Saturday, 24 August 2013

Seize The Night!

A Pitbull and Honorebel collaboration is always something to look forward to. The duo also happen to be a personal favourite with previous hits such as Now You See It and I Wanna.
Seize The Night sweeps Pitbull into some seriously smooth reggae flava. Mr Worldwide has perhaps dipped his toe in the ocean of ‘island music’ and songs with artists such as Machel Montano and Sean Paul yet this is possibly the first time Pitbull has really ventured into the reggae vibe.
Co-produced by Swedish electronic mavericks Erick Rydmark and Sven Landholm, Seize The Night seizes your senses and just makes you want to dance. A delightful rhythm. If you live in London, it's a nice warm up to the upcoming Notting Hill Carnival Bank Holiday Weekend.
Although having songs with legendary reggae artists, like Pitbull, Honorebel is also known to explore different genres and share the same vision of a varied approach to music. Dabbling in different sounds from reggae, techno pop to hip hop. Both have known each other since their days under the wing of Uncle Luke. The song is featured on Honorebel's forthcoming album Honor Roll due out in October.
Honorebel "Want us to live for the moment and seize the night" and Pitbull has a motto of wanting us to "Feel This Moment" A perfect outlook, a perfect match.  With that said, "It's not my fault” that I just can't stop moving to this track. It’s Honorebel and Pitbull, I blame them! It's smooth, sensual and sexy. A hot summer night track (with a ‘cool breeze!’) Addictive enough that having finally turned off the song, it still continues to play out in your head. I'm definitely ready for some more and to take it to the dance floor!


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Sunday, 11 August 2013


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Pitbull blew the roof off and heated the up the London O2 Brixton Academy with his unique brand of Global Warming on Saturday 3rd August. But not before an exciting build up by announcing his imminent arrival and tweeting a photo of Big Ben en route to the venue, letting his loyal Londoners know that HRH LORD WORLDWIDE is nearby and ready to get the party started.

Mr Worldwide gave a spectacular, explosive and energetic performance and drove the crowd WILD. Too wild for one young lady who threw what appeared to be her thong at Pitbull during the show. To which Pit reacted as he does with many things, with humour and gratitude and put it in his pocket!

Pitbull wowed the crowd with numbers like Bon Bon, Rain Over me, Esta Loca, International Love, Danza Kuduro and encouraged the crowd to look forward positively towards 2014 by getting down to Echa Pa'lla and commanding us to sube las manos pa'arriba and onto sube sube hasta las nubes demonstrating just how he can Shut It Down.

Pitbull '305 till I die' reminded the crowd of his beloved hometown by belting out an adapted version as 'I'm From Miami B****' earlier on in the show. Not limiting himself to just spinning around the globe at the speed of the animated Tasmanian devil, Pitbull took us for a quick spin in a time machine by taking us Back In Time with his Men In Black 3 track, a little forward on the timeline onto a vacation with Shake Senora and back in time again to Shake (mentirosa) to drive the old school Pit fans out there nuts. The one signature song that sent me back in time with an overwhelming, almost euphoric level of nostalgia was Culo. Game over! From back in time in different contexts to back to singing about meeting at the Hotel Room, Pitbull always delivers.

Being worldwide means only world-class musicians can help you raise the roof. Pitbull's band The Agents were spectacular and spot on as always. The percussions were flawless and sharp as ever, hitting those 'dance nerves' rooted deeply in your body. You could 'feel' the music and that is what it's all about. Omar Tavarez, Papayo, David Palma, Motiff and the rest of the band along with Chino all absolutely rocked the place.

This is not just any concert. This is a Pitbull concert and Worldwide tongue was just hanging out! Having been to all previous UK shows you can see just how much the concert, production and flow has evolved. On this tour London saw the introduction of Pitbull's The Most Bad Ones. The gorgeous and talented dancers, which were hard to miss. We also saw Pitbull remove his sunglasses as he gave us everything and all of him as he began to sing the obvious Give Me Everything. Perhaps he heard us wanting to see more of those beautiful eyes.

One of the many other things I personally loved was the expression on Pitbull's face as he paused to smile, inhale and absorb the cheering and appreciation of the crowd at the end of each song. You can almost see the little boy in him at times, it's so endearing. Mr Worldwide is also Mr Genre-wide and gave us more samples of different song types such as The Beastie Boys (You gotta) Fight For Your Right To Party as a clever introduction to Don't Stop The Party. We had Eye of the Tiger as an introduction to Feel This Moment and many more. It was a pleasure to hear these 'breaks and appropriate samples' amongst many others mixed within and between songs.

Pitbull talked a little about haters and not paying attention to such likes, asking the crowd what they thought that he thought of his haters. Cue an outburst of 'I Don't Care' by Icona Pop. Which was a great response and humorous diffuser. I don't care, I love it. Bring it on! I say, Pitbull, let the haters just add more fuel to your success. There is much more love from your fans than haters out there to cancel out negativity towards you. They can't touch you, we got you!

As the exciting night is over and Pitbull's car is being crazily chased down the street by girls screaming his name (and NO, it wasn't me!), it's time for Mr Worldwide to catch another flight to another country for another show.

Pitbull, you're the best. So much to say and so little time to say it. It was an absolute pleasure....Thank you. Thank you for an amazing show and we hope to see you back in London quicker than you can say "Dale!" in a camera-shot. And as the song goes 'I Hope We Meet Again ' and I can steal a few more hugs off you!

Dale EeeeYAW!

Serina Pitbull Fan Unleashed



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I can't believe it, there's ass everywhere! The boys from Miami linked up once again to promote and fly the flag loud and proud for the ladies with extra junk in their trunk. JLO and Nikki should be proud of you Gents!

The song is itself is very infectious and complimented even further by a cracking video set in an animated Miami. Cracking and screenfuls of (butt) cracks to be precise with many of them cleverly blended into the landscape. This eye catching, fun and cheeky video directed by Geremy and George Legs also reminds and makes me think of a hotter and modern version of Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot, especially at the beginning.

We all know the Lil' chico was Lil' but this time he was completely dwarfed by the size of the butt he was dancing on, yet seemed to be enjoying it very much so. Pitbull wears what appears to be black leather gloves for some reason -to get a good grip perhaps? We all know it would not be a Pitbull song without Mr Worldwide injecting his sense of humour that we love so much with lyrics like "Call me Michael Jackson 'cos I like to play with the monkey." Pitbull seemed quite content and in his element! Giant butts, a Flo-Spider butt, even an ice-cream butt with Flo calling himself Robin as he Baskin' himself in load of ass. Shaking butts, black butts, white butts.

Very cheeky, a little naughty but all in good taste. Even some of the alligators escaped from the Everglades to drop by and see what all the fuss was about ....Bubble-yum-bum, Baram, bum, baram


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