the show is scheduled to be aired Live on the 8th of October on Telemundo from the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles and is produced by Dick Clark productions for whom it is also a step in new territory and also being their first American Music Awards show in the Spanish language. Looks like alot of 'history making' all round.

Roll on global domination Pitbull- dale!

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Thursday, 6 August 2015


'No Doubt About it' Mr 305-Worldwide has been confirmed as a guest star in the hit and personal favourite hip hop drama, Empire.

We all know Pitbull loves a bit of Fox TV & now it's time to go get another 'Cookie' in the jar of that channel-it's world famous all star show which includes Terrence Howard, the feisty Taraji Henson, Jussie Smollett, Trai Byers, Byshere Gray and many more with other regular guest star music artists.

Pitbull will be singing 'No Doubt About It' with Jamal (Jussie Smollett) in the second series. Jamal's vocals and style seems like a good fit. Yes, looking forward to that! Sure they will compliment each other and the song will be available to purchase at some point ( but let's have a sneak peak Empire/Fox/Pitbull?)

As Pitbull's own empire and venture grow, both Pitbull and the word 'empire' itself go hand in hand and could't be a better fit. Let's hope for a similar Latino music series like this in the future with a global reach -created, directed and starring Pitbull along with other Mr 305 Inc artists at some point in the future. Soon. The world is yours Pitbull and the possibilities are endless as is our support.

Very, very exciting times indeed. As a Pitbull fan and a fan of the show itself.
Let's see what happens when you mix a Lyon (Lion) and a Pitbull!

Dale EEeeeYAW!

Saturday, 25 July 2015


Mr 305-Worldwide has just teamed up with soon to be opened Mango's Tropical Cafe Orlando and created a unique signature, and appropriately named simply as 'Mango's' Voli Vodka with a blend of coconut and of course, mango! In line with the original Mango's 25th anniversary. That's quarter of a century established, congratulations Mango's South Beach.

It was only a matter of time before we saw a three-way marriage (even though Mr Worldwide calls it a 'slip') between Pitbull, his own vodka and favourite hangout on Ocean Drive. We know how Pitbull likes to have 'fun with two' and starts by introducing Mango's Voli Vodka with the third party in the wedlock - Mango's Tropical Cafe Orlando.

The design of the new bottle itself reflects copious amounts of what I, as a fan of all three, perceive that brand Mango, Pitbull and Voli represent together and how they compliment each other as a team. That is fun, sexiness, great quality, party central, fantastic entertainment and pure enjoyment!

FIVE things that excite me about this:

1) Mango's Tropical Cafe Miami is a personal favourite spot during Miami visits and I'm glad the new Voli Vodka will also available in Pitbull's home town.

2) Voli Vodka gives me one of the nicest most refreshing, lightest and taste-bud tantilising experience of enjoying vodka! 

3) Anything with mango and coconut? I'm there quicker than you can say "Dale!"

4) Following the images of the progress and development of Mango's Orlando. It's always been on the radar to visit and with it's new Pitbull 'Mango's' Voli Vodka it's more than a bonus!

5) The impressive bottle design is vibrant and represents all that Pitbull, Voli and Mango's are - now THAT itself is exciting!

By the way Mango's Miami I have already added it to the menu, I hope you don't mind! (see image) Everyone else get into the spirit of the new Voli and Mango's in the clip below and be sure to check out the links. Thank you.

Thanks to Voli Vodka and Mango's (Brian Martin) for the images. Reposts/images and thanks also include Antonio Laracuente, Joshua Wallack, Craig Kodish, Michael Calderon and Greg Watermann

Keep up to date with Mango's and Voli Vodka below:

VoliVodka.com (Over 21 only)

@mangosorlando  See how Mango's Orlando is coming along in pictures

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