Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Sensato is one of the most dynamic rappers around today. With rhymes that are so fun, fast and witty and music so catchy, it's easy to get caught and sucked into the vacuum of his infectious flow- and want to stay there!

Mr 305 Inc's SENsational SENsato is currently on his European We Ain't Even Supposed To Be Here Tour. Here in London I had the chance to catch up with fabulous Del Patio.

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Without further a do, Ladies and Gentlemen...Sensato Del Patio

Welcome to London Sensato and thank you....

How has the tour been going so far?

It’s been really good. Seeing the fans from the other side of the world and to see the songs they like. To get to try and learn the languages hahaha! A great experience.

Do you have any rituals or routines in preparation for shows?

We get together as a team and do a quick run through of the show and based on the crowd I figure out what I’m going to sing.

Your music reaches different audiences- from those whose first language is Spanish, to those that speak a little, to those who speak none and are still able to enjoy your music. Did you ever anticipate that?

No I’m still surprised each time, especially when it’s the non-Dominican community. It’s crazy.

I love your lyrics they’re so fast, fun and witty – where does inspiration come from?

It comes from hip hop, Eminem and my rapping is just me…versatile

Musically who were your biggest influences growing up and the ones today?

Big Pun, Vico C and today it’s Pitbull, Lil’ Wayne and Jay Z.

How did you meet Pitbull and come to work together?

We met when I did Watagatapitusberry and he decided to do the remix and ever since he has been a mentor and has guided my career.

What is Pitbull like to work with?

Pitbull is a teacher and working with him is great because you learn a lot and he’s fun and humble. Always a good time.

You and Pit taught a lot of fans outside Santo Domingo and other parts of the world what Watagatapitusberry means..teach me another Dominican phrase!

Hahaha! There are a lot of phrases I could teach you but it’s better yet if you’re ever in DR you let me know and I’ll teach you there so you can put it to use!

I really love your overall dress sense, style and ‘senswagger!’ Particularly your bowler hat look – Do you have a collection? (Note: I have since fallen in love with his taste in shoes!)

Thank you. I don’t have a collection but I am working on one. I think what I wear just portrays who I am. I dress like this on or off the stage.

Do you have a stylist or put the look together yourself?

On a day to day basis it’s just me but for award shows I do have the help of a stylist.

Looking forward to the Bello video and seen images of the shoot of you taped up.  Can you tell us more about the video?

Bello is going to be a great video because we shot scenes in different parts - like New York and Europe.

A collaboration between you and Pit especially is always a treat for us – can we expect more songs together in the future?

Definitely. We’re always working on new stuff.

Have you done any sight seeing while you’re in London?

Unfortunately I didn’t get to see much besides the club and hotel but I’ll be back!

What’s next Sensato?

To keep working on new music, some great videos and collaborations! Stay tuned!!

Thank you Sensato, it’s been an absolute honour. Come back again! All the best for your future projects.


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Sunday, 25 May 2014


Debris was found around the streets of Vauxhall today and as a result Sensato Del Patio was guilty as charged for blowing the roof of Area club in the early hours of this morning.

Mr 305 Inc sensation burst onto the stage opening with Booty Booty Booty and from that moment on I couldn’t stop shaking mine. Sensato along with El Tal Mickey worked and wowed the crowd who could not hide the delight on their faces as we got the full ‘Del Patio’ experience in London.

Papa Sensato drove the crowd wild with anthems such as Watagatapitusberry and Latinos in Paris, as well as Bello, Taxi, Tu No Lo Sabe, Aran Chin Chin and many more whilst sipping in between on what I can only guess was ‘Henny con cranberry..’

Sensato has his own unique style and flair not only lyrically but also fashion-wise and his signature ‘senswagger’ always surprises us with that new edition every time. As I moved right by the stage, my eyes went straight down to his shoes. As I pointed to them mouthing “I love your shoes!” Sensato was kind enough to stand still and pose during his performance so I could get a good look and photo of them.

Sensato was brought to London by DJ Urbano and Rumbon Dominicano. Earlier today, DJ Urbano (below) said “As a promoter, one of my goals was to bring a Dominican Urban artist to London for the very first time, and I'm very happy that I was able to reach that goal.

I'm happy I chose Sensato because of his music, he's very talented and I'm glad I was the first to bring him to London, that is something I will also be proud of in terms of my career. He's becoming more and more international due to his collaborations with Pitbull, Cata and all of the Mr 305 Inc family and I'm glad I was able to provide the Dominican community in London with a chance to see him live in concert. I want to thank everyone who has supported me in this event and of course a huge thank you to the crowd. We made history!”

Sensato loves his fans and he’s not afraid to show it. At the meet and greet session, Sensato took the time to take photos and have a chat with fans. Elvis Joel Morla (below) who was at the event said of the Del Patio “ He was very humble with his fans, such a cool guy!"

Sensato’s fan base continues to grow and reach audiences from those who speak some to even no Spanish and able to relate to his music. Extremely talented, hard working, very humble and with a gorgeous warm smile. With great stage presence and even more mesmerising live, Pitbull’s protégé Sensato most definitely knows how to work the crowd, get them going and leave them hungry for more

Thank you DJ Urbano and Rumbon Dominicano for bringing to us such an incredible artist and thank you Sensato for an amazing performance and for coming to the UK. An absolute pleasure to meet you and Yvette. Come back soon, London misses you already.

Check out below for more photos and videos.

   ....well, it would just be rude not to take a 'SENselfie'


Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Pitbull may be making his mark in the sporting world but if shopping was a sport I’m sure Pitbull fans would win gold hands down. The long awaited Shop Pitbull with Red Star Merchandise opened it’s online doors to today at 9am.

User friendly and visually appealing too, there is something for everyone and everything for all of us! The store offers clothing for men and women, fragrances, music, accessories to even treating your fellow #Pitbullgirls and #Worldwiders with gift certificates. The range also extends to products for the home such as doormats through to onesie’s for the little ones.

Grab hold of one of those blinking shot glasses and enjoy a shot of Voli as we say “Hurrah! We have an official merchandise store, thank you Pitbull!”  

If you already signed up, first 100 orders US addresses only receive 15% discount over orders of $30 or more ( ahem..‘Mr Worldwide = worldwide’ fans?) along with 8x10 never before seen picture sets.

Have fun browsing, adding to the basket as you go along and REMEMBER: IT’S A MARATHON NOT A SPRINT so take your time and enjoy the store.That said I might just race you to the store right now. Click onto the link below and get going. Happy Shopping everyone!



The extremely talented Agents looking very crisp in white at the Billboard Music Awards this week. Fantastic photo taken by Greg Watermann.

Sunday, 18 May 2014


If you haven't heard Vamo' Amanecer by Papayo featuring Mr 305 Inc's Motiff, where have you been?

This uplifting song now has a fabulous lyric video with gorgeous back drops of ocean, palm trees with shots of the locations mentioned in the song from European party capital Ibiza to Miami..(tan baliando!) to Miami ..(tan baliando!)

Not only the backdrops but the lyrics are 'appealingly' flown in and around the screen so keep up. This is no bog standard lyric video so indulge yourself by clicking the link below and plug in that karaoke microphone. No excuses now, whether you speak Espaniol or not the words are there so forget Rosetta Stone and get singing!


REVIEW Vamo' Amanecer

Friday, 16 May 2014


There are no 'off side' whistles blown, red card or penalties issued for the official World Cup Song We Are One Video. It's a beautiful hit video for ‘the beautiful game'

The video captures the flavour of the host country Brazil. From capoeira, samba dancers, the Cristo Redentor statue, to the kids having a kick about in the streets aspiring to be the next Pelé.

Being the official song of the World Cup, the video naturally features a lot of football shots of games in the past, as well as past heroes and legends to current day players from Rooney to Ronaldo. Mexican waves in the crowd and back on the street where some of other kid is kicking about a giant inflatable football around the beginning of the video and the poor kid is still making his way to somewhere kicking it through some concrete developed area by the end of it to.

Pitbull, JLO and Claudia Leitte get us all fired up on our feet to dance whatever we may be doing, as they perform on a platform at various stages. Surrounded by dancers, crowds and musicians playing classic samba instruments from tamborims to malacacheta and timba drums.

Mr Worldwide looking crisp as ever in a white suit also makes an appearance elsewhere in the video in a yellow shirt and blue blazer, acknowledging the colours of the host nation. Jenny- where did you get that aztec-like patterned skirt from(I want one!). Claudia, gorgeous in the palm tree design fitted dress.

On the outside I break out in goosebumps and on the inside filled up with pride – proud of Pit. Lil'Chico rapping freestyle in street battles in Miami with his cute corn rows to being under the brightest spotlight of the globe's biggest platform this year. Congratulations Pitbull.

Watch the vibrant video and experience a great vibe oozing that feeling of unity and togetherness as you get caught in the spirit of Brazil and football

Flags up to the sky! Mr Worldwide unites the globe with his music and now binds us even tighter this year.

Dale EeeeYAW!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


It's no wonder Becky G 'Can't Get Enough' - Pitbull is very present on the video of this great upbeat song.

Signed to Dr Luke, another genius that is no stranger to Pitbull fans, rising teen star Becky G releases the video to Can't Get Enough on Vevo.

Although Pitbull has that power to pull off many daring suit colours and combinations, standing amongst anything floral or related greenery as a background is not something I would have ever envisioned. However, it seems 'appropriate' for the teen video (please don't wear a floral suit though Pit, -ever!) The video is quite clean cut and no butt or cleavage in your face, which is unusual for Mr Worldwide videos. But we understand ‘worldwide’ also means 'genre-wide' in Pitbull language. Reaching and mindful of certain audiences.

Happy, enjoyable, upbeat, clean yet still got that added 'fuego fuego!' element. Becky G's style and distinctive vocals are catchy.  Not come across a female rapper that gives off a 'vibe' hovering around similar to Pitbull, I sense a little glimpse of that in a young Becky G but in an innocent context yet with the same attitude and play with the camera and in parts of the verses. Got a feeling that ‘Becky to the G’ music is one to watch and going to be even bigger..

Dale EeeeYAW!

Monday, 12 May 2014


From singing about Rebelution’ to creating a Revolution! Pitbull just took the glitz of dropping the ball by taking chunks out of the Big Apple and taking the party to the pineapple, his home town Miami, and then blasting it all over your TV channels.
Fox goes in full force to provide the best party on screen and at the same time give itself the best advantage of winning the New Years Eve ratings war. Dare I say it, quite possibly opening up opportunities for themselves to sell even higher premium ad and sponsorship space justified by getting the hottest artist and party starter on the globe on boardPitbull will host Pitbull’s New Year’s Revolution which will air at 8pm on New Year’s Eve. The show will be live andfeature live music and performances by talented artists. Fox will be bringing Pit onto your screens along with Mr Worldwide’s own production company Honey I’m Home (three words most women long to hear him say!) and Endemol.

Yet another strategic and innovative move towards further global domination Pitbull, Can’t stop, won’t stop, there is no stopping him now.
Staying in has just become the new going out. Tune in and remember, whatever happened in Miami never happened, that’s the party rule. Pitbull’s rule!
Dale EeeYAW!

Wednesday, 7 May 2014


"Turn Down For WHAAAAAT?" In the style of 'pequeño Juan' would be my question precisely! Pump that tune right up.

No it's not brand new but to the remix collection it's another 'New Edition - not talking Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike.. ' but DJ Snake blowing up your tweeters with Pitty, Lil'Jon and LuuuDA!

"If you know the old Pit then you'll know what I mean" the vibe, sound, flow...Turn this thing up. A heavy hip hop head boppin remix whether you're on the dancefloor or clutching at your drink by the bar, whatever you're doing it's going to make you move.

Lil'Jon and Pitbull -old or new, the collaboration is always a treat to us original old school Pit fans that didnt get outgrown and continue to grow with Mr Worldwide.

Dale eeeYAW!


Tuesday, 6 May 2014

QUE LO QUE- Otra Vez!

As you're reading this, Sensato is most probably on a plane making his way to Rome to kick off the We Ain't Even Supposed To Be Here Tour while Que Lo Que has just started to blow up again through the social networks.

Que Lo Que features Papayo and what a complimentary combination the pair make with the creation of this dance floor explosion. As this hot track traps me every time I have no idea what to shake first especially after the sequential pauses between the 'un, dos, tres' and 'Que Lo Que ' part rev's it all up again. But before you go off to enjoy some more of Sensato's addictive rhyme-flow below, I got my own version for the great Del Patio! (Have to sing it with a Sensato flow!)

Sensato say 'Hello Sweety, Hello Kitty'
I say 'but I love your rhymes you so fast 'n' witty'
They so fun 'n' make me giddy
London ready - see you in my city!


"Who says history doesn't repeat itself?" We all know how Pitbull likes going a little 'back in time' now and then. 1970 fast forward to 2014 Carlos Santana revamps his timeless 'Oye Como Va' and as Will Smith may say 'if it ain't broke then don't try to fix it' It certainly was not broke to start with, but it's just as great with a modern ingredient added into the mix and a little Pitbull flavour thrown into the pot.

Produced by the Cataracs, Oye is featured on Santana's first Latin music album which in this day and age it would be almost criminal without including Pitbull.

With his guitar, and in many ways sharing the same 'influencability 'and qualities as Pitbull, Carlos Santana has also crossed different genres of music throughout his career. Perhaps it was only a matter of time until a collaboration was on the table.

The combination and flow of Santana's guitar and Pitbull's voice pulls you into a whirlpool vortex you really DO NOT want to be rescued from.

Although what you do need to do is get right or get left and just move out the way to allow the legend in the making with the legend himself through as they send your hips shaking to this infectious rhythm with added nostalgia. 

From blowing his own trumpet (and why not) about hosting the AMA's and sending television ratings straight through the sky to a quick reference to his own career-marathon being a dope eleven year natural high!

"I don't care about awards(?) cos my kid's gettin' Grammys!" Raps Pitbull. I like to feel that it's about more than one kid and not only a reference to ten time Grammy award winner Santana, but also to a kid a lot closer to home too, Papayo!

Of course it wouldn't be a certified Pitbull track without a reference to his hometown Miami and women. Being the flirtatious lyrical salesman asking the mamitas what they want, let them know he's got it and finally if they bought into it!

Pitbull also gives a shout out to yet another legend who wrote the original song "Ahora mi gente! Dale Tito Puente!"

A fabulous remake by two icons of our time.  By the way notice how the 'Pitbull' logo and font in the image above is the same as Pit's first studio album M.I.A.M.I above? Back in time for sure!

Dale Eeeyaw!

Serina - Pitbull Fan Unleashed

Monday, 5 May 2014


Pitbull sends a message of thanks to his 50M followers on Facebook. Without mincing my words, I say that in a day and age where there are still many deluded ego's which forget that without FANS there is no music, fame and wealth that goes with it, Pitbull has expressed his gratitude and appreciation of fans with acknowledgement from day one. Fans too appreciate that Pit appreciates. We love ya Pit! We got you! Pa'lante! Check out Pitbull's facebook message to the fans:


Friday, 2 May 2014

How to Charm Prince Harry ..Pitbull Stylee!

Article in the London Evening Standard today. Enough said! Get that 'culo' onto the dancefloor ladies!