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Wednesday, 1 July 2015


PitZAM it! Now you can see and hear what Pitbull is listening to!

Pitbull now has his own profile on the Shazam app which recognises the music Pitbull and many other artists are listening to (a bit like sticking your phone in the air with the app on to find out what IS THAT song playing in the club – but instead this feature is tracking what the artist is listening to and telling us instead). Good to hear Pitbull is participating in this feature brought in by Shazam – especially being a ‘beacon’ and leading the way in artist engagement in technological innovations and that ‘ something different and doing things out of the norm’ so to speak.

A clever move by Shazam to draw in more users and introduce a different type of usage to their service. Attracting more advertisers to place ads on profiles of pages of artists and creating more ways to bring in ad revenue. What’s in it for Pitbull and other artists? Another means of engaging with the #PitbullGirls and #Worldwiders. What’s in it for us fans? Well we can see what music Pitbull is engaging in!

Click on the image below, sign up and get following! Thank you and Dale!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Sing it with me now, you know the song!

"Fresh from Miami, performing at the Capital Summertime Ball, Pitbull plays the game with 4 Music he's takin' off!" Let's play along with Mr Worldwide and 4 Music with this really FUN video while he was here in London - Dale!

Click on the link below and get going!

Thank you 4Music!



What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas for seven nights with Pitbull at least!

Mr Worldwide is set to perform at the AXIS at the Planet Hollywood and Casino Resort. Being the year or making history Pitbull says “From Sinatra, to Elvis to Mr Worldwide. It’ll be the time of our lives, dale!” as he announced a string of performances which begins on the 23rd of September, on iHeart Radio’s Face book page today.

Vegas, fun (a lot of sinful fun) and with Pitbull announcing his ventures relating to Playboy gaming earlier and with HOLLYWOOD where it’s walk on which his hands are soon to be imprinted –  the venue only seems fit. Could this possibly NOT be the end of the announcements? I will take to my crystal ball and expect more announcements to do with his ventures in the gaming industry and hopefully his hands in that walk sooner than we think around that time – you heard the predictions here first!

You can see Pitbull perform with a chance also to meet him on this link (US residents only and other restrictions apply)

(Photo source: iHeart Facebook)

Sunday, 21 June 2015


The scramble to get your hands on a winning ticket through Miami’s Hits 97.3 to watch Mr 305-Worldwide-Agent A-Armando Bond was all over leaving some lucky fans counting down to see Pitbull LIVE on Friday 19th June. The only way IN was to WIN.

Hits 97.3 held a Pits Sessions Live show at Fort Lauderdale’s premier concert venue Revolution Live with Sushi Sake. Michelle Dennis, a very lucky, amazing #PitbullGirl who I have had the great pleasure to meet and one who has always been fiercely supporting Pitbull won a ticket to see the interview and mini-concert at the Pits Session. A very special thank you to Michelle and Nicole Morales for their photos enjoying the Pit Sessions.

Pitbull was on stage interviewed by Hits 97.3's Kimmi Bell and the Lil'Chico's very, very proud uncle. A special man engraved in Pitbull's history and journey, the legendary DJ Laz. 

DJ Laz, the first DJ to play Pitbull on air was introduced to him by yet another uncle, Uncle Luke who also needs no explanation to Pitbull fans around the world. Find out what DJ Laz said when Pitbull turned up with a 'Goon Squad'. How the journey with Pitbull has been the best journey of DJ Laz's life and which song 'in progress' was the one that gave DJ Laz goosebumps and predicted it's success around the globe.

Pitbull answers many more fun questions from the hosts of the DJ Laz Morning Show, South Florida's Number one morning show and also a few from within the crowd with the help of Lulu and Lala also of Hits 97.3. Check out Pitbull's responses to the subject of old school Pitbull music .v. Current Pitbull music and repping Miami around the world.

Mr 305-Worldwide gives a heartfelt statement and thanks to The Diaz Brothers, Lil'Jon, Uncle Luke and DJ Laz, the people to whom Pitbull says he owes a lot of his career to. Extending thanks also to fans for their support. Humble as ever, amongst other famous Pitbull lessons and phrases, reminds us you can't buy health, fun and happiness.

A MUST watch. Click on the video below (To those out of the 305 and around the world, the penny drops as to where the lyrics to Off That "Pink Pony, Scarlets, Tootsies - I lurve dat!" come from!)

I won't spoil it for you, get the Kleenex out and be warned there's a lot of touching emotional bromance content. Click on the video to watch the interview and performance with Pitbull, the Most Bad Ones and DJ Chino.

Dale - EeeeYAW!

Friday, 19 June 2015


Pitbull and Chris Brown are the new Miami Vice boys in town! As the video starts with a shot of looking up into the  ‘palm trees and blue skies’ a quick nostalgia of Pitbull’s Welcome To Miami takes over momentarily, until Chris Brown gets out of his car to meet Pit to inform him that his new beau is responsible for running the import/export drug trade from Colombia ordering Pitbull to go undercover. Pitbull as always with a game plan - to have his wicked ways with her and have fun before it all goes down.


The birds-eye ocean view build up to the Miami skyline at sunset as the Miami Vice programme was a treat. Directed by Gil Green the scene takes us back to the 80’s where the party was definitely STILL in the pineapple (when Pitbull was probably a little nipper himself in real life!) The colourful Miami art deco style brings the 305 even more alive with the video full of classic neon pink, blue and whites.


Ferrari’s to a pool party and not short of any sexy Bad Ones at poolside. From the house to a power boat party and back to South Beach on the porch of the Ocean Surf Hotel to keep the party going after dark. Pitbull sneaks off to have some fun elsewhere inside the hotel with his raven haired beauty before the sting. The way Pitbull grabs his lady throughout the fun times leaves more to the imagination. Not known to be one to get caught out, Pitbull finds himself surprisingly played by the woman and is handcuffed to a chair. 

Tut-tut Pitbull, too busy having FUN and took your eyes off the ball or what was it as you once sang “F*ck she took my love”


Catchy, colourful, FUN, nostalgic, energetic and a pleasure to watch!

Dale EeeYAW!


Thursday, 11 June 2015


Back It Up get it onto a seat, turn on Vevo and watch the video Colin Tilley just dropped featuring Prince (say it with me now) RooOYce, Jennifer Lopez and our Pitbull

Royce in the middle of texting how he has finally got a day off and is chilling a the pool gets distracted easily by the woman whose body is timeless -Jennifer Lopez sizzling in her swimwear. From swimming pools, the odd swan and bikini-clad ladies. With outfit switches and background changes the video see JLO go from swimwear to a body-con white dress dancing around with Royce to dance floors and summer themed backdrop colours.

Enter BooM BooM Daddy Daddy enter Papi Chulo Pitbull practically drowning in women as he hits us with his rhymes adding more oomph into the song and video

The video also features a lot of strategic product placement yet again, an altered one of Prince Royce (rather than Rolls Royce!) Beats by Dre headphones and a lot of Beluga ( where the Voli at?). Back is up will be featured in Prince Royce’s English album- his first one yet.

Click on the video below- Dale

Wednesday, 10 June 2015


Pitbull breaks yet another record in London in an attempt to rap it for you in Mr Worldwide style "1 Show..1 Plaque...4.4m Sales & 2 Radio Stations - DALE!"

Congratulations to Pitbull presented with a plaque celebrating his 4.4m record sales in just the UK alone reportedly at the Sanderson Hotel in London. As a Londoner and huge fan along with many others here, with the understanding that It's a marathon not a sprint, I am happy Pitbull took a bit longer jogging through London on this visit!

It's especially a treat to see Pitbull spend more than 24 hours in the UK after the Capital Summertime Ball and a bonus with more radio station interest and interviews with our worldwide icon. Earlier this week fans were able to tune into Radio 1 with Scott Mills a long term Pitbull supporter and Kiss FM who were part of the Pitbull movement in 2009 in being part of the team in conjucton with Play Hard Promotions in bringing Mr 305 as he had just become known then to a show in London. Check out the great interviews below. In true FUN, witty, engaging Pitbull manner we keep on learning more about Mr Worldwide and hints about working with Ed Sheeran - how 'bout it Ed?

Dale - Yeee-YAW!

(Repost  Image: Mike Calderon)



(Repost Image BBC Radio 1 - Click to listen)

Sunday, 7 June 2015


He came, he saw, he turned the crowd bonkers - not once but TWICE.

His Royal Highness The King of Party-ness Pitbull brought the party and the Miami heat and sunshine from the pineapple that is the 305 into 'blighty' at the Capital Summertime Ball 2015. As he sang Don't Stop The Party, it was quite evident that Mr Worldwide rocked the "80,000 people in London, Wembley" yet again.

A dramatic introduction before jumping on stage, we had the backdrop on screen of the history and journey of Pitbull along with teachings of a few spanish words. Pitbull's birth, parents and more about his background amongst other things which was informative and enjoyable. As a die-hard fan, in someways very emotional to read and remember how far Pitbull has come and is now spreading his unique brand of magic and holding up a beacon of positivity, energy and light as an encouragement to his fans in all walks of life.

Soon after getting it started with The Most Bad Ones first on stage letting us know the baddest dancers in the industry are in town with their powerful red tailored jackets soon to reveal their sizzling outfits with Leo Brooks donning the guitar. These ladies meant business.

Enter Pitbull onto stage when the REAL party begins. Mr Worldwide had the stadium up on its feet clapping and dancing away to other hits such as Timber, I Know You Want Me, Feel This Moment and Hotel Room. With Ne-Yo also joining Pitbull on stage to perform his first UK number one hit Give Me Everything. But that wasn't the end of it, we later saw Pitbull come out on Ne-Yo's slot to give us the Time Of Our Lives, which was a great treat and was greeted with roars of delight and excitement from the crowd as Pitbull made another appearance on stage.

Pitbull as always grateful and appreciative of London and their support and the opportunity to be here was expressed throughout the performance. It was starting to look like a Miami take over with other artists such as Flo-Rida, Lunch Money Lewis and Jason Derulo for which Pitbull also was thankful to be at the same event with.

The Agents as always on top form with Jorge on the keys, Papayo in percussions, Carlos Palmet this time on the drums and the adorable and talented Leo Brooks giving us his everything and 'bassiest'

We already knew it but one thing that was brought even more to the surface at the show was that Pitbull HAS the most baddest dancers around. The Most Bad Ones were in top form as always. These ladies are not only talented dancers with tight dance moves in sync but they ooze charisma, sexiness and dance with attitude. Each Bad One with their own characteristic and personality these ladies are also fun, feisty fierce and classy. These ladies give us their all and they dance. They dance and you know they are not just dancing or doing it for the 'routine' so to speak but they dance with oomph, they dance their hearts out with genuine enjoyment and that can be felt through, is appreciated and brings enjoyment to the fans and crowd of not only Pitbull but their very own fan base within. Thank you ladies!

Great to be able to enjoy the show with fellow #PitbullGirls Rose Benns ( co-founder PitbullGlobal.com) and Kira Marie. A special thank you to PitbullGlobal.com for making this happen.

Pitbull don't leave it too long next time London needs you! Thank you, The Most Bad Ones, DJ Chino, The Agents for a sizzling, spectacular show.




Friday, 29 May 2015


FINALLY we have a Pitbull wax work figure in the Orlando branch of Madame Tussauds!

After sitting patiently for a reported 300 measures for getting the statue just right and donating his own tuxedo and sunglasses to perfect the look we have a Pitbull clone!

Hopefully other branches of the Tussauds Group ( ahem London) will follow suit.

We can only imagine that the only downside of having such a statue is the organisation having the extra costs of hiring possible extra security to protect the figure from Pitbull Girls. Added the care for keeping the wax work away from naked flame as we heard the guy is a bit of a Fireball!

Dale EEeyAW!

(Image repost Team Pitbull)


Pitbull is able to stop the traffic anywhere in the world but last night as Piensas featuring his very own Mr 305 Inc’s Gente De Zona video made its premiere on the Sony Digital Billboard it may have been Times Square, New York at 7pm that came to a standstill.

But the treats didn’t stop there. Fans were encouraged to get down to Times Square to watch the video go out but perhaps not to ‘piensas’ too long about it otherwise they would miss out the free merchandise handed out by Mr 305 Inc.

Piensas, the first single released from Pitbull’s upcoming Spanish album Dale is set it in 1959 Havana and sees Pitbull, Gente De Zona and The Most Bad Ones in a club ringing in the New Year.

Directed by a personal favourite for Pitbull music videos, David Rousseau, the video is sleek, classy and captures the sexy essence and spirit of partying in Habana in that era.

While Pitbull and Gente De Zona are sing away to us in what seems like a courtyard within the club, The Most Bad Ones don their adaptation of hot Cuban dancers outfits with headpieces, feathers and cheek on show before a quick change to hit a private table and bring in the New Year in style with Pitbull’s Voli Black.

Strategic product placement of Voli Black sees the distinctive vodka flowing prominently throughout the video and demonstrating just how to enjoy the drink and “Stay Sexy” as the liquor, whether it be at the table, bar or waving the exquisite bottle in the air.

It looked like something serious may have been about to go down near the end but then again what was it that Pitbull said with a friendly but firm hand on the shoulder to the gentleman on the way out of the club. A friendly warning or “You better get back in there the Voli is great, dale!”

Dale EeeYAW!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015


The Official Life’s A Beach video for Heymous Molly is sure to get you feeling jolly! We all know Pitbull has been listening to the song and no doubt must be watching the official video.

Directed by Jonathan Augustavo with numerous awards and nominations under his belt, the official Life’s A Beach video features some very impressive dance moves by Yusuke Nakai starting in what seems as a tribal fur-cuffed robe staring longingly at a postcard of a beach at sunset captioned ‘Life’s A Beach’ as he then looks around his hilly, mountain-like surroundings. Replacing the dull views with images of the beach, he impulsively decides to break out in a dance as the waves in his imagination make a break for the shore.

Realising he needs only to dance his way across the bridge to get to this promised land in LA, Yusuke Nakai proceeds. Dancing through the streets passing on the infectious popping dance moves and injecting vitality and zest to those he interacts with. Managing to even get a guy begging on the street looking on the bright side and up dancing, who eventually hands over what we can assume was a package with a wad of cash which Yusuke uses to get new stylish gear to fit in. Before finally finding the beach.

Half expecting the final shot to be zoomed out to reveal that we were all watching the video on a tablet/ipad with Heymous Molly from his point of view with one hand holding the tablet, another with a drink in his hand, a back drop of the beach and with toes in the sand. Alternatively the video adds more fun and mystery to 'who is Heymous Molly'

Initially a reminiscent touch of Kiesza's Hideaway but with more of an original, uplifting story and fun filled choreography. Cheerful, upbeat, cool and a joy to watch. A happy ending for someone searching for that carefree place and passing on that feeling to others on the way, including the viewers. Life's a beach, up on your feet and put those dance skills on show, everybody throw your hands up higher heeyyyy yeaaaa!





Wednesday, 20 May 2015


Today fans around the world  woke up to Pitbull having made yet more history last night. History and a welcomed disruption in the industry as Mr Worldwide’s  goals go.

Pitbull kicked off the launch of his new music channel on SiriusXM in true Pitbull style, with one big party full of performances by Mr Worldwide as he wowed the audience as they waved the brand-appropriately coloured blue glow sticks in delight.

Pitbull’s channel Globalization launched at the same time as this big party held at the Apollo Theater in New York. Hits as Rhythmic as Pitbull’s hips intend to take over as Mr Worldwide whisks us around the world riding the airwaves of SiriusXM  Channel 4, with the help of some of the biggest DJ’s from around the world.  As Pitbull says “But DJ’s? I luurve dat (I’m Off That- Global Warming) ” Always appreciating the DJ community, their support and influence.

Never too far away, earlier long term friend and legendary DJ Laz was seen outside the venue on social media with the Latin Prince (Mr DJ City New York)

When asked  on Twitter how it felt to have a shout out from Pitbull at the launch "@Serinapitbullfu it felt incredible all the hardwork has paid off #Globalization" was the response from the Latin Prince who will be on air Sat/Sun 12pm/EST/9am/WST.

Globalization has a great line up of DJ's including DJ Santarosa on air Monday to Friday on the noon mix.

Live performances and exclusive mix shows as well as Pitbull’s catalog of global hits are in the mix for this brand new channel so be sure to sign up. Commercial free means you can listen to music straight through without interruptions- one thing to say to that – Dale!

Monday, 18 May 2015


The Billboard Music Awards 2015 on ABC took place last night, one of the of the biggest nights in music bursting at the seams full of talented artists. 

Party King Pitbull along with the sexiest, classiest dancers around, The Most Bad Ones gave a spectacular performance at the BBMA's Awards with Chris Brown showing the rest of us just how having  'Fun' should be done as they ‘hook us up with a brand new high’ dazzling the audience and raising the energy at the venue.

Opening with Chris Brown in all red amongst the Most Bad Ones dressed in classy, angular cut white semi-gowns on white sofas. The song soon takes us to Mr Worldwide on the roof top level of the classy Miami themed stage crib (you know mami, you know how it is… let’s go the crib!)  

Pitbull in white with a feint blue blazer with a touch of grey looking stylish and sexy as ever as he and Chris Brown bust some salsa moves on stage together in sync

A great show! Always a pleasure and honour to be a part of the Official BBMA's street team/ BBMAS Squad. Thank you to Dick Clark Productions for having me.

If you missed the show, check out the link below and catch up on all the action.


All images courtesy of Dick Clark Productions team

Friday, 15 May 2015


Looks like the season for radio run promos! Putting on hold riding his bike at night briefly, Jamie Drastik no stranger to taking a ‘Jump’ has been doing just that - jumping on and off planes and from one radio station to another talking about his music, new album and more. 

My Day which HAS to be in the top fan favourites on Jamie Drastik’s new album Jump The Take Off was first played on air by radio station in 102.5 KDON (Monterey CA)which was also visited by Jamie.

If you thought Pitbull was harder to follow and catch then follow Mr 305 Inc's Jamie Drastik as he spins through interviews and freestyles at radio stations faster than the cartoon Tasmanian devil from Hot 104.7, Power 98.3, Hot 98.3, Hot 94.1, Power 106 FM in LA, Q104.7. Taking Hudson Valley to Hollywood!

Keep up and follow Jamie on his radio-a-thon through the links below and check out the album review



Thursday, 14 May 2015

Heymous Molly on the Radio Run

Heymous Molly has been a busy beach bum this week! Mr Life’s a Beach put his drink down and took his toes out of the sand temporarily to run through radio stations on his radio promo tour this week. Getting round quicker than you can say ‘Dale!’ with the re-release of Life’s A Beach which is set to be the anthem for summer 2015 and quite possibly reaching another high by the time it is July the 4th

Heymous has been out there stopping by San Diego’s KyXy 96.5 to give us a smooth ‘afternoon ride’ in their new music lab with a live performance too. Off to Z90.3 (San Diego), Y100.9 FM (Santa Rosa California), Energy 103.7 (San Diego) and 107.9 The End (Sacramento California) so far. I’m not taking the Mickey when I say that Life’s a Beach made it into Radio Disney’s Music Mail Bag this week and with the man himself straight into their studio. The Radio promo run is not over yet! 

Keep up with Heymous and join the promo run via @heymousMolly and through other links below to find out more about his radio run where Heymous Molly talks music, career and of course about Pitbull!

Here’s a little TBT from last year when I caught up with Heymous Molly for his first interview in 2014 when he first broke into the music scene.

Official Life's a Beach Lyric Video

Twitter:    @heymousmolly
Instagram: @heymousmolly

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