Friday, 19 September 2014


Playboy partnership, Playboy mansion and now the international Playboy continues the bunny theme and gets a little 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' on us in the new Fireball video released today on Vevo.

Set in what looks like an exclusive club possibly named Calientes, the video is packed with old fashioned black and white sophistication and glamour with smouldering outfits costumed by Angela Aaron. We have sexy dancing with a touch of Cuba, Brazil and going back in time perhaps even a glimpse of the 20's Charleston making it's way onto the dance floor. In line with the flaming theme of it's title, we also have some breathtaking fire breathing (don't try that at home kids!)

As the sexy leading lady Alejandra Espinoza looking much like Jessica Rabbit in a printed red thigh slit, sweetheart cut dress makes appearance, the video gets a little comical with guys in the bar eyes popping out and tongues to the floor in an animated cartoon manner. By this time we're all watching in colour all round yet the bottle of Pitbull's Voli still remains black! It wouldn't be a Pitbull video after all without plugging one of his brands with some clever 'product placement' shots here and there of the latest Voli. 

As the video continues, the seductress in red whispers in Mr Worldwide's little ear and dares to take his drink as she walks away with it. Closely flowed by Pitbull to get that drink back ( who are we kidding, to clearly follow to get up to no good!)

John Ryan works his magic on a guitar as he belts out the chorus while the gorgeous Most Bad Ones set the dance floor alight. The video also features Bart Baker, Brittany Furlan and Jenna Marbles. 

Directed by David Rousseau, a personal favourite music video maverick, I had a hunch the video was going to be great and pushed to another level before it was publicly seen by the genius that is Mr 'Creative Seen' 

Sexy, sophisticated and smoking HOT a MUST watch. Click on the bottle of Voli to see the full video.


Monday, 15 September 2014


Who wants to go on tour with Pitbull and Enrique? What’s that, all of you? Seems that now you can with Pitbullglobal who are taking you along with these fellas. All you have to do is visit click onto their new Pitbull Tour page, jump on his virtual red tour bus and follow these crazy ‘Freaks’ by clicking on the red star in the map to access news, pictures and video for that particular show.

"Our goal is to make it easier for fans all over the world to follow along as Pit and Enrique tour North America. We wanted to put all the information together in one place so the fans don't have to hunt for it or miss anything." Say Pitbullglobal. Hurry! The tour already started at Newark, New Jersey at the Prudential Center – don’t miss the bus click on Pitbull or Enrique below.

Dale YeeYAW!


Monday, 8 September 2014


Congratulations to Pitbull who received a Streamy ICON Award in the fourth annual Streamy Awards last night. The highest honour given by the Streamy Awards. Receiving this particular ICON award (yes it is still in CAPITAL LETTERS as it is such a huge deal!) is ICONIC within itself as it is the FIRST year an ICON award has been presented. An award which is given to exceptional individuals in recognition of their demonstration of leading the way in online video and entertainment.

Streamy by name and streamy by nature, the award show itself was also streamed LIVE and could be watched as it all happened on Pitbull’s Youtube.

Activism, convergence, entrepreneurship, and inspiration are the four categories in which the Streamy ICON Award honours talents. Pitbull has been given recognition under the convergence category. "No other artist in the world better represents the current convergence of digital and traditional media than Armando Christian PĂ©rez, aka Pitbull" say the Streamys (we agree!, although it could be argued that Pitbull crosses into many of the other categories one way or another whether in the current context or with further expansion)

Pitbull is renowned for always being the innovator, straying away from the norm, doing things differently and challenging ways and means. Very well deserved and I’m NOT saying that just because I'm a die-hard fan. Recognition given where it’s due! Congratulations Mr Worldwide!

Seems that Pitbull is ahead of the plan for the next two years and already making history and causing some disruption of the welcomed kind!

Click onto Pitbull (any one of him will do) and revisit Mr Worldwide's reaction to getting an ICON award.



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