I'm a big PITBULL Fan from old school to the new and enjoying the journey from afar.

Inspired to write through the love of his music, lyrical wit, important positive messages, rhymes that sting, his wisdom, entrepreneurial skills, humbleness, giving back to the community and love for his fans worldwide. So here I am cooking up a recipe of with heaps of fun, sprinkles of humour with a dash of wit blended in with a whole lot of love for Mr Worldwide! With an added seasoning of contests, interviews and more along with the reviews!

As Mr Worldwide links fans together in his own worldwide web from all corners of the globe, I am grateful to have made many friends through our love for him. I am a fan and admirer of his work first and utmost. Being a blogger and everything else beyond is a bonus and a blessing. I hope you enjoy my page.

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A Bit More About Me...

It must have been about 3am early one Saturday morning in 2004. My brain exhausted wanting to go bed yet my rebellious body still not quite tired enough refusing to agree! As I sit in the front room  music channel surfingas I get to an underground music channel, up pops this blast of energy.  A bald headed guy jumping up and sown in a Cuban vest singing a song called CuloHandsome and cute enough. I was drawn in by the texture of his gravel-like voice and momentum. A voice that commanded, demanded and stole my attention. Then his rhymes and word play and lyrical stings. Three stages that took me in and still wow me today. Captured by Pitbulls handsomeness, voice and rhymes. Wide awake mind and body and propped up like a Meerkat!

As I went on a personal quest to find out more about this rapper Pitbull and his music, I came to a realisation that I never really listenedor paid attention to lyrics until I met his rhymes. Bang, bang, bang they just came out and smacked me in the face (in a most welcome manner!) The rhymes, puns, double meanings, stings, innuendos, truth. I was hooked.

No one I knew had heard of Pitbull in my country at that time. Not many people did. I went to order my copy of M.I.A.M.I at the record store. I had somehow developed this Krazyhabit where I had to go into each music store that I passed and look in the P section to see if that stocked Pitbulls first album. If they didnt I would have to pose as a customer and simply order it in. That continued to happen after each album was released as we were quite behind on the music scene here! Pitbull was responsible for giving me an OCD about a Pitbull CD!

I understand Pitbull has helped many fans yet my turn came around the Rebelution era going through personal a tragedy and serious health issues developed since. Hitting rock bottom, I genuinely dont think I would have made it through. In my darkest moments of what felt like a never ending hell Pitbull drove my hand to a pen who then introduced it to paper and words. To make me write about him, his uplifting and meaningful music, infectious warm smile, love for life, fun injected into rhymes and everything he does with humanity. How he can make something into nothing, being in awe of his entrepreneurial skills. I write and interview to share the lives, skills of the amazing friends I have made on the way. I owe a huge thank you for lifting me out of the hole and to dear friends at what was then PlanetPit - Big Teach and Supa Cindy who gave me the chance, the time of day to open my email and give me the platform and opportunity to start to share my words and love for Pitbull with others.

The experience of listening to any of Pitbull's songs and having the same feeling of excitement as though it was the first time it hit my ears is a joy and unexplainable. Its been a joy to watch the charismatic Lil' Chico grow from Pitbull, Mr 305 to Mr Worldwide in so many ways from music to business, giving back to the community and SLAM school especially something that really stands out for me. I love a Pitbull, what more can I say. Thank you Armando!



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