Saturday, 13 January 2018

Happy Birthday Pitbull RAP-POEM 2018

Happy Birthday Armando! My gift to you! A Rappeom with some of your highlights of 2017 in rhymes! Listen on the audio or read ahead! Have a wonderful day. Enjoy, thank you & Dale!

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For he’s a jolly good fellow our Pitbull chap!
Bring out the party poppers - everybody clap!

Count back to 2017 so much achieved
Sure in your mind it first conceived!

Are you ready? Then let’s go
No order - just let it flow!

Mr Worldwide, Armando, Chico, Pitbull’s the name
“I don’t let the game play me, I play the game”

Mr Worldwide Signature Series - Hard Rock Heals
Doin’ it for SLAM and education it’s a HUGE deal!

After Dark Party - The Pitbull Cruise
Voli 305 Vodka the official sponsor and booze!

Watch out! Conditions are about to rearrange
Climate in music is about to Change

Pitbull Educates Ya with that Sexy Body and more
We Are Strong - keep up on the dance floor!

Before heading off to the studios - Tuff Gong
Given the Green Light for the Wrestle Mania 33 Song!

We have Options with Stephen Marley,
Pit rides through Jamaica - is that a Harley?

Options video more Pitbull history in the making
Marley history too it’s ground breaking

The Bad Man, the Thicke and the Perry
Anyone catch the moment on Pitberry?

Hands on a real guitar hanging with the crew like birds of a feather
At 25,000 feet you think Pit cares about the weather?

Booked for Elusion Music Festival headline
Suited and booted dressed up to the nines

Hey Ma is it Fate of the Furious?
Lucky 8? Just curious

From the ones that make me chuckle to ones that strike a chord
Congratulations - Songwriters Hall of Fame Global Ambassador Award 

Make a big splash create a ripple effect - it’s a global movement
Only listened when I met Pitbull’s rhymes – now that’s a big improvement!

He’s from the dirty but that chico nice
No need to ask once or even twice

Pit got the jet fuelled up - ready to go!
Move cancer patients for treatment – US from Puerto Rico

Somos Una Voz to Starry Night Masquerade
To help efforts, provide relief and aid

Tune into SiriusXM for our fave DJ’s - I know y’all keen
Lucky for us Globalization moved to Channel thirteen

Time of Our Lives residency back again – Pitbull’s a stayer
Magazine interview – Vegas Player

Best of Vegas Pitbull Time of Our Lives - nominated
Residency show quite rightfully rated

Another School coming up in Atlanta
While FOX goes into SLAM - Tampa

From trying to switch off Tony Robbins in his mom’s car 
To being on stage with Tony, that Chico has come far!

Mr Education on TRL and all is well
Gift match a scholarship that’s pretty swell!

While his music storms up the chart 
Pitbull will out-work and out-hustle anyone with his lions heart

“When I say I, I mean us, I mean we”
Team work makes the dream work you see

Short steps, long vision
Forget long division

Took his letters and made them numbers right
Like he’s got nothing to lose everyday Pitbull still fights

To succeed is made it. success is to maintain it
Successful is to understand both levels - just like Pit

Armando loves the kids, heart worth more than gold - come and take a seat
Amigo For Kids 25th Anniversary Gala Lollipop Award - that’s sweet!

As Pitbull’s empire continues to thrive
iLov305 yet to come on Ocean Drive

Dreamforce, Real Wealth Expo, Insight With Icons - moving in different fields
Armed with business strategies that he wields

Ultimate Wealth and Achievement Summit,
Learn from Armando so your business doesn't plummet! 

Go Pro Recruiting Mastery twenty seventeen
10% Talent, 90% Business if you know what he means

Inaugral Dick Clark Achievement - Latin AMA’s
Pitbull you never cease to amaze!

Por Favor, Jungle Fever, Mucho Culo - over to Pitbull’s Greatest Hits
Old school heaven and some new - it all fits!

Celebs Gone Good Nominee 2017 - That chico always good with a heart of gold
Always helping those in need without making a fuss or being told

Can’t stop, won’t stop so make some room
Cos I wanna dance like Muévelo Loca Boom Boom!

Milestone reached and Timber video Vevo one billion views - it’s goin’ down!
Messin’ around in the bars and Bahamas but Pitbull? He’s no clown

Many 'Options' available but Pitbull is the only real one
Nomination for three International Reggae and World Music Awards - Boom that's done!

SiriusXM Pop 2K Holiday party take over if ‘September’ Earth, Wind and Fire doesn't move you
Check your rhythm pulse something wrong there too!

Worldwide NYE Revolution - end of 2017 let’s mark
And ring in 2018 at Bayfront Park

Happy Birthday Armando keep going and keep growing
Keep the ventures, schools and business flowing
Shine bright and keep your light glowing


Love always, Rina x  

(Copyrights held)


Wednesday, 6 January 2016


One, two, three, four
Grab a Voli - report to dance floor!
Pitbull’s birthday let's have the time of our lives
Warm up the party – when’s Pitbull arrive?
Lil' Chico everywhere add more lanes & another dimension
And there’s just too many great songs that year to mention
Without any border
& in no particular order
Pitbull the history making machine
Here’s most of what went down in 2015

Birthday surprise – students no work - no exam!
When Mayor Regalado declares “Pitbull Day!” at SLAM
“And Ambassador of Arts” says Governer Scott!
Adding SLAM expansion onto another plot
Later breaks ground in Nevada with shovel & hard hat
Down to earth - for the kids - Armando - he does that

eMerge Americas convention
Innovation, creativity, invention
Join Pitbull’s workshops session
Interactive, engaging with expression
Keynote speaker with lots to tell
Close of business - Ring that Nasdaq bell!

But DJ’s? - We know Pit luurves dat
It just got Sirius - Laz, Africa - what time you at?
Kleenex out you’ve been warned in advance
Pit’s sessions DJ Laz - A beautiful bromance
Y100 a night & award of Mr 305 – wahaaaay!
You know that Lil’ Chico runs M.I.A !

Flipagram artist of the month another first ever
More history without trying - that Chico he’s clever
Wham Bam new profile on Shazam
What’s Pitbull Listening to? – Let’s jam
iHeart Pitbull to Dale Spotify with fans - Q & A
I ain’t scary - Fan Unleashed session whattdya say?

Summer festival in Aruba
One day maybe even Cuba
Back to SoBe official sun care Line Miami Beach
Smart 'n' savvy - Pit doesn’t get burnt - speech!
Last snapped with a Kodak right over there
Now Piensas premiere up in Times Square
Over to Tussaud’s - better hire that extra security though
For that new Pitbull wax work in Orlando

80 thousand people in London - Wembley
Capital Summertime Ball - UK #PitbullGirls Assembly!
Radio 1 Scott Mills interview?
Now Pitbull knows ‘What’s an outside loo’
With Kiss FM talks of Sheeran – Ed
Would make one bangin’ collab - Nuff said!
Lil’ Chico big – It’s no child’s play
Plaque 4.4M sales alone in the UK!
Premios Juventud El Super Tour y Mi Artist Urbano
Congratulations! Arriba las manos!
Donald Trump, man, that ain’t cool Papo!
Guess ya better watch out for that El Chapo
United in ‘Mexican we all are’
Stand up to those sitting in glass towers that just go too far

Enter Dale The Album – a global movement
Infectious, hot & mi Espaniol? - Improvement
Songs storming up the chart
Fans pen to paper - Dale Fan Art
25th anniversary Universal Studios & Mango’s
How ‘bout a new Voli with the new Mango in Orlando!

Pitbull Presents his American Dream
Along with the rest of his amazing team
More history as 1st rapper Vegas residency
A week long Pitbull Vegas Presidency!
Pump it up at the Voli bar let’s do it with class
Raining Voli in Vegas - catch with shot glass!
All flew in for the ‘Time of Our Lives’
A #PitbullGirl take over – but Pit survives!

On the empire add yet another layer
Mr Worldwide an owner not a player
But games us fans can play
Kick it off in Vegas all day!
Pit 'hit the jackpot-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-ching-ching!
Expansion Playboy gaming machine - Pit just doing his thing

Easy! No doubt about it - another song let's pen
Pitbull rhymes on Empire - enter the Lyons den!
Now jump the puddle with Visit Florida - over to the UK
They call it soccer here - Fulham FC - dale - let’s play!
Then Pitbull bags yet another historical post
1st Latin American Music Awards host

More than a million diamonds - believe that when you’re told
Pitbull has a heart worth more than all the earth’s gold
Miami Children’s Health Foundation - Hall of Fame inductee
“I gotta do it baby, 305 Dade County make some noise!” shouts for Miamiiiiiiii

Penn & Teller or Paul Weller?
No a Pitbull Microsoft concert at Rockerfeller!
La Noche No Termina until Pitbull is spreading
The music, the love – Sofia Vergara’s wedding!
It can’t be a ‘Fiesta Latina’
Without the Baddest behind him in the American Airlines Arena

Everyday above ground is a good day
Sometimes it's fun sitting on the ocean to play
Godfather to new ship - perform & then back on a plane
Norwegian Escape - congratulations you’re a dad again!

Here’s to the Heroes - for freedom they fight
So we can be safe & sleep at night
Money no longer a major issue - the world is mine - now ‘come see me!’
Fame & Fortune on CNBC
Latin Explosion continuing to pave the way
Visionary - global icon – Mr Worldwide is here to stay!

Festival People – everyone stay on the floor
Don’t Stop the Party - roll on the Dale Tour
Giving his everything as always a surprise with Taylor Swift
A delight to fans - what a gift!

2015 excitement, history, fun that's the conclusion
Round off with another Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution
My perspective for 2016 - so please don’t convict us
Heard it from me & my money on Pitbull, Prince Harry, Florida - ‘Invictus’!
With lots of love & admiration
Thank you for the music, inspiration & motivation
Pitbull empire & music a worldwide eruption,
2016 & Looking forward to one hell of a 'disruption!'
Keep on shining bright
Keep takin' it to higher heights!
Sending you well wishes, lots of love & light
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Armando before you rush to catch another flight!

Rina P  (c)




Wednesday, 14 January 2015



Sun goes up & drink goes down,
It's Pitbull's birthday -  gather round!
There's no need.. for all that frackas
Enough for all these other crazy mutha f****rs

Born today 1981 in a Fireball ball of flame
Mamma was right now everybody knows your name
He Saw, he conquered, he came
Took it over, owned it, still changes the game

Jump off the train, don’t moan or get thrown
Grow with Pit or get outgrown
As Pit continued not to sprint but the marathon ahead
 "Buckle up for a crazy 2014" is what Pit said

Catch him if you can with his cup filled to the brim
Often in the Bahamas with a Bad One behind him
Possibly Volito'd up on a Norwegian Cruise!
Just like in last February’s news
No, not this year, not exiled to Alaska
Maybe celebrating with those cheeky penguins in Madagascar
Maybe Day Drinking with Heymous Molly -  drink in hand
Pit don't bring sand to the beach he brings the beach to the sand!

Follow Pit everywhere on Instagram & on the go
Vroom vroom around the world is how we go
But wherever we are we don't miss a shot
Thanks to The Rock Star photographer - that's who we got
Capturing the essence in great visual components
Greg Watermann always capturing moments

As 2014 begun, we realised later why ‘We Are One'
After Pitbull announced his World Cup performance under the sun
Yet while Mr Worldwide is awarded the Global Gift Humanitarian Award
"Thank You" on Pitbull Appreciation Day is what we roared!

On the way to Brazil and "Yo Mike move the finger so we can see you too…"
(want me to get the aligning straight for you?)
At forty five thousand feet, you think Pit cares about the weather? Okay, maybe a little
But there’s other work to be done up there - somethin’ transmittal
Welcomed turbulence on the network by Pit’s Live broadcast - & Pow!
It’s now time to get used to something innovative with Pit & YouNow

Weekend Pitbull-a-thon can you resist?
Take over Spotify's biggest playlist
Tune in & crank it up - that's the rule of thumb!
SiriusXM PItbull's own radio channel to come

4th of July - next stop La Casa Blanca soon after dawn
In the evening - a party on the White House lawn!
Havin' fun no stress no drama
Time to celebrate with President Obama

Hottest Pitbull merch about - no doubt
Introducing Shoppitbull - add to cart - then checkout
Remember the Alexander Mijares selection
Under the limited edition We Are One collection
Proceeds also to Techo Brazil -  go on make a bid!
On the artwork- they signed it that's what Mijares & Pit did

Royalty of the 305 is loved by the Royalty of the UK
As “I like A bit of Pitbull” Prince Charles gave away!
Cue a performance at the Fusion Festival of the The Princes Trust
Dancing away with his tongue out 'n' classic hip-thrust!

Oye Como Va? To the 15th Latin Grammy Awards
On stage with Santana- now I'm floored
Legend himself with the legend in the making
The world is Pit's - it's his for taking
Took the 305 to worldwide
Hold tight, watch & enjoy the ride

ALMA, Streamy Icon, Premios juventud & more for this great ball of flame
Soon hands cemented into the Walk of Fame
It comes of no surprise or mystery
We're on track, for 2015 is the year of making history

Salvation Army and Dallas Cowboys raise funds for the Red Kettle campaign
Pitbull performance always off the chain
Good Morning America to the Meridith Show
On the latter explaining the lyrical flow
Tell us more in Ocean Drive, Rolling Stones, Hollywood Reporter,
Maybe one for the fans by this fan & long standing supporter

Certificate and robe handsome as ever
Some thought they would see this? Never!
Flip the bird to the non-believers "now see me!"
Graduated with an Honorary Degree

Midsummer Night's Dream performance in silk P.J's - Playboy Mansion
All eyes still on the on the ball with aim for more expansion
"If you think it's a game-then let's play!"
Pit themed games with Bally Tech soon one day

Worldwide is as worldwide does
Replace the globe where Pit's face was
Eighth Studio album Globalization 
Party level turned up to full optimisation
Loosen up your body, let your hair down, let down that bun
Time to have some 'EF-EEW-ENN' - FUN

Engaging host never ceases to amaze
Like a 'Boomerang' back to hosting the AMA's
Dancing With The Stars? Yes Pit's all good
Performance & judge on the panel-understood

Talented with a cheeky smile & sexy eyed
Our favourite Cuban-American Mr Worldwide
Yet 'Americans welcome, Pitbull still banned' CNN report
"Now this is classic" what Pitbull said, in short

Always above ground, hardly ever on the road
Still time to link with Endemol Beyond for a series of Gentlemens Code!
The Most Bad Ones also have their own series on show
One for The Agents? Jon Brandon Cruz, Will Keanan let's go!

Observe, absorb, apply
On how to become an entrepreneur in bow tie
Passion, patience, perseverance watch 'n' try
One step at a time short steps long vision before you fly
Look at the game from a different perspective
Analyse and put it all together collective

Look, Pitbull is a product, Pitbull is a brand
Strategically marketed - never out of fashion or bland
Ten percent talent, ninety percent business worked it out
Scared money don't make money without a doubt

Music is the hustle, Pit's addiction
Visualise where to be without restriction
Relentless infectious rhymes
Pit is always moving with the times
Portfolio still growing since Miami Subs - no, not Pizza Hut!
That guy's like a squirrel looking for a nut

This is not a drill
Only get one shot at a great party if you will
No boring end of year buttoned up stiff, lardy, dardy, farty
Time to really enjoy the season at the Go Daddy holiday party

As we reached the end of 2014 Staying in became the new going out
Ringing in 2015 with Pit was what it was about
Watching Pitbull on the box
NYE Revolution Live on FOX

Teams & labels straight through to Pologrounds
Fans and friends around the world let's gather round
Hold up your Voli or champagne flute
"Happy birthday Pitbull"- thank you & salute!

Written by:
Serina - Pitbull - Fan Unleashed (C) 

Mr Worldwide!

Tuesday, 14 January 2014


Blow out ya candles-everybody clap!
Another year means another birthday rap'
Said last year 2013 gonna be a faster ride!
Como? Pit took the 305 beyond worldwide
Been in the game since '99
Got rights to the phrase 'The World Is Mine'
Can't stopwon't stopno he don't stop
Creating hits that climb straight to the top
With The Most Bad Ones and Agents in tow
As they shut each city down watch 'em go
Miami’s where Pit starts runnin like a fast train through the world I must stress
Gives a different kinda meaning to American Express

When I said before y'all thought I may be bonkers,
Took over, owned it, changed the game - he conquers
A visionary - no he ain't insane,
Pitbull created his very own lane
Look up in the sky it's a bird It's a plane
No it's just Pit ain't a damn thing change
Except that we now see everyday
Something new added to his resume
Lives for the moment but long term is how Pit thinks
New music, new business, connect to his life - and sync

Fingers in different pies –record breaker
Hardest workin fastest mover and shaker
Destined to be a success you just knew it
Dont know how he does it but he just ‘Do It
Takin music and business to another dimension
All the videos and songs? Aint enough time ‘n’ paper to mention!
Creating new ways, opportunities and streams
Expanding the portfolio along with his teams
To observe, absorb, apply
Passion, perseverance, patience pays off you see why

Ten per cent talent and business ninety per cent
Pitbull is a product, a brand that's what he meant
Lives life and not the other way round thats how he live
Used life's negatives to create his own positive
They say you live only once but Pit says he lives everyday
We can all learn from Pit even if you only start today
An icon and example to all the fans that's clear
That things may seem far but it's in reach and near

Play Pit songs over and over like a virgin feels like hearing the first time
Exciting and hung on every lyric ‘n’ rhyme
Armando slicker than an oil spill
Always givin’ us that lyrical thrill
Rhymes blow you over -hold onto those rails
Pit way cooler than polar bear toenails

So Pit put your shades on, raise that eyebrow and strike a pose
You're your own competition no one comes close
2013 lots happened and the empire it grows
Let's talk about it now and more -you ready? Then let's go!

Until now you could catch him on TIVO
Now Pitbull's Certified 100M VEVO
From sittin in Miami Subs and writing rhymes
To takin over the cover of The Franchise Times
Hard work, great producers, lyrical genius -hit song foundations
Pitbull up for nine Latin Billboard Nominations

Always a good sport - makes trendy an exam
Pitbull opens his first Charter School SLAM
In love, war, music and sport all is fair
How about some Pitbull sportswear?
2014 We are one and you'll see what Pit means
World Cup Ole! Blue yellow and green!

Sexy is as sexy does
Sexy People Fiat song that's the buzz
Adds more commercials to his chart
Another Dr Pepper and one for Dodge Cart
Case dismissed! 'Got It Locked Up Like (whoops!)'
Pit, no he ainjumpin' through hoops!

Sexy, suited, witty, kind hearted,
It's 50 Shades of Pitbull in video as he Gets It Started
Sexier when it wasn't more possible -ya think?
It's eyes wide shut times ten so baby don't blink!
EPIC the movie Pitbull hits the big screen
Suited amphibian dressed in green
Cheeky, witty, business minded, hustlinBufo the frog
An animated version of our top dog

Global Warming Tour whistle stop show just passing through
At the Brixton Academy -London O2
"Nice to meet you, Armando"- Excited not slept a wink
Hope you enjoyed wearing the cuff-links

At the performance at the IPL cricket
Pitbull slams down yet another wicket
Gets Exotic with Priyanka as her pardesi
Lil'Chico took it straight from Dade to Desi
As the mini Pit's watch him get covered in green and lime
Down with the kids on Nickelodeon as he gets slimed!
Pitbull music food for your soul nourishing and so hearty
How the spirit danced at the iHeart Radio Ultimate Pool Party

This Formula One stopped at the pits in his own race around the world ya know!
Performing at the post US Grand Prix show
Humble, charismatic and with natural flair
Pit signs up to Get Covered Obama Care
Driving Around with Vein & Rushia reflecting on life's bumps and bends
Taking over internationally with the rest of his Mr 305 friends

Although only but two concerts are free
The Grand Opening of Microsoft Stores ceremony
Nothin impossible from flying around saturn and mars
To reaching for and Dancing With The Stars
Standing to attention at their stations
Awaiting for the jet to land Mr United Nations
Pit on People Magazine's Most Sexiest Man Alive
Mamitas imaginations run into overdrive

Superstar Summer Nights can we get a YeHAW
Pitbull rocks it with Tim McGraw
Yes that’s right it's just what you saw
Heat the stage up let it unthaw
One more shot, another round
Just like Timber it's going down
So look out y'all in he dives!
In Country Music Pitbull arrives
Spread his wings out into the genre of Tammy
Back to roots - Manos Pa'rriba! Don't forget that Latin Grammy!

Gorgeous in tux with a beaming smile - let's raise a toast
To the master of ceremonies and AMA's host
A few visits to Good Morning America that you see
To Behind the Scenes with ABC
Ain't going nowhere so pull up a pew
Guy Day Friday givin' us The hot View
But before Pit catches another flight
Let's pop over to Letterman for a late night
Gone till November then we get Meltdown
Gone viral globally in every city and town

From tryin' to make a billion outta fifteen cents
To Pitbull Man and Woman his very own scents
Never getting too comfortable-always on the grind
Always ahead of the game not looking behind
As Pit says complacency is the cousin of death
Talking a different kind - not like Macbeth
Then wham and then bam
Let's do a little something with Shazam
Pitbull the sexy, classy, speedy Ferrari, Lamborghini and Rolls Royce
Closing off the year with Jump Smokers and Prince Royce

No birthday rap in a year so excuse if a little
The rhymes come across as a little bit brittle
Mariah's got hers but you're my own inspirational Hero
Followed and watched you grow from day zero
A huge thank you from us fans for your gifts including the intangible, my dear
Time to celebrate you and your achievements in yet another year
Raisin’ a glass of Voli and then a champagne flute
Happy Birthday Mr Worldwide with love - Salute!

SeRina   Pitbull Fan Unleashed


(Copyrights reserved)