Thursday, 30 April 2015


"80,000 People in London, Wembley" We don't stop the party here in the UK and the ultimate King of partying Mr Worldwide has just been announced this morning in the line up for the Capital Summertime Ball 2015. The Wembley arch is about to be rocked on June the 6th, hold tight!



Wednesday, 29 April 2015


Echoes of “My mom taught me to fight… “ Lyrics to Triumph (Rebelution) bounces around the head watching the feature on the Today Show with ‘Mr Education’ Pitbull himself who spoke from where his heart truely is. That is from the Sports Leadership And Management Charter School (SLAM) which Pitbull co-founded, telling us about the most important lesson in life his mother taught him. How to survive.

It was like watching parts of VH1 Pitbull Behind The Scenes again at some points. We know how much Pitbull’s mother means to him and it’s visible as he gets choked up and tries to hide the emotion through his voice and eyes every time he talks about his mother (you can’t hide it Armando! We see it, we love you for it and get emotional with you).Thank you Mommy Armando for giving us the incredible man that he is today.

Dressed in a white chequered jacket and black shirt, Pitbull talks about his visits to the school and how when he sees the kids he sees himself, as well as the reactions of the kids in the school upon seeing Mr Worldwide as he walks through.

Pitbull also tells us more about the Latin community and SLAM. Going into how the education programs offered by the school is varied and caters for more than those with directly related athletic aspirations, for example. But don’t take my word for it, click on Pitbull below and check out the video from


Sunday, 26 April 2015


Ladies! Back back back it up with this new track by (say it with me now) RoooYCE featuring Pitbull. The Prince and King get together for a collaboration.

Prince Royce introduced himself as the new boyfriend right from the start full of compliments and expressions of how her body makes him feel while Pitbull jumps in later. No stranger to telling girls just how to back it up- other times like a tonka truck yet this time advises to back it up quick enough so the boyfriend (Royce!) doesn't find out.

Extended thanks to Mr Worldwide for being an unknowing guest writer on and telling us from the start "It's got that dancehall feel to it!" The song has that soft 'n' sexy vibe.

Damelo Papi Chulo! Dame mas! Catchy track already starting to take over the airwaves.

Click onto the image below to listen (YouTube video credit and thanks to Almendra Calderon)


Tuesday, 21 April 2015


Let's have a little throw back of the London Girls duo ( includes Pitbull Fan Unleashed ) taking Pitbull and a Dr Pepper cut out through London, UK. Dale

Happy Birthday Your Majesty!

Tuesday, 14 April 2015


A must on the watch list is this interview by Felisha Monet of 99 Jamz with Big Teach, part 2 (CEO  who was with Pitbull from day one. The days when history was already being made, the kind of history that cannot be remade or imitated but appreciated by us fans today. 

Today Big Teach has his 'iHustle' on strong, fierce and in full force. As the Vice President of Polo Grounds Music (Pitbull), Big Teach is also on the journey of following another passion - food! Big Teach is the founder of Chef Teach Creates House Of Mac. Having had the honour of eating Chef Teach's delicious mac cheese made by the man himself before his venture started, no other has come close since. Face screwed up and saying "That doesn't taste anywhere as good as the once Teach's rubbish" is a sentence that often passes my lips soon after with great disappointment. Teach I want some mac cheese!

I urge all fans to watch this interview. New school fans learn more and the old school fans? We'll enjoy, appreciate, pause for thought and reminisce. 

If it wasn't for Big Teach opening my email a few years ago I wouldn't be doing what I do today and enjoying my passion and also be saved from one of the lowest points in my personal life. Thank you Big Teach and Supa Cindy (99 Jamz and CinD Media) forever grateful to you both- Pitbull too of course!

Check out the video above by the Conceptual Reality Media Group ( CEO Big Teach- yes he is everywhere, and you thought Pitbull was the only serial brand builder!) and click on the links below. Thank you.

More interviews with Big Teach to come so stay tuned to 99 Jamz and Big Teach.

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Saturday, 11 April 2015


Check out the review of Jamie Drastik's latest album in the video below (as exclusive to April 7th 2015)  Why not read along too!

Jump The Take Off may have been released on the 1st of April but this album was no fool's joke and took off in style. Jamie Drastik, his producers and writers have really outdone themselves on this one.
Jump The Take off kicks off with The Town and gets straight IN.YOUR.FACE and arrests the mind. Getting listeners fired up before the rest of the album even starts. Demonstrating this early bird’s hunger to succeed with word-play brain tantalisers like “My plug good with the keys no typos” and tributes to his boss “Your boss in the water but he ain’t swimmin’ My boss is performing on Thanks Giving…” and many more stinging rhymes along with heavy guitar notes and a heavy metal edge along with some old school record scratching. Razor sharp rhymes Jamie.
It’s hard not to listen to Jamie Drastik’s lyrics without getting involved with so much thought and emotion. Yet that’s also the best way to enjoy it. Jamie has a unique gift of being able to engage, connect and draw listeners in with his voice, depth of his rhymes and overall style of telling a story and getting a message delivered.
I found it incredibly hard listening to Jump The Take Off in particular for the first time. The reason being, I listen to a song and I find it hard to move onto the next one and have that same song on loop. Once moved on, then that one on loop. One of these songs half way through the album is Tables featuring Stacey Michelle. Jamie tells us a story starting from the school years of Henry who is bullied by Jack with the use of tacs and social media. The bullying form also tackles the ignorance of an individuals origins. Henry who decides to handle the matter himself to get through the school years, does well for himself and finds himself on a panel of managers hiring for maintenance staff and in rolls Jack (with the tac ) as a candidate who apologises to Henry for bullying him as a child. Now with a chequered past, criminal record and children unable to see until he has money to send. What would you do if you were in Henry’s shoes? Would you hire Jack or get your own back? What choice would you make? Henry clearly didn’t want to feel like that for one more day or give into the bullies and let it be fuel to his fire to be stronger, wiser over the years and the bigger person and takes Jack on.
Moral of the story, karma always catches up, the tables and dynamics of power can turn around at any moment with the message to treat everyone with respect whether you’re at school or an adult. On the other side of the picket fence it can also be perceived as being about making peace with yourself and the other person and not reducing yourself to the level of revenge. Revenge would only eat up the person dishing it out after all. A lot more to this song and only Jamie tells it better so if you haven’t done so already I urge you to listen to this a few times on loop and not miss a rhyme. My interpretation and perspective of the song.
About Me sees Jamie setting the record straight with ample conviction about what people may say about him in the industry including his teaming up with Pitbull. A MUST listen to in all aspects.
NaNaNaNaNaNa Drastik teaches us not to let anyone f*ck with your vibe or your day on My Day. Amongst other examples, My Day sees Jamie use experiences with his troublesome car which soaks up his hard earned money and tries to dampen the mood with a new date, but fails. Dealing with keeping his car going with  “I Just gotta keep it pushing like a woman up in labour” line which made me chuckle as it took me back to Switch Kicks for a minute on the previous album Jump The Decision. From walking in those mother f*ckin heels all day to to into labour! Happy, feel good vibe with a polite warning of  ‘Don’t f*ck up my day’. This song is like a breath of fresh air. Jamie demonstrates that we have a choice in the way we approach and react to things. Just like Henry did in Tables. Count your blessings and focus more on those that are on the way.
Tomorrow flows perfectly after My Day. Tomorrow features Shawn Vanbrocklin who makes another appearance on a Jamie track and talks about looking ahead and spending all the tomorrows together with a special person.
Just Jump a song which right from the first note and even before the first verse started, this song invaded my brain to give the image and feeling of just looking up into a clear blue sky and clouds, arms wide and spinning around. Care free, uplifted and happy. Then the second verse kicks in and Jamie talks about looking around when you’re in the air and looking around, clouds and being blue and taking it all in. Message received and understood. Got it. Jamie delivered the message and visuals before even hitting the verse that suggests it. “Live life ‘cos life don’t give a refund” – never a truer thing said.
There’s something special about the way three songs in particular are sequenced back to back to carry the same great vibe. My Day first, followed by Tomorrow, followed but Just Jump
Turn it up a notch again and Jamie tells us he’s been around the world and Came Back. Holding his career working hard and balancing family. Being humble, whilst other artists may celebrate and gloat with offence to others with a famous wise mantra we all know “Don’t talk about it be about it.” Speaking of offence I better mention 845, can’t mention Jamie Drastik without it, it’s his town!
Other highlights on the album are Ready For Me and Bikes at Night (which conjures up that famous shot of Jamie on a bike with that sweatshirt of Party & Women & Dreams & Money slogan. Inviting you to join him if you ride the full adventure. The album also features a bonus track by Apache Chief featuring Lacey Statton – Face In The Clouds which is a also has a great hook.
Thank You Part Two has become an album tradition where Jamie connects with fans directly and sends heartfelt thanks with mentions. First of all I want to say thank you Jamie for my mention and I don’t have a fragment of doubt that you are about to take the UK by storm anytime now and yes you bet into the shows. Thank you. The interviews are a pleasure. Thank you Jamie and your music for coming at the right time, in a particular chapter in my life and inspiring me to push on hustle harder and believe. Drumming it into my head with your stinging rhymes.
It’s always great to hear fellow fans and #Pitbullgirl mentions on Thank You, such as Gina from California. Gina says my favourites on Jump The Take off are, My Day, Jump , Thank You Part 2
My husband Jimmy and I are very thankful for Jamie including our story of hope and faith in his song Thank You Part 2. When we first heard it, we both cried. Happy tears flowing. It's absolutely beautiful how he captured our story"