Monday, 24 November 2014


While Pitbull is busy greeting everyone Good Morning America! at the crack of dawn, Mr Worldwides eighth studio album dropped today like a flamin' fireball.

Globalization is as Globalization does! Mr Worldwide has earned himself this title which is reflected on the cover of his latest album. As Pitbull's motto goes - "Don't talk about it, be about it"  Be it and THEN put it on the cover. With Pitbull's face wiped out and replaced by a segment of the globe it reflects just how Pitbull IS globalization, conquered the world and doesn't just 'rap for his block but speaks to the globe' producing music straight out of the 'melting pot' to cater for the mass audience market globally regardless of country, gender, race and age within.

Packed with a medley of styles and collaborations the album is outrageously powerful, sharp and diverse as ever taking us through eleven euphoric mesmerising tracks with his elite team of super producers.

Featuring Fireball, Celebrate, Wild Wild Love, Time of Our Lives and the official World Cup 2014 Anthem We Are One, just when we thought we may have heard the strongest songs on the album to come, Pitbull pulled out another handful of surprises from the bag.

"World is my block, the globe is my home" with that said Ah Leke featuring Sean Paul comes with a taste of EDM/dance mixed in with some 'traditional' heavy Miami hip hop style of beats coming out of Dade County with the old school Pitbull flavour. Bringing a bout of instant nostalgia and have you bopping your head in no time.

Along with the 24/7 grind, Pitbull is all about having fun and it was only a matter of time before a song with that particular title came to surface. With Fun featuring Chris Brown, Mr Worldwide shows us how they do it in the 305. Another hit that was heard faster by my hips than my ears and a guaranteed dance floor hit. Hooked from the intro, the song gave goose bumps from start to finish. With a blend of 80's Jacko and sounds similar to the song Conga by the Queen of Miami who opened the early doors for Latin music on the mainstream global platform, Gloria Estefan. Transporting you to a carefree and fun state as the title suggests, may as well let loose and enjoy the song at a minimum dress code level but "don't take it all off, keep your heels and thongs!"

When the sun goes up and drink goes down, who said the party only starts at night. It's Christmas come early! We certainly can call Pitbull 'Santa' for giving us this gift of a song on Globalization. Listening carefully you can almost hear Day Drinking featuring Heymous Molly popping eargasms off amongst fans worldwide.

A Country twang mixed with a touch of laid-back and lazy reggae vibe, Heymous Molly keeps us captivated with a catchy chorus, keeping us hooked throughout while Pitbull slows it down to a more mellow chilled tempo getting "down, down with some Country grammar" but without compromising his signature filth that we enjoy so much (put your lips like a ring around my whoo!)An addictive song that will continue to play in your head once it's finished and one which shines through the album.

In an exclusive interview last week when asked what Heymous Molly would like fans to take away from the song the response was "Let loose 'n' have fun with it. Crank it out loud at every sporting event TAILGATE because that's what it's meant for. And of course the beach"
Read more about Day Drinking and Heymous Molly in 60 Seconds with Heymous Molly (See link below)

Up next we have, Sexy Beaches featuring Chloe Angelides who wants to 'go somewhere exotic, let the summer search her body and meet a sexy stranger in the lobby ( sounds good already!) and all the other shenanigans one would get up to on a carefree vacation. With some feint Afro beat tempo "sexy beaches, hotels!" Is what Pitbull would be up for.

Let go, surrender and just let Pitbull Drive you Crazy with Jason Derulo and Juicy J in more ways than one with some old school smooth and slow Miami Bass flavours as Pitbull takes it back again to his old-school hometown sounds.

Aay papi si,si! Look's like someone's gonna fall in love tonight-with this song at least!
This Is Not A Drill featuring Bebe Rexha, gives us something a little different with some heavy bass and low riding sounds

Wouldn't expect anything less from Pitbull, however Globalization has exceeded expectations. Now loosen up your body 'til you come undone, have some fun, put on Globalization. It's my turn so I'm 'Gonna pass another round to you and me and all these crazy mother f******' to turn it up, let's just do what the song says. But check out the reviews on more of the singles from Globalization below first!

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Saturday, 22 November 2014


Legend in the making with the legend Carlos Santana himself? I chose to disagree. Created his own path and accomplished so much globally in terms of music and other ventures I believe Pitbull is already a legend himself. The 15th Latin Grammy Awards took place this week with a sizzling performance with Mr Worldwide and Santana setting the stage alight with Oye (Como Va) and also with Wisin and Chris Brown. Click onto the image below and see moments captured via Newzcard:


Fast, fabulous and fierce,  Endemol Beyond releases a teaser for an upcoming documentary about what  life is like being a Most Bad One! You know who run this sh*t? The Most Bad Ones run this sh*t that's who! Click on the image below to check out the trailer now

Thursday, 20 November 2014

EXCLUSIVE: 60 Seconds With Heymous Molly

With Pitbull's eight studio album Globalization released next week there is one particular song and collaboration on the album which many of us fans are eager to hear, that is Day Drinking with Heymous Molly.

Pitbull runs through the globe too fast to catch, however I did catch up with Mr Life's a Beach himself Heymous Molly who gives us more insight into his current song, upcoming Day Drinking on Globalization, what is behind the name and always being on the grind who even knew Pitbull even knew what taking a vacation was? Without further a do, let's start the party a little earlier and embark upon some Day Drinking with Heymous Molly.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me Heymous

Tell me more about the name 'Heymous Molly?'
It's two Irish first names. I did it like that as a tribute to the love that I have for the adult beverage called Jameson.

Produced by The Dirty Southaners, Life's a Beach has been a hit - congratulations! Where were you when you had the moment of inspiration for the title?
We came up with the title in the studio down here in sunny South Florida. Miami Beach. 

A fantastic and very engaging Life's a Beach lyric video. Is that you on the bike taking us through South Beach?
We needed a fast turnaround so the majority of the footage is stock from a professional media company. But it's much close to my daily bike hang in Miami.

We heard Mr Worldwide is a fan of Life's A Beach. What was Pitbull's reaction when he first heard the song?
I sent it to him right before his vacation in the tropics. And I'm thinking the timing and the setting made Life's a Beach his vacay song. 

Who are your lyrical influences?
I'm a big fan of Dylan, Paul McCartney, Prince, Pharrell Williams, Wyclef Jean, Andres Karlsonn, Notorious B.I.G, Beastie Boys and Busta Rhymes.

Have you always wanted to be a recording artist or is that something which evolved later on?
It was something that evolved. 

What is your favourite 'drink in your hand?'
Jameson and ginger ale. But also 'call a cab' at Wet Willies on Miami Beach.

What is your favourite beach song past or present?
Anything from the Beach Boys that has to do with the beach and a Canadian group called LEN 'If You Steal My Sunshine'

We hear you've got a song with Pitbull coming up on Globalization - how did that come about?
The song came to us by way of his manager Charles Chavez, and it was intended as a follow up for 'Life's a Beach' but Pit loved it too and it became a duet (kill two birds with one stone)

What's your most memorable or favourite part of recording that song?
Capturing the right vibe so that I did the song justice. Making sure that Pit felt that this was a strong song for the album and possible for a single down the road.

Were there any artistic differences in ideas whilst making the song or both on the same page?
We both were on the same page for sure.

Can we expect a Day Drinking video in the future?
It's possible that there will be a video. This is a strong record. 

What would you like Pitbull fans and 'Heymollies' to take away from Day Drinking?
Let loose 'n' have fun with it. Crank it out loud at every sporting event TAILGATE because that's what it's meant for. And of course the beach. 

What's next for Heymous Molly?
Just to continue grinding. I have an EDM feature with @Wiltril coming out at the end of November/beginning of December. So look out for that. A possible duet with Mandy Rain.

Writing and producing with the Fliptones, the Franchise, these Nordic dudes from L.A. called DSIGN Music, J.D. Williams, and The WHOADY.

Some duets and writing with @kristorewlz

It's been an honour and pleasure, thank you again. Looking forward to Day Drinking and many more of those hits on the way

Day Drinking featured on Globalization out November 24th 

Twitter:      @heymousmolly
Instagram: @heymousmolly

Fan group the #Heymollies 


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Tuesday, 18 November 2014


Pitbull teams up again with Mr 305 Inc's Gente De Zona to give us another upbeat and catchy track which are heard faster by your hips than your ears and just make you DANCE.

For the older Pitbull fans we have a new twist on a throwback blended in from the Toma intro Oye loca ..ven pa'ca that delightfully takes a prominent place on the track produced by DJ Chino which too will definitely make you muevelo sin parar.

Gente De Zona add their unique signature style to the song which makes it even more enjoyable.

Thursday, 13 November 2014


Pitbull and Ne-Yo are back together to give us another hit.  Time of Our Lives as featured in Pitbull’s upcoming Globalization is out just before it’s album release on the 24th November. Pitbull and Ne-Yo may have been working their a**es off and have just enough money to get into the club but still know how to have a good time before their time is up and ‘Get LoooOOOSE!’. Mr Worldwide reminds and reaches out to us that he too has been through tough times- been there done that but still would know how to have a good time and get some release and forget about bills and the first of the month

The song has a smooth vibe with a touch of laid back EDM and will soon enough fill you with that warm sunshine feeling inside that things can’t be so bad and get up and dance to their beat.

It wouldn’t be a Pitbull song without a few references to the ladies. A mention of Mariah but the favourite is a the way Mr Worldwide brings in some Pharcyde style as he says “I just wanna see that thang DROOOOP

We can all be like Pitbull in some ways - hustle and grind and be what he refers himself to as a squirrel ‘always looking for a nut’ Yet still manage to have the Time Of Our Lives! I say we all do the same….’Let’s get it now!’ 

Click onto the lips below and have listen!

Dale Eeeyaw!


Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Pitbull in partnership with Endemol Beyond released a trailer for his 'Gentlemen's Code' on how to be, behave and treat a lady as a gentleman would. Also throwing in snapshots of some brief business acumen. 

The trailer is enough to convince me. Either we need to clone Pitbull or Armadito needs to point us ladies in the direction of the gentlemen who adhere to his code. Looking forward to the complete version. Useful tips, but don't take my word for it - Fellas click onto Pitbull and have your note books ready and check out Pitbull's Gentlemen's Code trailer