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As featured on 18th March 2013

As long as Pit got his suit, shades and red tie, looking so handsome my oh my, he can certainly show his fellow rappers a few thaaangs! What a feel good video, hey folks? Black, white with a tinge of brown sees Pitbull working his own twist of the monochrome look, which is popular this season. Going in line with the lyrics as we ‘seen him with his red tie, tied up’ his neckwear is also something that stands out distinctively throughout the video.
Enjoy the journey as Pitbull takes you on a whistle stop tour of some of his concerts ranging from India to Madrid where you can feel the buzz, energy and ‘lift’ from the other side of the screen as he performs before screaming crowds of fans. You also get to see some of the behind the scenes images and get a feel for the climax building up before Pitbull reaches the stage. Hanging out with his team, a quick shot of him writing a song, whilst also showing us the big equipment containers that are required for the gig. By the way how many microphones were there piled up right at the beginning Pit?
There is a part of the video that has managed to etch itself into my memory and one that makes me glow inside and just smile, that is the moment where Pitbull is on a jet and it’s as if you’re sitting behind him on the plane and he’s looking out of the window to the left and gives a little laugh and smile.
Pitbull is also then caught under the legal act of Don’t Stop The Party as he walks casually down stairs straight out of a jet with what I can only guess is a glass of Voli taking the party to the outside too!
Try not to blink or stick your eyelids up to your eyebrows so you can’t (I’m joking, don’t try this at home kids!) and you may just catch one of my favourite images of Pitbull creating an ad-hoc studio in a hotel room and recording a song with the mattress up against the wall and another where he is recording with his headphones and laptop. PITBULL I REALLY REALLY REALLY would LOVE to watch you record and mix with your laptop and watch the master at work please. To see the magic of your lyrics and beats unfold. I get you, I get your lyrics, I get your music and it’s one of my dreams and things to do on my list before I hit the next milestone age! …. I’ll be quiet as a mouse I promise! I just wanna feel THAT moment.  I think ‘you’re a genius, I mean brilliant!’
The Feel This Moment video is directed by another genius called David Rousseau who also directed Back In Time and Don’t Stop The Party to name a few, (that’s another gentleman whose mind I would like to get into and explore the creativity that goes on behind the scenes of his thought process!). True to the sample of the song Take On Me, David Rousseau takes parts of the video back to the 80’s in true AHA sketch-like style of the video of the original song. And of course, capturing the red tie to the eye so very appropriately in line with lyrics.
And as for Christina? Christina you are responsible for making some of us become a little deluded into thinking that we can sing as amazing as you at the top of our lungs I JUST WANNA FEEL THIS MOMENT, WhOOooOHoH!…each time we see the video, think about or hear the song! Our favourite genie in a bottle Christina Aguilera looks smoking hot with big blonde hair and dressed in a black leather jacket, stylishly zipped. Christina belts out the all the note’s as they should be with her powerful trademark vocals. Christina, we’ve missed you! Welcome back!
The video gives you a still, warm, happy, pink fuzzy feel inside as you get enticed into creating and feeling the moment for yourself whilst being captured and captivated by the song and visuals yet at the same time out of nowhere you also get that burst of energy that makes your body want to dance! How’s that for a versatile mix!
I can’t help but sense that both in the video and song there might be an element of Pitbull himself feeling the moment of when he performs, the travels, and perhaps a moment of private reflection where he is possibly enjoying and appreciative of his achievements from all the hard work. Also of the love and support received from his friends, family, the fans that stand in front of him cheering him on and of course proudly of Team Pitbull as he sings  “I break down companies with all my peeps” And really stops to take all the emotions in while he is on the stage performing away.
“Let’s stop time and enjoy this moment” Pitbull reminds us how to see the future but also not get so caught up in it that you don’t live for the moment and let things pass you by. That life is precious and to enjoy those moments that are life itself ‘but until the gates are open.’  Make sense don’t it? As Pitbull once said “When I say 'Feel this Moment' it is basically, feel life, don't live life for a moment, live life for life, that is your moment”
Pitbull have you ever heard of the Ready Brek Kid in the cereal commercials from the 80/90's? Because each time I watch this video or listen to the song I feel like I'm starting to light up and glow just like him because it feels so good inside.
FEEL THIS MOMENT ? Yes I’m feeling it!
Daleeee YeeeeOW!

Serina- Pitbull Fan Unleashed!


As featured on 7th March 2013

Pitbull has a heart of gold worth more than his bodyweight, mine, yours and the rest of his worldwide fans combined together a trillion times over! And that's all I can say. I think that says it all really so I guess that's the end of this article then, see you next time folks. I'm just kidding!
As most of us already know, a few weeks ago fellow great Pitbull fan Lani Lopez was diagnosed with a critical condition of the inflammation of the heart called Miocarditis. Amazing as friends and families go, those close to Lani wasted no time in trying to cheer Lani up by reaching out to Pitbull with the #Pitbullforlani campaign in the hope that he would call her and lift her spirits. The request went viral around the world with everyone trying to help make it happen.
On Twitter too, it was all go. With all of us tweeting/retweeting to Mr World Wide requesting that he reaches out to one of his biggest supporters. Whether we all know Lani personally or not. Lani touched all of us too in 'FanForce-Pitbull.' Thankfully it seems the requests sent by all in whichever network or format didn't go unheard. We all know that no matter how busy Pitbull is, his right eye is on music & business and his left eye on what else is going on in the world and around him with his ear also closely to the ground and on the 24th February, Lani got sent a message from Mr World Wide on Youtube (I'm sure you have already seen it!). Friends and family of Lani also did their own REALLY cool thank you video dedicated to Mr World Wide whilst dancing away to Echa Pa’lla.
Watching the Pitbull video even I was getting choked up by his message. That’s the second time you made my eyes really well up Pitbull…the first time was whilst watching Behind The Scenes! Pitbull was strong and encouraging and you could not only see that he REALLY meant the heartfelt moving message, but you could FEEL it too in his words, emotions, voice and see it in his eyes (you guys felt it too right?)
Talking of eyes, if you keep your eyes and ears open there is so much more that Pitbull does, in terms of giving back to the community and good deeds. Mr World Wide is our unsung hero. He may not sing and dance about it but I certainly will at this moment! As the lyrics of Global Warming pop instantly into my head as I am writing this, when Pitbull sings "No Facebook, Twitter or Instagram..I do it for the paper- I'm a businessman" We know that what he is talking about here is the entrepreneurial side of Pitbull. But this? This is not business. This is because Pitbull genuinely cares and does love his fans and the consistency of his actions and conduct towards us on a normal basis speaks for itself alone. What is it that our man says? Oh yes, “Don’t talk about it, be about it” and that phrase can apply to all aspects, not only business but also towards ‘being’ that compassionate and considerate individual all the time.
No matter how busy our guy is he can still find time to reach out and send get well wishes and words of encouragement and support from the bottom of his heart to Lani. I extend thanks to ‘Mommy Pitbull’ for giving us fans a strong, driven man that won’t allow anyone to knock down his ‘castle made of sand’ and encourage his fans to strive also for the best in life and fight for not only your dreams but also fight for whatever battles you face in life. Thank you for giving us the gentleman who is kind and compassionate and so very beautiful in every aspect on the inside and outside and not afraid to show it.
Pitbull thank you for being the caring and thoughtful person that you are for reaching out to your fan in her time of need. And while your arms are still open in the image above I’m just going to take the opportunity and quickly run in and give you a big hug too!  Lani, you have some truely amazing family and friends. Sending you love and best wishes to keep getting better and stronger so you can go and have that drink with Pitbull !!!
YeeeOOW!  Dale!

Serina- Pitbull Fan Unleashed!


As featured on 25th February 2013

  ***********************   DISCLAIMER   **********************
The following are personal opinions, the last time I checked freedom of speech was still allowed. Should anyone go after the artist Pitbull or any party related as a result of the below, I will be the first ‘pitbull’ with my teeth out growling at you standing in front of him along with many others beside me! 

Congratulations to Pitbull and of course his legal team that won the lawsuit thrown at him by (whoops, am I allowed to say?) Lindsay Lohan. Well, we all know a tux is one of the better types of suits that suit our guy! In a part of the world where you can probably file a lawsuit against someone for just farting in your direction, I'm not surprised that this case wasn't laughed off as soon as it was filed. So I guess we will just have to have a little fun and entertain it for being the silly, waste of time and money as it appears to be.

For anyone that needs to be caught up to speed, LiLo filed a lawsuit in 2011 against Pitbull for using her name in his song ‘Give Me Everything’ when he sang the line “Got it Locked up Like Lindsay Lohan” saying that he never had permission to include her name and should not be profiting from it’s use. The wise judge sided with Pitbull and threw it all out of the window ruling that the song is a protected piece of work of art under the first amendment. I think there is also a chance he may have smelt a whiff of something nasty and thought that the claims of any emotional distress suffered are quite frankly, a pile of poo.
However, even when Mr World Wide first heard about being sued a few years ago, Pitbull also seemed just as surprised at the lawsuit and went on to explain the meaning behind the lyrics in previous reports last year, that when he sang. “Took my life from negative to positive” he was talking about himself and it was about turning your life around and as the verse goes on he mentioned LiLo. This was intended to be in a positive manner too as he continued to sing ”Hustlers move in silence, so I'm tip-toeing, So keep blowing, got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan" Going on to explain that ‘locked up’ within a neighbourhood means you run that area and is in no way a reference to her actually being locked up in prison. So after Lilo STILL doesn’t understand the indirect compliment and support, continues to sues him, Pit counter sues her and it goes on.
Pitbull being the humble and grounded man that he is, made it clear that there was no malice intended, apologised as soon has he learnt of any offence that may have been caused whilst clarifying how it was intended to really mean (as above) and also went on to invite her to the Video Music Awards with him in a further attempt to make peace. That didn’t go down to well either. The thing that surprises me here is that would her PR/Marketing Team (does she have one??) not have used this as an opportunity to end this headache for themselves AND for our Pitbull by turning the whole thing around on its head and perhaps thought to themselves “HANG ON A MINUTE! Ok Pitbull has mentioned LiLo, we DON’T agree with his explanation of the intention of his use of words in the song. BUT any publicity is good publicity and Pitbull is sky high in his career at the moment and the world seems to be listening to him so let’s allow him to carry us with him for a short while and show that (grit their teeth) we understand and are able to accept his olive branch and encourage LiLo to go to the VMA’s with him and try to show the world that LiLo too can ‘change’ and come across as one of the good public figures. After all, everyone likes a happy ending and Pitbull has got the world eating right out of the palm of his hand right now, maybe we should not do this and pick up a few new LiLo fans on the way? As winning any lawsuit and no amount of money is going to instantly help towards repairing the damage caused to her public image so why not make amends and start building to improve her image and reputation in the process by doing it this way instead?” Either that or just REALLY make an attempt to understand that Pitbull really DID mean it in a positive way towards their client. I shake my head!!!

I admire Pitbull for the way he carries himself and has carried on doing what he does best which is giving his fans great music, being an entrepreneur and doing all of this wearing a huge cheeky smile with a sparkle in the eyes and with a lot of dignity while the legal battle was going around him. I'm sure like any person there are times like this or other situations where you really want to retaliate or bite back. However, Mr World Wide kept his calm and turned the other cheek and went about his business. Similarly, we too at times come across negative comments on Twitter for example, as you search through Pitbull related tweets (obviously by people struck down by a condition called a severe ‘Lack Of Good Taste In Music’ deficiency, don’t panic it’s not contagious!) and we often also see fans wanting to protect our top dog and go into 'Pitbull Mode' reactions and rising up to these. Even I have to really bite my tongue really hard not to react and resort to laughing off some of the comments made by people that, as I said have this very curable deficiency and really don't actually understand or know much about what they are actually talking about. Empty vessels and all that! With Mr World Wide setting an example to us all, let's all go about it the Pitbull way, that is to and Keep Calm and Dale!

Pitbull has clearly proved in the most gentleman-like manner that he is not a force to be messed with, his charm alone will in most cases win you over. Remember those jokers that started a campaign which they called 'exile' Pitbull and send him off to Wal-Mart in Alaska last year and how Pitbull changed the the whole game and took control leaving the them a little bewildered at his 'Bring it on, let's do this' reaction in a good spirited manner. No one can beat Pitbull and his team, you hear me? NO ONE.

Pitbull, God bless you, you really are an example to all of us, thank you for the music, love and teachings. Don't ever change and as Bruno would say, we love you just the way you are! For those of us that sometimes catch ourselves saying, "Good things happen to bad people" This also proves that the good guys also win in the end.


Serina-Pitbull Fan Unleashed


As featured on 18th February 2013

In the last few days we were presented with the release of a little surprise remix by Starkillers of All Night by Pitbull and David Rush. Under the instruction of Captain Pitbull we are told 'Don't stop the party' Hence, we need to move onto the next venue. So here is your invitation. The dress code is bikinis and swim shorts (or Speedos if you're into budgie-catchers!)  Better still just keep them on from the last video of Pitbull’s recent track.The venue is Ibiza and there is only one party track on loop all night, which is All Night.
"From the bed to the floor, from the windows to the wall" and heading down to create a high impact energetic dance explosion on the dance floors is straight where this tune is heading. A potential summer anthem and with the party season kicking in quicker than you can say Dale or Rushia (Russssshiaaa – there’s an art and style of saying it too!), this tune is one you can see rocking the clubs from Miami to the European party central Balearic Islands this year. In all of Pit's career, I don't think I have heard an infectious dance mix like this before and the song still managed to pleasantly shock and surprise. I think by now we really shouldn't be surprised to be surprised any more!
There was a time when certain music just stayed within their boundaries, let’s take rap and hip hop as an example, and it was frowned upon should ever an artist ever venture out of this genre or allow any other ‘different’ mixes of their song if this was their foundation style. Now the game has possibly changed beyond more than anyone may have envisioned  twenty to thirty years ago and sees hip hop, rap and dance having a three way marriage and having the best sex they could put together on a song! 
With banging beats that have enough attitude and force to bang down the doors at the Ministry of Sound, I have to say that the Starkillers have truly lived up to their name of creating unique tracks that don’t sound like the DJ and producer next door by creating this ‘in your face’ music which in turn is mentally provocative and arrests your attention.
All hail King Pitbull once again adding a classier and seductive spin on the combination of words from Lil’ Jon and East Side Boyz as he get(s) low and of Ludacris, as he indirectly asks us what’s our strobe light triggered fantasy as he prepares you for what is about to hit you next. Teasing you with having  “just one more drink, I take you home tonight” Cheers to Voli for getting him feelin’ right!
But the gravel-like sexy sound of Pitbull and the Starkillers skills are not the only elements that are striking about this song. I’m talking about Mr 305 artist David Rush who adds more of his special out of this world magic with his distinctive, sexy, commanding voice and style of rhyme driving the ladies hot, wild and boiling like water for tea in a kettle. Rushia, with that effect I don’t think you can blame the ladies for wrecking your place like the Tasmanian Devil! Watch him spin you and your mind around like a CD when he takes the track onwards to the next part of the journey and onto another plane, that is  ‘moon high.’ If you don’t quite understand what I’m talking about then your homework for the week is to go and find out on Watch out for the David Rush effect in 2013 you heard me say it here first!
My body always breaks free from my brain and I can’t seem to stop shaking it to this highly infused mix. Pardon me, sorry what’s that Pit? Oh one night two girls? Oh no…. one track, two hot rappers…Cuban, Panamanian. Easy on the ear too and can definitely listen to them 'All Night' …(Now where did those keys for the test drive go…?) You can listen and own this fabulous mix on Ultra Dance 14, Download from iTunes now. 
Serina - Pitbull Fan Unleashed


As Featured on 14th February 2013


With Valentines Day upon us it only seems fit to talk about LOVE (Hold tight! Get back in the room I’m not about to go all soppy on you so stick around and ensure you sing along with the rap at the end too). There are many different kinds of love in this world but there is nothing quite like ‘Pitbull Love’. That is the love that Mr Worldwide is so warmly sent by his fans and not forgetting the love we receive back from the man. True love involves genuine expression from the bottom of your heart and not at the heart of your bottom. The emphasis here is on expression, the expression of how fans express their love for Mr World Wide, how they have or have not evolved with him during his career and the different ways in which this love for Pitbull is channelled. 
But first, in order to understand the future as the great man sings, we need to go back in time. Pitbull is someone his fans can have a heated debate about in the same manner as sitting in a barber shop or beauty salon and discuss or argue about his evolution forever or until the cows come home! It’s endless…Those that have followed him from day one either debate that his style, genre and lyrics are no longer as they used to be. Yet like myself from this era, whilst you may reminisce on the old music he produced and his overall style, I also do not think that he or his music has in anyway deteriorated or 'sold out'. I like to see it as ‘growing’. Pitbull has moved with peoples tastes worldwide and not limited himself to what people in just one country/county/region predominantly listen to and cater for that area or particular market and rock the same sound and swagger as Tom, Dick and Harry! Throughout all of this he has still managed to maintain that high standard of music, coming at us with relentlessly and just as importantly opened the eyes and ears of fans and other people along the way! I along with many others I am sure, am proof that it is possible for his strongest, life long supporters to appreciate old and wholeheartedly welcome the new because we truly understand his emerging style and his appreciation of music, lyrics and a genre-less approach and have been captured and captivated by the whole package and above all are still enjoying the experience and music along the journey. 
Mr 305, Mr Worldwide, yes, but 
I think Pitbull should have another alias as Spider Man because he jumps from country to country and in tow has also created his own World Wide Web where each thread connects fans to each other all over the world and unites people through the love of his music. On this day of love let’s first talk about some of the women in his life and one absolutely awesome connection of ladies caught in this connecting web. The  #PitbullGirls! When I found out about the #PitbullGirls on Twitter I thought they were a group of ladies who simply loved Mr Worldwide. End of story.  Absolutely not! There is so much more to #PitbullGirls than meets the eye. Founded and created by the original  #PitbullGirl @Dulcyj,  #PitbullGirls are defined by one of their earliest members @Angikay12 as “ a diverse group of women from all walks of life who share the same thing in common – the never ending love for Pitbull.”  #PitbullGirls are so involved and united in the support of Pitbull that not only do they directly talk to each other daily over social networks with other fellow #PitbullGirls which they have never met or known personally before from different corners of the world but having done that they then arrange to meet up to go to his concerts together.  #PitbullGirls travel as far as from Greece, USA to go to a concert together in Toronto with his Canadian #PitbullGirls. And from NY, Pennsylvania and Ohio to Cleveland last year. Wow, that is Pitbull Love! Go look them up and join up!  #PitbullGirls have grown globally and have been going strong since. The last count was reported as over thirty five countries and still growing. Even Vietnam has the very first #PitbullGuy! Their support has also not gone unnoticed by Mr Worldwide either as he follows the lovely ladies! How about giving the  #PitbullGirls a shout out on a song or on stage as that would really make their day! 
There are fans who, as well as being #PitbullGirls also channel their love for Pitbull through pictures and are inspired by creating images for the lyrical guru which also include images of himself amongst other drawings. One amazing story to the lengths fans will go to reach Pitbull is that of Carla Ivey (@Carlaivey) who travelled over 2000 miles from Newfoundland in Canada to Chicago. It was no easy journey and with a combination of long flight delays, cancellations and thunderstorms and almost twenty four hours of travelling, there was NO stopping a the determination and will of Carla to get to meet Mr World Wide and present him with a drawing she had done for him and make it just in time for his concert too! Pitbull has inspired Carla's life in many ways and even her art and has also created incredible images of Pitbull with her own unique flair and style capturing every little detail from his piercing eyes to the cute shape of his ears!
You would have to be asleep for the last fourteen years or so to be unaware that Pitbull has his own flair, style and approach to play on words and this too has not gone unnoticed, as there is also Pitbull Lyrics on Twitter @pitbulllyrics. Dedicated to his rhymes and getting followers involved and interactive by stirring up their Pitbull lyrical knowledge and emotions along with it. I certainly have fun playing along!
It's also no secret that there are countless amount of fans that are uplifted, inspired and guided by Pitbull. Not only by his music alone but also the messages within the lyrics and knowledge of Mr Worldwide’s more troubled times in life and words of wisdom and encouragement that gives comfort to those going through their own struggles, offering empowerment to smash through barriers to achieve goals or simply give them the lift they need, myself included. A collection of stories of how Pitbull has inspired and helped fans in a way which is relevant to them is in a book compiled together by fans @TeamPitbullUK 
There are also other numerous Pitbull Fan Pages set up on Face Book by fans all over the world such as Pitbull Fans Unleashed(mine), Armando Perez Fans, Mr Worldwide, TeamPitbull for UK and World Wide Fans for the Rapper Pitbull, Pitbull (International Fan page). Twitter is also covered such as @planetpitfans to name a few. Creators of these are so invested in maintaining these sites it really is a heartfelt activity to see how much love, time and energy is put into these sites. I want to cover all of them but there’s not enough space in the world to list them all out!
Pitbull’s birthday last month saw many birthday greetings, tributes, images¸ a rap! All pouring in to wish our lovely man a very happy birthday from all over the world through every social network you can think of and on where his fans all come home to at the end of the day that is here on his planet, Planet Pit his official fan page. Planet Pit also featured two birthday video tributes by friends, fans, official Team Pitbull and Mr305 Artists as well another tribute creatively executed by Key Perez (@Kemilycorreia) and Lari 305 (@_larissahelena) which featured many other fans around the world too. Please see Planet Pit for full list of participants! 
We all know that Pitbull nor his music discriminates. No one is immune from the Pitbull Effect from the baby that calls every bald man Pitbull, Granny Bitala to the President of the United States!  And everyone loves him and some even want to be him (Facebook: Will the real Pitbull please stand up?) 
As for me? I do this, Pitbull has ignited the passion of writing in me and offering a release of being able to write my heart out about the man and his music I so love and enjoy so much and have also been inspired into writing some cheeky female Pitbull versions of his songs like Hotel Room and tribute raps and poems spreading across the last 8 years or so.  
His talents and vision are not only thing that fans are attracted to. DJ Buddha whose productions, remixes and presence will always hold a special place in Pitbull’s music and history in my heart had once said of Pitbull "He has a heart and he's not afraid to show you his heart, It is genuine" And his fans are no exception. We have been touched by Pitbull and to an extent seen some of his heart and genuine love, appreciation and acknowledgement of his fans. Pit doesn’t have to tell us he loves us, because he SHOWS us and that’s what counts and as we also convey messages of love to Mr Worldwide so daily, EVERYDAY is Valentines Day for Mr Worldwide fans. I challenge any sceptics to tell me what’s not to love. Just look at that smouldering picture! On that note, let’s sing it for Pitbull!
You know we love you (love you), we know you love us  (love us) 
You know we love you (love you), we know you love us  (love us) 
Haha 1-2-3-4 
Roses are red 'n' violets are blue
Keep doin' whatcha do 
os ya know we love you What? Just over 8 million followers Pit's got on Twitter 
To all ya haters- Please don't be bitter! 
Ain't no fans like Pitbull fans Manos pa' arriba! Put up yo hands! 
Fan pages all over world galore, 
Let's hear it for PLANET PIT rippin' up the floor! 
Pitbull fever goin' viral creatin' more than a fuss 
The world may be yours, but you belong to US! 
Free stylin' as this I write 
But you know what I'm tryin' to say, right? 
No amount of words could express how much we love you 
But I think you may just have a clue 
So please allow us to send you love, abrazos y besitos and take you out to Voli 'n' dine, 
Mr Worldwide ... Wishin' you a very Happy Valentines!  
With lots of love,  
Serina  - Pitbull Fan Unleashed! 


As featured on 15th January 2013 (CopyRights Held:RPatel)

Churnin’ out hit after hit
A super hit factory that's our Pit
Not a fake after one hit fractured!
Artist with REAL talent not manufactured
Dissected his destiny with a fine knife
From negative to positive he turned his life
Place of origin the County of Dade
‘Limited Edition’ just the one made!
Just like Einstein he created his math
Something special that ‘gels’ with those who cross his path
On and off a plane got the United Nations locked down
Bet he’s had a concert in your nearest town!
Jumpin’ across ponds, oceans, port-to-port
Pit would win gold if touring was an Olympic sport! 
Envisioned what to us is local
Acted on a bigger scale that's global
Mr World Wide see how everyone now knows his name
Took it over, owned it and changed the game!
Took control and made the decision
Took the path “ Short steps, long vision”
Pit grabbed the industry then shook it up
Way back when, when he was just a Lil' pup
Underdog of Miami to top dog of the world
Threw 'em the Pit vibe and shocked 'em as it hurled
Bite to lock, too stupid to loose
Our fave rappin' Pitbull coated in tattoos
Can’t stop, won’t stop! 305 upgraded to World Wide
Hold tight, 2013 is gonna to be an even faster ride!
Seven Albums on no tears, no Kleenex, drop the tissue
Made it now, Money Is No Longer A Major Issue
Patience, passion, perseverance - eye always on the ball
He came, he rapped, he sang, he conquered it all!
A lyrical genius, Jose Marti would have a lot to answer for
Listen not just hear his rhymes, break it down to the core
Pay attention and step into the Pit-Thought-Train
Play on words to tease and tantalise your brain
Workin’ hard and never hardly workin’
Always on the grind, ain’t no room for shirkin’
A businessman whose head ain’t buried in the sand
Pit now has the globe eating outta  the palm of his hand
Hahaha! Don’t make me laugh - Pitbull? Retire?
No my friend Pit has his eye on his golden empire
A guy with sticky fingers with his hands in so many pies
An entrepreneur, look out Richard Branson, taken by surprise?
Positively guilty there’s one thing you can incriminate
Whatever age or race, Pitbull doesn’t discriminate
Wherever you are Mr World Wide surely relates
From Granny Bitala to the President of the United States!
Pitbull’s special brand of magic touches you whoever you are
Ringo? No Pit I think you’re the Starr!
Man-beauty and a lot of class to go with those brains
Invests wisely and not in the usual bling ‘n’ chains!
Sexy, smart, stylish just look at that smile, look at those eyes!
Put you under a spell, hypnotize!
Naturally humble, kind, charming and charismatic
Can’t buy or plan those Five Star qualities it ain’t ‘Systematic’
Inimitable, matchless and comes with his own USP
There’s no one like him nor will there ever be
Always raising the bar and going the extra yard
Pitbull? Priceless…for everything else there’s MasterCard!
Collecting supporters all over the world - ain’t no one immune!
Like the Pied Piper we all follow and dance to his tune
To his fans, Pitbull presents more invaluable gifts
Blessed to have an icon that inspires, guides, motivates and uplifts
Demonstrates how if you observe, absorb and apply
You too can reach your dreams of your just try
A teacher to all around him with messages so wise
Love and light our angel in disguise
Beaming out an energetic feeling off the charts
Thanks Pit for putting a smile on our faces and a glow in our hearts
I tell ya Pit, I ain’t the famous sis of Jamie-Lynn
And if I could I'd sing it to you like Marilyn
Saluting you with a big smile and sending a lotta love from inside,
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Mr World Wide !
Serina - Pitbull Fan Unleashed! (C)


As featured on 17th December 2012


Contrary to what you may have heard about the current whereabouts of Pitbull on the globe, he is actually visiting the Queen of England at Buckingham Palace this Christmas!

With his can of Dr Pepper in tow, Pitbull is also seen hanging out with the London Girls (ahem), who also took him around South Beach some time ago. Look out for our girl Stephanie who kindly posted Pit all the way from Miami to London (sometimes you just can't get that private jet!)

Check out the pics on the link below and enjoy!

Thank you and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and all the best for 2013




As featured on 18th December 2012

I went to Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt and I heard Pitbull's music everywhere! No joke!...Check out this sneaky footage I took in a sheisha cafe where the locals were putting on a show in their traditional robes dancing away to Something For The DJ's!!....Awesome!!


As featured on 21st November 2012

As I stand holding the cover of the seventh wonder of Pitbull, his seventh studio album in the home of one of the seven wonders of the world which is Egypt I ask you “CAN YOU FEEL THE HEAT?!!!”
With the constant warnings of an oncoming Global Warming, the time has finally arrived. The build up and PMT (that is not Pre Menstrual Tension but Pitbull Music Tension!) to the climax building up to the release of this blazing album was enough to make you feel as though you will spontaneously combust into flames of excitement. May I suggest that you change into your bikinis, mankinis, shorts, speedos or whatever floats your boat. It’s the only attire suitable to be able to cope with the heat coming out of this album.
Pitbull has out done himself and raised the bar once again.  We expected nothing less from our genius.  Global Warming is one big party album with numerous anthems that are guaranteed, yes guaranteed to burn the dance floors all over the world. It’s packed full of sounds that went straight through my ears and down to uncontrollably activate my hips whilst simultaneously tantalising and teasing my brain with traditional Pitbull lyrics that we all love and enjoy so much. It truly is a bag of treats and features artists such as Havana Brown and TJR to name a few. It would be absolutely criminal to choose a favourite or even top five songs on the album without the music police coming to arrest you. It’s simply not possible.
Mr World Wide with all his charisma and charms has even managed to pull out a genie in a bottle for his seventh album on Feel The Moment where he collaborates with Christina Aguilera and being an eighties kid I was delighted with the samples of Take On Me by AHA (Morten Harket should be proud!) which was so unpredictable and headed straight at you with Pit reporting live from the tallest building in Tokyo.
The Party Ain’t Over until you’re so f******g drunk or at least until Pitbull says so! Look out for this infectious track featuring Usher and Afro Jack. We have a ladies anthem that is Drinks For You with J to the L.O where the second verse praises single mothers who work hard to make ends meet and not forgetting to pay tribute to his very own mother as well as those that are innovative or with power (meet you at happy hour?)
To The Wanted I’m ‘glad you came’ to make an appearance on Have Some Fun. This song right here is another example of what I’m talking about. How Pitbull and his producers incorporate samples of songs that you couldn’t imagine that would be used let alone work. Here we have Cheryl Crows All I Wanna Do. I would love to get into their minds of how they come up with thinking of these and get in the ad hoc studios on the go with them to watch it all come together. There are so many samples in this album and when you’re so into your music it’s even more of a pleasant surprise and enjoyable to pin point them as they come through on the various tracks. (Question: Anyone else at the edge waiting for some more of the Macarena to kick in as they listened to Global Warming featuring Sensato?)
We all know that Pitbull has a tongue that is bilingual and just through the speakers his lyrics alone are ‘ready to play with the spot where you tingle’. The original get down and dirty Mr 305-World Wide lyrics are back, blatant and RAW as ever and all over the album!  So just surrender and let Pitbull and Enrique  ‘f*** you blind’ with these lyrics and let them have your Tchu Tchu Tcha!
Predominantly a party album we have songs that also clutch a little at your emotional strings at the same time such as Get It Started with Shakira, Hope We Meet Again featuring Chris Brown, Last Night with Havana Brown and then we have Outta Nowhere featuring and produced by Danny Mercer accompanied by our favourite White Boy Wasted Jamie Drastik also not one to be missed. Who am I kidding? Nothing is to be missed!
Global Warming is an essential for any party. Ensure you do it justice and make sure it ain’t over, even if it’s 3am…Que no pare la fiesta!
I very much agree with a recent interview with Pitbull and can understand how his music has changed the climate around the world when it comes to talking to people in the universal language that is music. Changed the game for the better and am grateful for the fact that people are able to loose themselves for a while into his music no matter where they are on the globe and what their circumstances may be. Mr World Wide you truly have the ‘globe in the palm of your hand’ with this album. Congratulations and THANK YOU for the music and just being who you are, what you do and teach through your lyrics from all of us fans.
Ok let’s not get too serious now…I’m starting to get drunk on Global Warming (hiccup!), come on catch up with me guys... 
My name is Serina and I am a PITBULLAHOLIC, please don’t try to cure me.
I’M OFF THAT? Hell no, Global Warming..I LOOOVE THAT!!!!

Serina - Pitbull Fan Unleashed!


As featured on 29th October 2012

Dear God, what is happening HERE? Have you seen the new Pitbull featuring TJR video for Don’t Stop the Party? Topless and t***ies all over the place! The topless one is Pitbull (Bet you didn’t expect that? Lift up your jaw and put your tongue back in ladies!) The latter are pretty much naked ladies strategically wrapped in silk bed sheets or the odd one pressing her breasts behind the shoulder pads of Pitbull’s suit as he sits on the edge of the bed. Either that or bulging out in their bikini’s frolicking away. Fella’s if you pay close attention you may catch a glimpse of some ‘girl on girl’ action. It’s no wonder with all this human caused ‘heat’ it looked so exciting and ‘excitable’. Even for the leading man (enough said!).
From the bed to the boat, to the pool to the club, to right back on the boat again. A party wouldn’t be a party without DJ Chino spinning the tracks and bottles of Voli and there was certainly a lot of that flowing everywhere too. It was almost like one big booze cruise! (Where was my invite?!)
The video gets deeper with the ‘risqué’ factor, which has been the pattern of late. Such as in what I named the Fifty Shades of Pitbull for his Let’s Get It Started video, but this time with a fun element added to it. Pitbull was definitely getting everyone "Loose, Loose" and seemed a lot more chilled out and laid back. Pit even let his hair down, no pun intended, for this video with a quick costume change back and forth from his suave tie and suit to his shorts-stroke-swimming trunks, don’t think we’ve seen that format before either!
Having the ‘Key to Miami’ also means you have a certain responsibility along with the power to tell the residents that it’s imperative to maintain certain standard of social activity within the area and perhaps have a small plane fly a banner saying “Don’t Stop The Party” just to ensure that this message is received, understood and adhered to by all.
The video is again wonderfully directed by David Rousseau who is the pioneer of many of Pitbull's previous videos such as Back In Time and Get It Started to name a few. I like Mr Rousseau, he GET's Pitbull and his lyrics. His creativity, themes and direction of videos does justice to the songs and connect with those that are watching them.
LOVE IT. I shouldn’t have to tell you that Don’t Stop The Party is going to be featured on Pitbull’s seventh studio album Global Warming due to hit us on November the 19th. I can’t do any justice telling you about it, you’ve got to watch the video for yourselves and at the same time feel the vibe, energy and shake your booty and anything else that you can jiggle as you do.
Ziga-Ziga-Ziga-Ziga-ZOW...Don't 'cha dare stop the party NOW!  Dale - YeeeeYAW!
By Serina- Pitbull Fan Unleashed!