Tuesday, 29 March 2016


I thought I saw a Pitbull and a Pussy Cat – I did, I did! I did see a Pitbull and a Pussy Cat!

“I wonder if Pitbull will do another 'love track' anytime soon?” is the thought that entered the mind as I listened Dime (remix) of Tell Me with Frankie J and Ken Y (El Mariel The Boatlift) not so long ago. Then bam here we are. A new song by J Sutta of the Pussy Cat Dolls  with Pitbull for her upcoming deluxe edition of Feline Resurrection titled as ‘When a Girl Loves a Boy’ well I don’t think Pitbull would outright say “Boy Love A Girl” in a title (more like F*ck she TOOK MY LOVE) But that doesn’t stop Mr Worldwide say he will die, ride, lie and cry for his baby.

Looking forward to the release of this new single and enjoying the teaser below for now


Sunday, 20 March 2016


So very sad to hear Melissa Boggs has left us, a wonderful, brave, inspirational lady. My thoughts, prayers and heart goes out to family and other friends and #PitbullGirls and all the lives Missi and her fighting spirit touched...Thank you Missi for allowing me to share your experience with meeting @pitbull ..I sadly never had the opportunity to meet you in person... I love your spirit, warm, infectious smile and personality....I'm lost for words..and #FuckCancerLetsDance

Read Missi's experience at meeting Mr Worldwide in her own, moving words here:

Tuesday, 15 March 2016


Who says Pitbull can’t walk on water? Any doubters would have any doubts certainly removed after this spectacular performance! Currently in Las Vegas for the second stint of Time Of Our Lives shows at the Axis at the Planet Hollywood Resort , Mr Worldwide continued to still cause disruption and history elsewhere in Sin City.

Hands never dirty but not afraid to get his feet wet. Pitbull with Joe Perry, Travis Barker and Robin Thicke outside the Bellagio Hotel performing Bad Mad IN and AROUND its majestic iconic fountain last night with drums, guitar and speakers on a slightly submerged platform. As mentioned by the Las Vegas Sun, the fun in the water appears to be for a recording for the NBA Playoff commercial which is due to air later in the month. Could it be part of the Bad Mans new video?

Check out the footage below: Source and credit Marcus Constable 

Friday, 11 March 2016


They say ‘What happens in Miami, never happened’ Yet Pitbull opened his first charter school SLAM and has his birthday officially stamped as ‘Pitbull Day’ in the 305. It DID happen. 

They say  ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ Yet Pitbull expands his SLAM School to Las Vegas, and now he also has his very own ‘Pitbull Day’ in the city, today March 11th – It STAYS in Vegas but the news has spilled out of the city and fans worldwide join in to the celebrate and congratulate Mr Worldwide.

Today March the 11th is officially Pitbull Day in Las Vegas in recognition of Mr Worldwides contribution to the city, in particular the opening of an expansion of the SLAM charter school in the State. Another significant moment in creating history through 2016 for Pitbull. The momentous day was declared by Mayor Carolyn Goodman. 

Congratulations Mr Worldwide! Don’t be surprised to see ‘Pitbull Day’ in every State and globally thereafter. ‘Pitbull Day’ coming soon to a city near you! Until then hit the Axis at Planet Hollywood to have the Time Of Your Lives with Mr Worldwide! Dale!

Click on the image (original source unknown) above to see what Mr Worldwide has to say on Fox