Wednesday, 1 July 2015


PitZAM it! Now you can see and hear what Pitbull is listening to!

Pitbull now has his own profile on the Shazam app which recognises the music Pitbull and many other artists are listening to (a bit like sticking your phone in the air with the app on to find out what IS THAT song playing in the club – but instead this feature is tracking what the artist is listening to and telling us instead). Good to hear Pitbull is participating in this feature brought in by Shazam – especially being a ‘beacon’ and leading the way in artist engagement in technological innovations and that ‘ something different and doing things out of the norm’ so to speak.

A clever move by Shazam to draw in more users and introduce a different type of usage to their service. Attracting more advertisers to place ads on profiles of pages of artists and creating more ways to bring in ad revenue. What’s in it for Pitbull and other artists? Another means of engaging with the #PitbullGirls and #Worldwiders. What’s in it for us fans? Well we can see what music Pitbull is engaging in!

Click on the image below, sign up and get following! Thank you and Dale!

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